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  1. it's to do with the lack of quality we've had in that position over the years. i've been watching warrington since the mid 90's and in that time we've never had an above average hooker, clarke is a good, honest pro but just lacks that certain something to take him to the next level, i'm pleased he's moved more into the pack as i think he's more suited there. before him, i can't remember who played there with any distinction. monaghan, is clearly a cut above most hookers in sl, he knows when to pass and when to run and the fact he does both well confuses defences. plus he kicks intelligently. it's galling that for the first part of his career he looked like he really didn't give a toss when he's clearly talented. hopefully he'll give us a few decent seasons so i can remove the reluctantly!
  2. 1. davies/harris 2. drummond 3. gleeson 4. bateman 5. hicks/grose 6. briers 7. wood 8. morley 9. monaghan (reluctantly) 10. nutley 11. sculthorpe 12. westwood 13. gregory
  3. he came on with 15/20 minutes left. he was ok at dh and didn't look like he'd been out of action for a significant time. got shifted into the 2nd row when monaghan came back on. it was all a bit 'meh' yesterday. there was a couple of really good tries, especially the first, but apart from that it was a very forgettable game.
  4. he had a fabulous game if you're a cas fan! the difference between him and chase was startling.
  5. crowd just over 10k, which seemed about right from where i was sat. as for the game, 2 teams who thought defence was for other sides to worry about. we were a bit more physical, a bit faster and a bit more clinical. the main difference between the teams was rangi chase, if he'd have been wearing a wire shirt the gap would have been bigger than 24. grix is not a half back.
  6. first game of the season for me. i fully expect to be the jinx!
  7. you clearly can't recall it well.
  8. i'm back in the uk for a bit, where's my nearest stockist?
  9. 30-10 wire. bit flat by all accounts. a win is a win.
  10. when all 10 are in the first team in 5 years come back. don't be going down the wigan route, 'look we've signed a gazillion wigan youngsters, aren't we great...' only to let them sign for huddersfield.
  11. 'who do you think you are kidding mr hitler....'
  12. it's a preposterously large fine, especially when compared to the sums handed out to other sports. however, we're either serious about combatting(sp?) this sort of stuff or we're not. personally i'd have said to Cas, make a donation to GT's chosen charity, minimum
  13. therefore, i presume, you'd exclude women and kids from playing it?
  14. if you can explain the relevance of this to me i'd be grateful!
  15. that's a more valid reason for not having him in the team rather than him not being up to the standard.
  16. a good chastising never hurt anyone. who would you like to chastise them? a nurse, policewoman, schoolgirl?
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