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  1. You’ve named 3 out of out 13’s the rest were shirt fillers from either Halves or props…
  2. Manning will not be long but Flynn maybe April or may which is a shame but it offers other people a chance… such as the lad from cas or senior
  3. The game won’t attract better athletes when we can’t compete with union or football at grassroots
  4. The centres were Phil Holmes senior & Keith Toohey
  5. aye I was at the mount when st Anne’s turned us over in front of 600
  6. Must be joining you… on your hours
  7. I think we’ll be fine 2011 we finished 3rd a few of the squad went to Fax with our coach 2012/13 we built well under JK before Black was 90% sat in the stand in 2014… 2017 and the other two year we failed to build on 2016 after it was the clubs best seasons after 2002 in league rugby
  8. Having spoken to a few people who have watched the young lad progress they have said he’s a young talent expected to be decent enough scores tries for fun… don’t forget it’s about having depth in the position 3/4 year ago I’d of laughed if you’d of said Scott wouldn’t be our first choice FB…
  9. Maybe to be announced who knows yet… I’m sure we’ll find out in time as the club is trying to build for the 2022 season…
  10. Batley never looked at him… he’s agent offered him around but Batley chose meadows
  11. More chance of lingard going Dewsbury than fev anyway…
  12. Not a chance Lingard will work for Campbell or fev rovers
  13. We have ambition if we didn’t I’m sure KN would just fold the club and pack up… why wouldn’t he have ambitions I’m sure if you ask him properly he’ll answer the question
  14. Harrison has played more minutes than Brad other the last few years… I know who’d i’d rather keep… james will kill it at Warrington over the next few years
  15. I doubt it… they usually have that in the new year
  16. Take it you don’t wanna be top 8 then…
  17. For me it’s all down the calibre of player we’ve signed for 2022… maybe Lingard wants people who want to play for Batley (not just the coin) like the past few years…. Next year we won’t far off if we have a good pre season again and build off last year and more people return to watch us
  18. Looking on tonight’s performance he’ll need to work on his fight to get up off the floor… he just laid there when the Jamaican side needed a roll on… A few current and ex Batley lads in the Jamaican side Tomlinson Johnson Bravo Farrell Snr and Alex Brown plus Jack Broadbent in the England set up… I think Jamaica will give Scotland a test next week with Buchanan vs Johnson been the main part hopefully back to the rumour mill 2 forwards will do for me and see what’s happens pre season…
  19. Batley mid table wow… if we keep everyone fit we’ll be up there again Lingard has made us a tough team again to beat… Meadows and Whiteley will add something to our side with our other new players… just need to sort our home form out
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