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  1. Bird's game is over. The independent doc has ruled.
  2. A video review of a conversion? Not sure I've seen that before!
  3. The "live guide" page has been getting steadily less useable for at least 5 years and probably more. I used to check it regularly to see what was being shown, but now it is not fit for any purpose I can think of.
  4. No "kinda" about it. That's good diligent play, even when conceding points.
  5. Right, now to watch the first game of today on catch-up.
  6. Ahem. Someone hasn't been reading the script. 22:28
  7. Well that's probably sealed it, as Mulitalo sets Wilton up again.
  8. Turgess went on a vintage rampage to help set that try up.
  9. I like the look of Jye Gray, but as long as Mitchell wants to be a FB, Gray won't get many chances in first grade.
  10. Cameron Murray fails HIA. All these injuries might be an excuse to keep the coach in place for now.
  11. Mulitalo's catch and pass to set up that try was a bit special.
  12. Holmes completes his clean sweep of having scored against every NRL club.
  13. I think, because Kai is such a leggy figure, people expect him to be as fast as he looks, like another Dom Young. But then you see him bouncing tacklers out of the way and making space for offloads, so he's starring at what he does.
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