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  1. I have a very expensive experiential AI-driven TV. Using a knowledge base informed by my "that's XX minutes of my life I'll never get back" and "one for emetic fans" opinions, is intelligent enough to block 1. Inside No. 9 2. The freakshow that is the Eurovision "Song" Contest. 3. Anything to do with golf. 4. BBC Question Time 5. HIGNFY 6. Garry Liniker 7. Drag Race 8. Nigel Farridge 9. MasterChef 10. Inside the Factory. 11.Songs of Praise 12. Rugby union 13. QoS
  2. Leigh very VERY fast on the mark in defense at the PTB, Saints fashion and Salford too slow at PTB, just tossing the ball from acting half back by which time Leigh are on top of them. Need to run from the PTB. But too late for that now. Leigh energy: I don't know what they are sprinkling on their cornflakes but I could do with some.
  3. Salford really rattled. Can't settle into a pattern of play, constantly harrased by Leigh.
  4. Private Eye! The world trembles in fear!
  5. Good game ...good game. Lots of running around, passing, tackling, some scoring, crowd chanting, that sort of thing.
  6. Just got my credit card bill. £7.47 for a Costa coffee? Outrageous!
  7. There's an outside chance that I, my wife and an Arsenal -supporting suvverner will go. Lobbying has commenced. 80th birthday present....if it happens.
  8. Virtually empty or actually empty? It would have been potentially lethal in a hard water area.
  9. Watched till half time when Leigh had it all sewn up, so switched over to watch Haaland's demolition of Wolves. Looks like I missed a decent second half. Although I don't mind the Golden Point, equally I don't see the need in league games. Nothing wrong with a draw - or in the cup, replay.
  10. That story mirrors the situation at Swinton -where I grew up - (and probably other clubs/towns, too) in the late 1950s and 1960s. The diaspora resulting from new housing developments such as Little Hulton , rail closures, mill closures took a good number of people out of "walk-up" reach of Station Road. That's why Im sure that if Hull KR were to grounshare with Hull FC, tribalism apart,many fans would not appreciate the move
  11. We were season ticket holders during the dying days of Central Park. A good few of the people in adjacent seats said they would not renew their seats when the club moved to the JJB. The reason? They walked from their house to CP in ten mins but would have to drive/bus/ long walk to the JJB. There were / are lots of houses and flats close to CP and I think the move resulted in losing older less mobile fans who lived close to CP. In the case of the Hull clubs, I suspect the result would be the same.
  12. I'm out of breath just watching! Both sides attacking brilliantly, directly from the PTB.
  13. Read my book The Twelve Habits of Successful Rugby Teams.
  14. Oi! You! Who you calling middle-aged? I . . if you mean me, then thanks for the compliment.
  15. That's exactly the response they are after, so the retaliator is penalised or binned or thrown out. It's up to the coaches to manage it out of the game.
  16. Enjoyed that , but frustrated at some of Salfords poor discipline. Two yellows? Their league position is pleasing, though. I trust they can keep it up.
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