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  1. The title is referring to the Rugby Football Union not the game
  2. I am not sure but I guess the driving force behind it was Lionel, I think maybe he found other pursuits and it just petered out. It was fun while it lasted.
  3. Indeed, it's a shame it didn't continue. The Clock Face lads showed up at every event
  4. It has existed in various guises from time to time. The last one I am aware of was set up Lionel Hurst and was based at the George Hotel in Huddersfield. My Girlfriend was a director of it for a while. It arranged various fund raising events such as NRL grand final breakfasts etc.
  5. The Lions dinners have tended to be single sex affairs - when I attended with Zoe some of the Lions weren't too keen - Garry Schofield made his dismay known.
  6. Hardly surprising about Catalans, they have been bloody awful. Not great news that 10 teams have seen their crowds drop.
  7. Treiziste Diary is always one of the first things I read in the magazine, thanks for all your efforts Cliff.
  8. Here's the Sunday Time smatch report for the Hull v Leeds game - I have reproduced it here in full, I trust CKN won't mind: I have also taken the liberty of reproducing the Sunday Times match report of the Catalans v Huddersfield game: I have also included all the photographs from the paper
  9. Vainikolo and Vaikona were included in the Tonga squad for the union 7s at the Commonwealth games a few years back - Bradford were in the playoffs so they didn't play
  10. Probably. Ryan Air are about to start flying to London Salford Airport (landing boatplanes in the old docks) so Chris has decided it isn't so bad after all.
  11. It was Chris Hollins, he did it by video interview from some sylvan corner of west London
  12. Sky pay what they feel the game needs. I doubt they care if there is a team in London or not.
  13. There are always people who can't make it on the day.
  14. he was excellent in the first 5 minutes
  15. Maybe the news aren't interested. Let's face it, some south african bloke getting a letter is more important in the british press.
  16. Other sports Leeds beat Wigan by 2 wickets in rugby league's challenge cup final at Twickenham
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