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  1. nah, she simply doesn't care what your morning mood is!
  2. don't bank on it, this spending review could spark a revolution according to some!
  3. store. they'll try and fob you off, don't let them. plenty of stuff on-line about it, try moneysavingexpert.com
  4. ...nor would it be a saints game without a graham colossal dummy spit.
  5. a wigan game wouldn't be the same without a tompkins dying swan moment....
  6. don't worry, st. cunningham will come to the rescue. well, eddie hopes he will.
  7. hopefully my web stream will hold up. as for a winner, i don't really care, although a crushing anti-climax for cunningham would be mildly amusing but then so would a wigan choke. pies by 10.
  8. golden point all the way. get it over with on the day. i used to love the idea of replays purely because i like watching sport, but the occasion is never the same.
  9. if you're the richest man in the world. you can pretty much do what you like, like buy the whole of the game of rl. if you're going to come up with this faux indignation at least let it have some semblance of sense, if not, just go back to the 'rectangular stadium' stuff.
  10. if they had the richest man in the world backing them, he could buy all rl and have whatever teams he chooses.
  11. savage is quite good value. he gets into various rows with other sportsmen, that he usually loses. plus he's not that bad on 6-0-6.
  12. yep. the improvement smith got out of others made me wonder if he could get the same out of kevin. taking ashton on the outside against wigan, the ridiculous ones against sts and a sprint from a briers kick against salford.
  13. harlequins. simply because each loss questions their right to be in the league. if i ever make my fortune, after i've bought wire a few great players and made sure they're cap breaking is colossal but undetectable i'll stick a shed load of cash into quins or whatever they may be called at that time and get them to 2nd in the table.
  14. don't care either way. but the pies should walk it by 15-20 points.
  15. i can only hope for a hudds victory. perhaps with a wellens/graham/cunningham dummy spit.
  16. ah yes, hodgson! still not convinced. riley has said several times that he prefers fb so there maybe a bit of job sharing there as smith has said he doesn't expect hodgson to play every week. which brings me to mathers, i don't think he's been hard done by as that's the nature of sport, but he won us a cup final and hopefully the fans will remember that. oh, and solomona. ridiculously gifted which more than makes up for his, how shall we say, relaxed approach to defence!
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