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  1. God alone knows how you could drink it in the Sri Lankan climate and stay conscious, though. It has at least as much of a kick as Nigerian Guinness.
  2. Many thanks for this! I am now subscribed to the Loop PNG YouTube account.
  3. I haven't had beers from all these countries, but once you get past the megacorporations' swill, the USA has really upped their game with beer over the last couple of decades.
  4. If Sri Lanka qualified in this round then they'd stroll it. Lion Stout is a magical brew, and their lager's not bad either.
  5. Expected to play his first game for them next week instead. Away to the Broncos, so he'll be facing a shambles of a club, but with some big lads for him to knock over and make a good first impression.
  6. Cosidering how abject the Bulldogs have been so far, that was a surprisingly entertaining and competitive match.
  7. That last part was what I was thinking of when I posted. If NRL rules get imposed on the RWC, we don't want to come into that tournament without experience of playing that way. Especially when playing the Kangaroos plus one of the Sutton brothers as the ref.
  8. I can see a fair number of inconsistent performers in that list.
  9. Forecast says rain on Friday morning, when the NRL's on, then dry for the rest of the day (and weekend). Of course, forecasts aren't infallible, but that sounds pretty good for me.
  10. There was a news story that the Warriors would be offloading some of the players that were represented by Moses. Green was the headline name, but the article said players (plural), so I wonder who else will be off? If the owners are prepared to support a real re-build, similar what has happened over the last few years to Newcastle, maybe progress can be made. But Green was very good today, which suggests he has the kind of attitude the club shouldn't discard lightly.
  11. The forecast so far looks like a bit on rain on days 1 & 2. But still time to get some play in.
  12. That's quite a risk to take.
  13. They need to add more bears. That'll sort it.
  14. I've booked Friday off work - NRL in the morning, then (weather permitting) day 2 of the first Test against the Windies.
  15. MotoGP returns on the 19th of July, starting at the Circuito de Jerez.
  16. Blimey, Brisbane are pants. 26:16 at the hooter.
  17. You're assuming that facts will be part of their reasoning, rather than ingrained beliefs.
  18. I'm guessing a lot of towns will become fairly dreadful from 6am tomorrow morning...
  19. It's a plot by all the other NRL clubs to make sure SGI limp on with Mary's dead hand on the tiller for the rest of the season.
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