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  1. This is Major League Baseball's return proposal. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29183345/mlb-safety-proposal-includes-10000-tests-per-week-social-distancing Again, the thing that stands out is the sheer cost and complexity.
  2. If matches that we can all attend are returning next weekend then we can assume that any and all travel restrictions have also been lifted.
  3. It's even more hypothetical for me because there's no way I can get to Ealing but ... If a match was being played next weekend that I could get to and it was the same as before the virus arrived (i.e. no rules in place whatsoever) then no, absolutely not. If it was with a socially distanced and/or mask-wearing crowd with restrictions in place similar to what we're seeing in Taiwan, Korea etc ... not right now but maybe later in the year.
  4. What's Italy's status in terms of testing, tracking, tracing and all that goes with that?
  5. Cheap as chips. You'd think there was some kind of viral infection that needs to be avoided even by young, healthy people if they want to stay healthy.
  6. Headline is that Italy will completely reopen on June 3rd. Even this short article makes clear it's a little bit more complicated than that. (No large gatherings allowed at all for example.) https://www.ft.com/content/967e7168-81a0-4a23-928a-a1440e512b5a
  7. No mention of it but BT seem to be carrying on with their 'credit' system for no live sport despite showing the Bundesliga.
  8. It was never made, doesn’t exist and cannot be mentioned.
  9. You can buy it for £3.49 on Amazon. I'd urge anyone who likes sport to do so. Also, have a read of this: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/blog/2015/jul/22/retro-film-review-the-club-is-an-australian-classic
  10. Hastings seafront and park busier than before but not busy. Beach the same. Overwhelming majority socially distancing without any issue. I only saw one tourist trap coffee/doughnuts stand trying to get trade and it had precisely zero takers.
  11. That is a brilliant film. It’s a bit dated now (more because it looks like a glorified TV movie and the script is properly “theatre” really) but it is funny and I nick lines from it all the time.
  12. Yes. And should go on the list. And I may now have to watch it. Shame they never ever even considered making a sequel and no sequel was ever made. Ever.
  13. Belleville Rendezvous and Fighting With My Family mentioned above good calls. Baseball has an embarrassment of riches with Field of Dreams, Eight Men Out and Bull Durham (the last one in particular) warranting a place in the top 10.
  14. It was literally the centre of Johnson’s statement and is the key element of that supposed equation we were shown.
  15. This would also be the Prime Minister who had three weeks (?) off work after having a week in intensive care during which he nearly died and who looks completely unwell right now. Still, I'm sure it's fine. No point needlessly worrying anyone.
  16. The evidence shows that they do. As do the other bidders. They all know they can't get exclusive rights because those rights do not exist for Premier League football in the UK. Sky's per game bid went up in the last round after even more games had been opened up to other broadcasters. As far as the broadcasters are concerned, Premier League football is worth paying ridiculous money for, even if they don't get exclusivity.
  17. Indeed. But it gives greater clarity into what is and isn't possible.
  18. Very much a Super League only agreement. And positive for the game in that regard. However, it looks like, unless we get a very generous benefactor, that's it for the Championship and League 1 for the year.
  19. Again, for the hard of thinking sniffing crayons at the back, just because covid hasn't killed you during your infection, don't think you personally are going to be back to normal soon, or at all. Especially if you're a bloke. Regardless of age or prior health.
  20. To be fair, going to the pub and catching something incurable sounds like a regular night out in the Northern Territory?
  21. I’ll catch some of them. Werder Bremen are playing on Monday evening and that’s live on the TV as well.
  22. I think you're right on this. Until the end of this year the UK is covered by EU pharmaceutical law.
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