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  1. I don't know if minutes are published but you would expect there to be more detail via some of the RL reporters.
  2. https://www.rlef.eu.com/articles/1849/rugby-league-european-federation-hosts-successful-congress
  3. I thought of that just as I walked away to boil the kettle. It'd be a good sell to the BBC. Championship RL would make an excellent product for the red button and/or BBC Sport website.
  4. Interesting that the lower tiers are being packaged with the Challenge Cup this time round.
  5. Any response to this will be political. But the short answer is: no, of course we haven't overreacted.
  6. Point about season tickets is interesting. With restrictions on numbers, the priority entry goes to season ticket holders. Clubs have to assume they are attending and include them in their overall allocation - which means if your club is one where the limit is lower than average attendance (say the limit is 400 and the average gate over that) then having an ST is the only way to guarantee getting in. So, canny clubs, and there must be some in rugby league, really should be pushing season tickets as the only way to ensure being able to go to games.
  7. I watched it live. All deserved. It's the rules of the game and I didn't think any of them could complain. There were a few actual kicks at people in amongst all that. But PSG lost and that's the main thing.
  8. A bigger collapse by Australia than the first T20. England had no right to post and defendable total and then Australia were absolutely cruising. That is one embarrassing defeat. Oh well.
  9. Sky don't seem to have much money right now - and if you look at the adverts that come up now so many of them are for their own programmes on their own channels.
  10. I don't understand why you think fans won't be back. Assuming there is no major second wave (I know, but assume it) then there's no reason at all that lower level rugby league can't return on much the same basis as non league soccer. In respect of which there have been several thousand matches played over the past couple of weeks with crowds - and the numbers allowed are going up.
  11. You can catch Golda Schultz at a Wigmore Hall concert next month.
  12. They will be livid about the woke BBC up to and beyond the moment that a blandly predictable and don't-scare-the-horses trio are put in place.
  13. The examples of other sports that have returned, even if modestly, I think shows a real appetite to go to live sport again. The routine may be broken but people want to watch games. I'll be stunned if crowds don't go up once full attendances are allowed.
  14. If Alex Scott gets the gig then I may have a passing interest.
  15. I will watch in full confidence that Yorkshire's absolutely abysmal track record in the T20 can and will be maintained.
  16. Not one but two Roses matches on Sky this week. Monday and Thursday.
  17. Drop Roy for Salt, drop Moeen Ali for Curran. Those would be my only changes. Oh, and have a bit of a think before making an obviously incorrect call after winning the toss.
  18. Nobody would pretend that football isn’t more popular than rugby in Leeds.
  19. I’m not the one pretending to care about whole game solutions but really only moping about what plays best for one club in one small town.
  20. So, to clarify, you’ve got the number of games wrong, you’ve got all the details of any broadcast deals wrong or are just guessing, you’re ignoring any and all facts relating to the popularity of the game and any and all facts relating to participation. So it’s not a debate, is it? Just you repeating the same lie about three road games etc etc
  21. But we're still really popular in Leigh. Probably. And, at the end of the day, isn't that all that matters.
  22. I love how you keep repeating the same false outcome over and over again. It's sort of heroic.
  23. 62 registered clubs in the UK apparently. Not including universities or non contact versions.
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