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  1. It took a disciplined coach in Kristian Woolf to take Tonga from where they were (just a bunch of big hitters with no real direction) to an actual competitive and coherent team. The Samoans, who used to beat Tonga most of the time, seem to have gone in the opposite direction.
  2. You do need a degree of discipline, as the NRL mentality often seems to switch off after the GF. And you also need the kind of coach who can get combinations of players working well together at short notice.
  3. Part 1 of a great tradition, talking about exposing the game to new markets. Part 2 is, of course, not doing it.
  4. Any plans for the years ahead that include Leuluai are pretty questionable. He may have been a great servant to the game, but he can't have many seasons left in him.
  5. I'll wait 'til Bevan French is 100% match fit before I answer that...
  6. Check the fruit bowl at Field's home. Maybe he has an English Granny Smith there.
  7. An accusation of overt bribery, with less than 20 minutes on the clock. I was wise to invest in Bacofoil.
  8. Don't get comfortable; next year's designs will almost certainly make you want to claw your eyeballs out.
  9. Well, we're dressing up as Hull FC for this away match at Saints. Surely nothing can go wrong?
  10. And that, Man of Kent, is why you and the rest of us are so very wrong to be enjoying this. Consider yourselves schooled.
  11. Agreed. The error rate is through the roof, but I'm still entertained.
  12. Breaking News: Joe Root has stepped down as England captain.
  13. My local branch of Sainsbury's has just begun stocking these, and they are a bit too more-ish.
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