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  1. Its the one eye that doesnt move and is just cold and uncaring with very little emotion behind it i'd be worried about.... although thinking about it we may be talking about the same eye (dont tell him i said that)
  2. If that where the case then this "alternative" shouldnt even be being discussed. Just go back to RLC and tell them they cant do it (there may be a penalty clause but that would be applicable no matter how this gets taken off them). Just get it done, by going about it like this they do look untrustworthy (or more so than any council normally looks)!
  3. Agree and that seems to be the thing.. Huddersfield/Kirklees are acting as if they have carte blanche to do what they like with it.. if the bid becomes unsustainable, for whatever reason (and i agree these things change), then the first thing they should do is to talk to Rugby League Cares and say "we cannot do this, but we would like to keep it, lets have a look at other options, are you happy with that?" yet what they actually did is cancel the meeting with them and seem to be running as if its theirs anyway.. If, after the initial call saying "oops", RLC want to then take it off them they will have the legal right to do so as the bid is fundamentally different to the one agreed. But no matter what Kirklees come up with as an alternative, they can do that anyway, hence the lines of communication should be very very open. This is where the "bad faith" is as well IMHO, to work like this seems to be to give RLC less time so when they come up with their alternative its another few months wasted.. (and time with it not open is money not being brought in to RLC) If i were RLC i would put it back to the other bidders and say "still interested?" and re open the process. Kirklees can then bid again with their new offer, but without the George I wouldnt touch them with a barge pole TBH
  4. very much looking forward to this year.. membership all bought and ready for the off!
  5. I think he may have had a few beers before posting that (or something more) as none of it made sense.. 40/20 is a tough skill but i am surprised how few teams dont utilise it earlier in a count.. even on tackle 3 when they are still struggling to make yards.. you may get another 10 before then having to hand posession back but if you can get the ball back yourself it may be worth the risk, especially as you are making them bring it out of their 20 (or very nearly) if you miss touch. If you find touch but its short your players still get a bit of a break and you are starting your defence down towards their 20 which you wouldnt be doing if you kick open and your chase is not great. for me its worth the risk if you are struggling in your 40 and its not attempted as much as i would think it would be..
  6. Hate that group of newspapers, their websites are terrible with all the pop up adds... anyway I always like the use of the word "omnishambles".. sounds like it truly is.. "bad faith" is a good description of the councils attitude on this by the looks of it.. take the museum off them and give it to somewhere that is going to work with Rugby League Cares and the RL community to make a really good experience of a museum.
  7. Agree with you on this. I also think an additional factor is that the rules on how long you have to isolate for are coming down and also the "close contact" isolation rules are/have disappeared. I'll knock the RFL at any given opportunity but perhaps they have had a look at the data from last year and seen that much of the cause was, perhaps (I dont have the data), down to "close contact isolation" and then for 10 days rather than from having it. There were also times last season that clubs were seemingly not wanting to go too deep into their academy which I dont think is right. We bemoan talent not coming through but then when we get reasons to give them a chance we dont take it. Resting players to give younger kids a chance is seen as a bad thing, having internationals which might mean a player sitting a round of matches out is seen as a bad thing but gives a kid a chance to be seen etc. Treat Covid as a 1 week injury crisis IMHO.. If the entire team has it then I am sure there will be some leeway, as there would if an entire team came down with food poisoning etc I am sure there will be some wriggle room in a rule like this, but it is basically saying to teams "dont get sloppy and dont get complacent".. there will NOT be multiple call offs like last year. As was said on here a number of times there were some clubs that seemed to be being called off on quite often and others where you were happy to struggle to get a team out on..
  8. I like the fact you’ve written it in green crayon.... it’s the only bit I like about the post though
  9. tumble dried it? I'd say the ICI Widnes shirt for me.. was a period where i really started to get into the game, without an option to play it really.. but lead to those first itchings that lead to me crossing codes in 97 at Uni and never looking back.. a mate had it at uni too which probably reinforces it.
  10. I disagree. It is rarely just 5 drives and a kick, those drives mean something, they are setting you up for something, setting the ground work, getting you out of your own half. They are exactly the same as the 20 phases of play near an opposition line that Union have. If explained well, if shown properly etc I dont think we would have the issues we do now.
  11. sometimes you do have to just acknowledge greatness once in a while, stand up, applaud and realise that you have witnessed something remarkable that you can reflect on for years. When you get 2 in such quick succession you know that this period of time will be remembered for decades. I believe it was Macmillan who said that "you have never had it so good".. he was wrong, it is now and with kit launches that we can truly say, and believe, that we have never had it so good.
  12. Thats not quite true, sadly that exact derogatory way of looking at a game is exactly what you hear from many Union followers towards League. Romo will see how a defence is set up and tell you exactly what the Quarter Back should do (ie what he as a hall of famer and Super Bowl Winner would do) but also tell you the play that he expects the QB to make due to the OC's style of play. They have 30 seconds to start the play so he is processing 2 plays (probably more, and ruling them out) in his head while this is going on, he will then analyse both what he would have done and what actually happened straight afterwards. Yes it can be a slow game, yes there are a lot of ad breaks, but that does not then take away from the fact that that sort of commentary is fascinating and eye opening. Shows also the difference between a great and many of those involved. The amount of times i hear, at union clubs/pubs, that League is just "touch and pass", "5 drives and a kick" and that there is nothing tactical its just attrition.. is what we need to get rid of on FTA tv.
  13. If you watch any of the NFL on a sunday night they sometimes have Tony Romo commentating.. he starts telling you the next 3 plays that the offensive co-ordinator will call because he can see the game so well and because the game is quite slow he gets a chance to describe why he would do it and what may change (ie one of the plays gets a first down so you would change the next play to a running play, or some such).. its really interesting especially when they call something different and it doesnt come off he gets quite peeved.
  14. i like the fact they kept the pipe in the picture... i mean he could have just stood a foot further back and blocked it off but the photographer has done well to make sure it is in... nothing says professional like drains and extractors in the shirt launch photos!
  15. Totally agree.. don't mind reversing the white and gold from year to year but should be red with white or gold chevron.. liked last year's too but this years is quality.
  16. Not sure what the issue was with the replica shirts but I like that a lot.. very late 80s early 90s...
  17. I will condemn the use of this word and any other use of something that should not be used negatively as a negative (if you know what I mean, like using Gay as a derogatory term). There is the line for me.. there are plenty of ways to insult people (if you really must) without using such terms. However, I also think there is a line between what is said to another player in the "heat of battle" and how that is treated and saying it to the physio. I don't know the incident but I'd assume it was an accident and not done with either malice or force so all seems a bit far and harsh. I'd say the ban possibly reflects that.
  18. Well if only everyone was like you... sadly some arent and the basis of being a human being is to look after those that are in a worse state or have a harder time.. not everyone comes out of stories like yours well, some dont come out alive.. i dont think it is wrong for us to try and help those rather than just expect them to help themselves..
  19. To be fair your first paragraph sums up why it is there really and i wrote the post, took a breath, walked away and made a drink then came back (just to make sure i was happy to post it) and added that before posting pretty much for your reason.. I agree with your post completely
  20. ah ok so its the quote of the club's chief exec.. I assumed that it was a neutral party hence it being used to defend that.. fair enough just wanted to be clear.
  21. where is that quote, i've read the Yorkshire Post articles and cannot see that quote in it. that sounds very similar to the defence of someone who has made a racist remark saying "but ive got black friends".. whether he said it or not I dont know but the defence of "but he does all this work" does not mean he didnt say it, it means he should know better than say it yes but that doesnt mean he didnt.
  22. I am amazed at that post I really am. While I accept that offence is taken far too easily by many and that offence is taken far too much on someone else's behalf the idea that "words will never hurt you" is utter tripe and always has been. Bullies use words all the time and they very much hurt others. Many things start with words but grow to be much worse and if only we stopped them at words the rest may never appear. Talk to parents of kids that have committed suicide due to the words that were spoken to them for years and years and tell them that their kids should just say "words will never hurt me" and see where that gets you.. Words do hurt, they can hurt more than physical violence. Whatever the facts are in this case whatever was or wasn't said and whatever your feelings on this particular case your post is wrong with its generalisation of verbal bullying and verbal offense as being nothing and that all you have to do is use some ridiculous phrase and it will all be ok.
  23. I would be surprised if someone was running their twitter account who was not part of the club. If that is the case then that is a very dangerous way for the club to act and they are going to find themselves in hot water for it.. frankly you reap what you sow, anything with the club name on it should be controlled by the club. There is no defence saying "that is not the clubs stance" from what i can see. In terms of protecting the players.. I am not really sure what you mean here, the players who actually made the errors seem to have got away with this, one player makes an error by making the tackle, the other screaming at the refs face.. but who is getting blamed for losing.. the ref!!! i mean ffs that is ridiculous! the players will be back, maybe a bit peed off but they'll be back, the ref is getting shouted at, berated (by fans and players for an error that was NOT his but one of their team mates), and now called out on social media.. there is no way you can put the 2 together IMHO.
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