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  1. Agree again, but why would an ex pro level player want to be playing at such a low level of rugby, especially so many at once. It would show what sort of personality they really are. If that's the level they see themselves at, basically a walk in the park, then that's a problem in itself. Can't be stopped as players can choose to play for anyone, anywhere, but surely if the ex pro is still up to a decent level of standard then he want to carry on playing at a standard appropriate.
  2. Agree, only in rugby league do we make it so hard for players to play, certain rules do need keeping and others tweeking for the benefit of the sport and clubs, obviously ensuring everything is fair and square. Penalizing players for me, just because they've played professional is a negative, the sport needs as many players as possible playing.
  3. Miss read the not played for a few years bit you put, reading it back, don't quite get what you actually mean 'I don't mean haven't played for a few years'. You obviously know who and how the results went during the season, who was strongest and who probably should have won the league. Signing 4 ex players on for 1 game shouldn't be allowed I guess for the last game, that's were the rules fall down, and being ex players surely that's ok to resign. Surely there should be a cut off point for signing players on, that's were the rules need looking at, and not just because they're an ex pro player. If a player has played pro, surely he's ex pro when he's finished playing pro whether he signs on or not.
  4. And also, 1 result doesn't cost you the league. Being the best over the full season results in being champions.
  5. Signing players on that haven't played for years for 1 particular game is a problem in itself. Whether that be ex pro or not, surely if they haven't played for years then that teams hampered anyway and should be beatable. The fact that teams cannot play a fixture, or are left short due to certain rules, ie too many ex pros, and what classes as an ex pro is a different argument again, then this is a problem also. Especially in the current climate when playing numbers, and the amount of teams are dwindling. Everything should be done to get players playing, not the other way around.
  6. Splashing out, yet no payments allowed in tier 4, still banging on about certain clubs paying players.
  7. Only in rugby league do we make it so difficult for people to play, so many different rules, organisations and people stuck in their old ways.
  8. So basically the winter based Barla and pennine leagues are stuck in the past, preventing players and teams from playing. The membership fee was brought into the chat due to less players playing therefore less funds coming in, especially when players and teams are prevented from playing, and a fear therefore is those players then move away from the game and are therefore a loss both in revenue and a number
  9. Who classes as an ex pro, most ncl teams probably have a majority of players that went through scholarships, academy and maybe played reserves/first team. Preventing teams playing due to players having been through theses systems is ridiculous when playing numbers are so low overall. Westgate having 17 classed as ex pro maybe extreme, but did they all play full/part time pro or not, and also where should they play having stepped down from those ranks. Next thing, they're out the game playing union pr some other sport, probably getting paid, and not supporting the amateur game. Next thing the game is crying out for more money, £24 fee, yet there's less people able to pay in, even if they want to.
  10. When the games playing numbers are dwindling yet teams and players unable to play due to archaic rules, I'd like to say unbelievable, but there again it's not really is it.
  11. Whats it matter if a player has played pro or not
  12. Who classes as an ex pro, is it someone who's played academy, reserves, or first team squad? Are the rules the same in the ncl as the barla leagues? Do returning club players count? What counts as a returning club player, someone who played all his junior rugby at a club, or someone whos signed for a super team for a season before signing pro, which club counts? All seems very messy and confusing.
  13. Hopefully the reserves, academy and community games get back fully on track after a stop start 2 years also. So much to look forward to.
  14. So in your eyes it does, which isn't right morally and by the rules. Obviously not sour grapes, beaten fair and square
  15. And also, as stated it's against the tier 4 rules, so if it's that well known who does then there should be a problem with it. Imagine being accused, and it being a false allegation. It's the easy finger point when in defeat, ah they must pay their players
  16. Never said they did, was the other way round the suggestions being made
  17. Any rumours on the 6 applicants? Also if all who apply fit the criteria, are they all going to be added, or just enough teams to fill the gaps to make 4 leagues of 12?
  18. Supporters suggesting at least brow don't pay their players, they play for the love of the club
  19. Surely thatto heath are paying their players and coaches with the squad they've assembled and they're tier 4, that's what Wath Brow were saying saturday anyway, so must be true
  20. Don't think brow were ever in it, offered little in attack, other than the hands wide very late on when they actually did break away and score, looking for excuse, although the decision to allow that score was incredible and you wonder what the officials are looking at between them.
  21. Where the 2021 league A box is, click on it to give you options for all league A to G
  22. https://www.rugby-league.com/competitions/national/national-conference-league/match-centre?tables&clear
  23. No subs is part of the overall package, keeping the club afloat, necessities of fulfilment of teams, ie kit, league fees, first aid, physio, coach travel etc etc. Juniors eventually benefit from the openage once at that level, whether they've paid in for 1 month or 12 years, the overall package of a club is for all members to use and benefit from no matter how long they've been involved for. If a player moves on to pro level, or just packs the game in, the club still needs to exist. Subs benefit all clubs, and dependant on age group sometimes depends on what needs spending but overall everyone benefits from the club's existance. It's not I'm all right Jack at u12s, I'm not supporting the rest of the club I'm part of. Your issue was why should a junior member pay to subsidise openage, everyone benefits from the payments coming into a club, some more than others, but overall the money coming in is to benefit all age groups.
  24. No the 7 year old helps to keep the community club afloat like any other member of the club, whether it be junior or open age. All subs keep the club running otherwise there could be no club to keep afloat.
  25. One day, these juniors benefit from the open age set up, they're not juniors forever. If they don't leave the sport or turn pro, where do these players end up, openage, and benefit from all the funds that have gone into the community club overall, including coach travel, kit, clubhouse, showers, etc etc
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