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  1. http://www.totalrl.com/index.php?showtopic=208999
  2. Before this thread gets really going i would like to point out that a female fev fan got thrown out for smoking in the toilets so we are hardly covered in glory either
  3. It appears whilst walking to his fax bus a fellow fan jumped on his back and he fell to the ground and banged his head according to their board however no doubt conflicting stories will occur, im sure that when the guy recovers (hopefully) he will be able to make a statement explaining the real incident and what happened But it seems according to the RL world we are already guilty and an embarrassment, its funny that we were no trouble when visiting each individual ground and nothing but praise heaped on us I say let the RL world moan and have a go at us, i know and we know what a good job we did remaining calm under severe provocation
  4. in the final? 46-12 to haven However the way it has been written it is wrote with fev as the home team so assuming you might be on about the home league fixture it was 20-14 to fev
  5. At 22-16 in front of posts, why Finn didnt take a shot at dropgoal instead kicking it to the wing ill never know and this thread might not even be in existence Its hard to take what happened, it was a good comeback but am undecided as to whether we threw it away or bottled it, at 22-4 we could see it and taste the victory, very disappointing but next year hopefully we can go on and win it It will be interesting to see how fax go next year, half of that team tonight will be leaving or retiring
  6. The reason there was no other merchandise on display upstairs is that the club shop was open at the same time the tickets were being sold, obviously you missed the club shop lights on, the club shop door open and people going in, browsing and coming out of the shop I dont think you can compare a weekly multi million pound making supermarket with a small rugby club shop, for a start they are in two different sectors of the retail market and i certainly just go to supermarket to do my food shop, i dont go in there to spend all day browsing Everyone else would jump on the bandwagon if supermarkets local round here started stocking rugby stuff, just like the mainstream sport shops, you dont see just one clubs replica stock for sale, you see a multitude of clubs And the other factor is why would i want to give supermarkets my money boosting their profits when i could give it to the club instead buying it from their shop. I think the supermarkets make more than enough money
  7. grounds too small and nowhere near super league standard maybe next time if we get on with development and win something again
  8. Thought the parking was ok at widnes anyway went in car when it was warrington in the cup, parking was good, lot of car parks close by also including two shopping centres and the train station also, however with a 5.30 kick off on a sunday whether these car parks are going to be open at the end of the game is another question, might be worth asking or popping onto warringtons board on rlfans
  9. Although we lost narrowly at home Personally I thought we made a pretty good statement at Bramall Lane
  10. Keith Lemon spotted enjoying his day out at Featherstone Rovers
  11. I read the 'luck' qoute differently Rather than being a lucky team whos poxed results throughout the campaign weve just had luck in other ways, the injury front weve been lucky in that apart from Mozzer weve had no other serious and long term injuries, The new signings we made all quickly settled in, not caused any trouble off the field and were playing well from the start, sometimnes it takes a while to get new signings settled if at all Discipline has been good all season Off the field we are very well settled Things like that have gone our way this season and contributed to how well weve played and done in the league, if you look at it like that then i cant help but agree with the qoute in that we have been lucky If you see it as being lucky playing wise on the playing front the only game i can think which we won and perhaps shouldnt was Dewsbury at home
  12. Dont think he did anything wrong but never first choice at least 5th choice forward Always made the bench and an ok player off the bench
  13. Batley didnt beat us at all this season Weve had four defeats this season Our only two league defeats were to toulouse and sheffield both at home and by 2 points Our cup defeats were away to Leigh in the NRC in the group stages and to away Warrington in the challenege cup but we were the team that they conceded the most to during their cup run
  14. Think you will find we were nowhere near 4k http://www.warringtonguardian.co.uk/wolves...ry__glory_2009/ Scroll down Now who is the naive one?
  15. 4k+! We didnt get than many when warrington came to our gaff in the cup 2 seasons ago Will be lucky to get close to 3 be it being a weekday and a sky game also 2500-2750 tops
  16. I bet we wouldnt have got 24 points if wedve played that warrington team that played in the final
  17. Could the letter be from this person? http://forums.rlfans.com/viewtopic.php?f=1...77207#p15477207
  18. Look at all the S/L players moving between S/L clubs what is the difference?
  19. Sounds like sour grapes to me I dont think its an illegal approach - If they are coming to the end of contracts you are allowed to discuss, nothing has been said its a done deal officially from either club all i can see from what has been posted in the local rag is that Bostock has said he is leaving for another club, not that he has signed for anyone, as usual the papers take it one step further and twist it to create a media story No one knows the severity of the approach either, they couldve bumped into one another in the supermarket for all we know If its a done deal then yes we are lucky we are currently in a good financial posistion and able to offer players from other teams good terms, obviously more than what Dewsbury are offering, plus the opportunity to play for a top team club (at the minute) and we are local so family and homelife isnt going to be disrupted, what would you do? I would also like to add I dont see anyone from fev shouting from the rooftops about any new signings - all the noises are coming from the Dewsbury end
  20. As mentioned on the previous Look North thread maybe the BBC documentary out in october (i think) may have had something to do with why Look North are not showing anything
  21. superb, hope the highlights are as of excellent quality as they have been all season
  22. Today is a great day for everyone associated with Fev- players, staff, directors, Fans We will enjoy tonight and the next day or two, but like all season a lot of people will be keeping their feet on the ground knowing more hard work is ahead To earn 56 out of a possible 60 points and not suffer an away defeat in the league is awesome. Those stats will take some beating thats for sure The future looks bright with the acceptance of the u18's into the top tier of rugby also A good time to be a fev fan
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