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  1. Great initiative. When this is all over I want there to be a York City Knights. The alternative is unthinkable. We should all do what we can to support them through this crisis. I predict a close match tomorrow.??
  2. Final score from Featherstone, Knights 70 Hornets 12. Into the hat for the sixth round.
  3. Big game and a big two points up for grabs. Let’s get behind the lads and raise the roof. This first home league game has been a long time coming. Up the Knights.
  4. See Danny W and Perry W missing from the 21, as is Connor, who has served his ban but assume still recovering from the injury picked up in Toulouse. Good to see Jimmy in action.
  5. I have no faith whatsoever in what we are being told. For months now we have approached deadline after deadline only to be told each time that there will be a delay. Surely to God these people can work out what is still left to do, what resource that will take and how long it will be. It’s not rocket science. Clearly the build is still ongoing meaning that the job is a lot bigger than they thought (Why???) or they have not put enough resource into it (Why???). Not the case with the shops and cinema as they are all open and doing very nicely thank you. As Simon says, this is probably costing the club a small fortune. I can only think that there is no one pressing them to get it done (Why???)
  6. Think that’s a little harsh. Thought the Knights were unlucky not to go in ahead at the break and deservedly took the lead in the second period. But I only saw the game up to the point where Connor got injured, then my internet crashed, which I think evened the sides up numbers wise as we had made all our subs. Toulouse are quality and can score from pretty much anywhere on the pitch. Can’t help but feel that this one got away though. Sharp mom for me. Still got Perry, Jimmy, James and Kriss to come back.
  7. Don’t forget, it’s not at Blagnac.
  8. Wow, looks huge. How big?
  9. Dane Chisholm is one of five at 10/1 to finish as Championship top try scorer, along with Jarrod Sammut, Jodie Broughton, Jy Hitchcox and Kieran Dixon. Will Sharp is priced at 20/1 and Perry Whiteley at 25/1. No mention of 2019 top scorer Matty Marsh down to 66/1 so must be generous odds. Might be worth exploring further and a possible flutter.
  10. Pre-season odds. Thoughts?
  11. Any new additions for the 2020 season?
  12. Would love it to be here but we’ll have to wait and see.
  13. Indeed, and all without Keinhorst, Whiteley, Brining and Dixon.
  14. https://yorkcityknights.com/club/rovers-knights-set-see-2020-bang/
  15. Not heard anything so suspect not ready to be picked up yet. I am sure there will be an announcement when they are.
  16. Rumour has if that the pop up shop and online store are paying dividends with record levels of merchandise sold. Fully understandable given the design and quality. Which have you gone for?
  17. One can dare to dream but this club is really going in the right direction.
  18. Really, really pleased with this acquisition. This squad has a much greater depth than last season and some real quality running through it.
  19. Full transport details are still to be confirmed but as it stands i’d suggest the Park and Ride silver line which runs from the city Centre to Monks Cross and return. https://www.itravelyork.info/park-and-ride/park-and-ride-sites/monks-cross/timetable/
  20. Got a mention at the fans forum and sounds super exciting. It will ultimately help us produce some great artwork for the concourses at the new stadium and give us an identity there.
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