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  1. It feels a bit "too much, too soon" to me too. Shops opening (with restrictions) is probably worth risking, as people have now got used to the restrictions when using the shops that were allowed to stay open.
  2. Turns out today's game at least was televised in the USA on Fox. A good shop window for some level of continued exposure when other, more familiar, sports return to American TV screens.
  3. One tough defensive stint for Brisbane, which seemed to last for most of the second half. Brisbane Broncos 6:34 Parramatta Eels at the final hooter.
  4. It is relatively quiet, but just loud enough to take away the dead silent background atmosphere we'd have got otherwise.
  5. We've got pinned match threads on the main forum for this NRL round (and the next few, I'd guess). There'll be more folk posting and reading there than here.
  6. Morning/evening all! Hard to predict, after the long downtime, but I reckon the Eels will win it. Could all be a bit rusty, though. Farnsworth starts on the bench.
  7. Someone on here will complain about it.
  8. Wikipedia says he grew up in Maitland, but was born in Huddersfield. His father, grandfather and great-grandfather all played RL in NSW, so I'm guessing he's pretty Australian.
  9. This is what I deserve for not checking the Forces TV listings often enough; I just found out they've been showing the science fiction series "V" for the last few months, and I've missed nearly all of it. Harrumph!
  10. Yes, I use Amazon a lot. No, I don't like their stance on tax. Yes, that makes me a hypocrite. No, I'm not especially proud of it. Yes, I'll probably carry on using Amazon.
  11. Seems to be on the same day as Inside Super League was, before The Plague. A rebranding with a broader remit, or a new additional/replacement show?
  12. Bill Maher can also be seen in this. No joke; it really is the same guy.
  13. I've enjoyed series 2 and as much of series 3 I've seen so far.
  14. Dump them on a randomly-selected "this is how I'd restructure the league" thread. Like hiding a needle in a haystack.
  15. Yes, the Chinook's double rotors create a resonance that really gets inside your head.
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