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  1. Discipline breaking down for the Panthers. Some silliness at the PTB hurting them.
  2. The scoreline's one-sided, but Penrith have had plenty of action at the Storm's try line. The difference is composure in the critical moments.
  3. A good final, which a bout of night-time indigestion allowed me to watch live, as I couldn't get back to sleep.
  4. In the end, I woke up about 4:30am and couldn't get back to sleep, so I got to see the match. Heartburn has its benefits, after all.
  5. Watney's is to beer what Blue Nun is to wine. Both have tried to re-invent themselves, and it would be churlish to dismiss them out of hand, if they have improved their product for modern tastes. But imagine being at the supermarket till and realising that someone you know might see you buying it... that's a psychological hurdle.
  6. I'm very much looking forward to Radley regaining full fitness for 2021.
  7. For those of us who won't be up at 5am, please don't post any spoilers to the women's GF here. Although I'm sure one of the commentary team will probably let slip the result anyway.
  8. Nice central location and just off a main road. Enjoyed the game. And the rather attractive photographer who was prowling the touchline too.
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