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  1. Yes, it does, if you have the opportunity. Do they do internet delivery to the South Coast?
  2. Got an 8-way acca bet on Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France, England & Sweden. The only one I am concerned about is the England bit. They have not been playing very well, I thing the tennis players at Wimbledon could beat them.
  3. Ice Hockey moron show GOON and Terminator 2, far better than Terminator. Like Alien & Aliens, sequcence is is better
  4. Nowhere else to put this.... EE have threatened to cut me off because I haven't paid them. I'm not registered with EE, I have never been registered with EE, and have had nothing to do with EE If you get an email suggesting you are in debt with EE, scrub it immediately.
  5. The pre-covid, £5.50 pint of dreadful lager in Eastbourne shows how bad things were getting. Carlsberg? Really?
  6. Surely commuting is just as expensive as renting a 1-bed flat in Wood Green?
  7. It would be interesting to compare housing standards between London, Leeds, Warrington, Catalans players and wage earnings, London are on a budget, so are the players in studio flats, while Wolves players are in 3-bed houses? Does anybody know? Does anybody care?
  8. London can be accused of many nefarious procedures, but being cheap is never one of them. I lived on the outskirts for 20 years, (Uxbridge), so I can vouch for the wage draining capability of living inside the M25.
  9. Do I really want to pay £70 to go and watch a game of Rugby League? £20 entrance, £40+ train fare, £10 Tube? Much as I love Swinton Lions RLFC, I think I have reached my limit.
  10. I think I will skip my trip to London/Ealing this year, Wood Green/White Hart Lane looks more promising for next year.
  11. I have tried emailing & Ringing Broncos about how I can get a ticket to this weekend game, but no one seems able to reply. It is no wonder the attendance figures are going down, when they can't be arsed replying to phone or e mail
  12. Portugal has only ever had 4 league champions, but he still won a European Championship.
  13. If someone complains about loud Crows in the UK, you can Guarantee they would be fixed under a protection order so you can't shoot them. The scavenging Gulls around Hastings are under a protection order, they hang around outside Greggs, and chip shops and attack anybody trying to eat, and you can't fight back because they have a protection order. I actually had the last bite of a Lamb Samosa stolen by one, as I went to kick the Gull a PSCO told me off (Yes, I know, shock treatment).
  14. Why are Scotland fans so surprised? Scottish teams are rubbish in the Champions League, never making it out of the Group stage, and if the finish 3rd, and qualify for Europa League they get beat there in the 1st KO Round. In the Europa League they barely make it through qualifying. They are about as good as their northern neighbours Faroe Islands. They got knocked out, having scored 1 goal, the fact of having a 2 team league doesn't help, Celtic, Rangers, YEAH! we rule the Scottish World Championship for the last 120 years! Small fish, big pond. Scotland would be lucky to beat an Omelette.
  15. I am interested in attending the Broncos v Lions match, but I have a couple of concerns, a) Where the F*** are they playing? b) Can I just turn up and pay on the gate? c)Is it under Covid restrictions on attendences?
  16. Except Cockneys are East London, Loftus Road, QPR, are West London.
  17. As you are a Moose, should this read one leg longer than the OTHERS?
  18. I agree, England MUST win, for morale purposes, and Harry Kane MUST score, neither will happen though, because they are skin-of-teeth surviving, and have been for years.
  19. Half-fit Grealish, better than fully fit quasi-midfield he is playing to subjigate the major managers.
  20. Dozy balls management skills, about as good as his penalty skills.
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