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  1. But surely there's a new batch coming through on their own merits. You list 5 or 6 world class in their positions. Surely out of a 34 man ish squad there's still 5 or 6 world class to choose from. If not then there's a problem somewhere along the line that there's none being produced. Replacing your Sam Burgess's is always a problem, unique individuals that come along few and far between, but hopefully the next world class players aren't too far away.
  2. Is that a problem of super league, not producing the super stars of yester year or just that the above squad that I've chosen has missed the presumed super stars out. I really can't think of too many super stars missing, so there must be a shortage overall maybe.
  3. Nope, no reason, just tried to pick a balanced squad covering all positions.
  4. Haven't ruled anyone out, I did say there's probably a few glaring omissions, Ratchford probably will make the world cup squad for his utility value although whether he's as good as the above selected is there for deliberation. He'd probably jump ahead of his team mate Matty Ashton.
  5. I hope his form does warrant it, he's been class in his time, and didn't realise was only 29. Shows how long he's been around, this last couple of seasons due to injury have probably caught up with him a little, but agree on his day is worthy of selection.
  6. To be fair, I think Watkins could very well make the 2021 world cup squad. I hope he hits the ground running, and proves his worth because he can be class on his day. He was very unlucky when ankle tapped by Josh Dugan in the last final, agonising. Regarding Hardaker, I think with him able to cover 1-5 positions, and his experience I think he'll also have a very good chance of making the squad. Maybe not at centre to start, but as cover for all outside back positions.
  7. Just a bit of fun now the season has finished, Oloughlin and Graham have retired and a few new faces have come to the fore. Basically 34 players, 2 teams for our chance to see the depth available and obviously once the 2021 season starts 1 or 2 others may also put a hand up. Obviously a few players can cover a few positions, giving further depth and versatility. Fullbacks Sam Tomkins, Jake Connor, Matty Ashton Wingers Tommy Makinson, Paddy Handley, Dom Manfredi, Tom Johnstone Centres Mark Percival, Herbie Farnworth, Oliver Gildart, Zak Hardaker, Harry Newman Halves Jonny Lomax, George Williams, Luke Gale, Gareth Widdop, Jake Trueman Props Alex Walmsley, Tom Burgess, Luke Thompson, Liam Watts, Joe Philbin, Mike Cooper, Ryan Sutton Hooker Daryl Clark, James Roby, Josh Hodgson Back row John Bateman, Elliot Whitehead, Morgan Knowles, Ben Currie, Liam Farrell, Josh Jones, Morgan Smithies Not a bad looking 34 man squad, there maybe 1 or 2 glaring ommisions, but I'm sure the majority here will be in if fit come squad announcement time. The big question though, is it good enough to win the world cup, do we really have as good a team as the one that came so close last time out. Hill, Graham, Oloughlin, Mcgilvary, Watkins all replaced, will they be that big of a miss.
  8. When are the fixtures announced for the 2021 season?
  9. I think if travel restrictions are still in place, especially the tier 3 affect, then club houses won't be open as we knew it. Table service and substantial meals wouldn't be practical after a match. There's still talk of, turning up in kit, no sharing lifts to games, no showering or changing rooms etc etc, so will local fixtures boost the clubs financially, I think not, only good thing is it's closer for everyone for an actual chance of playing. The logistics of it all are a nightmare to put in place, just to get a fixture between 2 willing teams. Also if teams aren't evenly matched, ie similar division, then once teams start getting beat easily, then the hard work to get the fixture on will be nullified as players will start to get reluctant to play against teams they know they'll get beat by. That's always a problem with regional over ability.
  10. At least the nrl have kept scrums for now, and the policing of them maybe a bit stricter with the call 'break' being called before an actual break up of the scrum is allowed. Will super league keep the scrums after this season without them, do people really want them back or not.
  11. 2 point drop goal from 40+ metres out Retaining scrums but not for ball in touch 6 again restart instead of penalty Handover of ball for incorrect ptb Just a few of the new rule changes for the nrl 2021 season ahead
  12. https://www.nrl.com/news/2020/12/11/nrl-announces-rule-changes-to-make-game-more-entertaining/?utm_source=NRLFBContent&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=NetworkContent&fbclid=IwAR3yYfPtb9fv4QpMLU965_7hkZl9qdWpFWrf2NtdO-5jAo-m8Lq7MaqQyV8 Good ideas or not? Would super league also benefit from these changes or leave the rules as they are for stability?
  13. You didn't say 'just in case', I did, but you said 'may get the ball', which in my eyes is the same. There's also a difference in 'covering them' to actually flattening them which is what leuluai did, off the ball, which if your taking a player out with no ball, then its a penalty. Whether it's on the line or not. Otherwise all attacking players 'may' just get the ball so could warrant being taken out whether it be first man, second man or any attacking player in the attacking line, just in case he may get the ball within the 10.
  14. There's covering them as a defender, and there's flattening them just in case. It doesn't happen all the time, and when it does it's usually a penalty. There's fronting someone up, usually who's ran through as a dummy runner, and there's shooting out the line and dropping a player, just in case, as in this instance.
  15. When he knows he can't reach, like when Coote had a similar situation but turned it down. Sometimes the player needs to take a responsibility, can I reach, at least put it dead or not. Not just go through with it. I'm sure Hardaker must have known he could reach, having practiced many times, but failed either with technique or pressure, that he didn't strike the ball accordingly. If he nails it he's the hero, he didn't, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. The fact he didn't make dead with the goal was a killer, but the chance was there, and he must have been confident beforehand otherwise a kick to touch would have been the call I'm sure.
  16. Was Graham a support player, anticipating receiving the ball, or a dummy runner running through the line? There's a difference a player being pole axed going through the defensive line and a defender reading wrong who's getting the ball, from one maybe receiving a pass backwards as part of an attacking line who doesn't actually receive the ball. Where does it stop, take all the attacking line out, just in case they receive the ball when close to the line.
  17. Was Graham an actual dummy runner and went through the line or was he a support player anticipating receiving a pass before the line? If he was a support player, surly he didn't deserve to be flattened, possible broken rib scenario, just in case he did receive the ball. Tackling a player without the ball in any situation is a penalty.
  18. Goal kickers practice all the time from varying distance, Hardaker must know he could reach to warrant a shot, otherwise he'd have turned the chance down. He must have been confident enough for it to sale through. On the other hand, Coote had a similar conundrum, he decided against. He either knew he couldn't reach, wasn't confident enough that he could succeed in the kick, or felt as a whole, it would be a better situation for the team to kick for touch. Was Hardaker dumb to take it or was Coote smart to decline, hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  19. I find it hard to believe that Bibby was signed as just cover, and expected to play in reserve grade as back up to another 3 wingers in Marshall, Burgess, Manfredi and back back up to 2 centres in Gildart and Hankinson with Hardaker and French both covering full back and both able to play across the full back line. Especially having starred all season in a grand final appearing squad at Salford. Surely he was signed to star in the starting 17, rather than be a hole filler.
  20. St Helens v Wigan has only happened 3 times in grand finals since 1998 when the grand final first featured. St Helens victorious in 2 and Wigan 1.
  21. Alex walmsley missing out on the 5 shows it's a flawed system. He has been the difference in that saints team many times this season, and I'm sure most would agree he's been one of the best 5 players of the season.
  22. So is the rule contact with the head, deliberate or not, off or not? Mcillorum made contact with the head, whether the player was on his way down or not, does that matter too? I'm still puzzled why there was no action by the referee at the time, with clear evidence of blood coming from Dwyers nose and mouth. Surely the video ref could see the swinging arm and contact with the face/head on the replays, or does this not come into play either.
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