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  1. I did a search on a Jamaican newspaper to see if anything made the news over there. I found a preview altho it is written very poorly for a Jamaican audience, feels like a copy and paste of an English article. No results or match reports tho. This was a Jamaican home game we’re told, feels like a poor effort all round from them on the promotional effort and can’t really see any link to the Jamaican National comp apart from a loose mention of their coach back home. https://www.jamaicaobserver.com/sports/reggae-warriors-name-squad-to-face-scotland_234443
  2. Jamaica v Scotland in England … it’s more like England 7th team vs England 6th team at Fev *As an aside I am a huge internationalist, just think this sort of fixture misses an opportunity. I know it’s technically a Jamaica home fixture but if it’s in the UK play it in Scotland.
  3. Shame that wasn’t given, but probably the right call. Heart wanted try but head says obstruction
  4. Live RL on the BBC is good tho isn’t it … that is a huge positive. First game I’ve made a conscious effort to watch live for ages.
  5. Agree with above comments that this game needs to happen every year. Even if we hammer them. It shows where they are in terms of development and gives England a hit out which are few and far between. I’d love to see this game every year, mid season and then supported by two French SL teams leading to a 2029 WC. In 2025 they will still likely be poor and we need them to perform in a home WC not get hammered in what could then become a anti climax of a tournament
  6. I genuinely think the ‘25 WC is four years too early for the French to make any impact.
  7. Can’t be many times that a referee has had one of the teams logos on their shirt Do they not have international kits?!
  8. The best England RL kit in my view was the 2013 WC shirt by ISC. That was essentially plain white but had very subtle design effects which gave it a hooped feel up close. Also the one off red/white hoops worn I think in Melbourne was fantastic.
  9. Oxen having a sale is no great surprise, Oxen releasing numerous kits/training kits on a monthly basis is no surprise. But I can’t believe they’ll be changing the WC shirt next year. Maybe releasing an away shirt would be ok, as we should have a change shirt really. But surely there’d be plenty of complaints if people have bought a WC shirt only for them not to wear it at the WC!
  10. On the Scotland playing home games in Featherstone, i challenged Scotland RL on this on Twitter and apparently it is a Jamaica home game not a Scottish one
  11. The team doesn’t look close to our best but, it’s an international, away in france, which we should do every year. It’s got us live coverage on BBC and if a weaker team makes it closer for the French then I’m fine with that. Would like this to be every year as our mid season international. Start to build up a regular international calendar. It gets cut through like nothing else.
  12. Just switched tv on, what a horrific crowd. But equally I’m part of the issue as I’ve chosen not to go, not even gonna watch live But … I wish Catalans all the best and hope to see them win on delayed coverage later!
  13. Hopefully we get it on tv this side of the channel as well then!
  14. Enjoyed the first half, the sold out crowd bringing the atmosphere makes a real difference to the spectacle.
  15. I think whether or not this is good or bad depends on whether it involves significant finance that helps support the lower leagues. I think last time they just covered production costs?
  16. oxen are at it again https://www.eliteprosports.co.uk/shop/england-rugby-league/england-rugby-league-official-kit/england-rugby-league-replica-shirts/england-rl-21-community-rugby-jersey
  17. We always seem to find the solution in a new structure. Feels a bit like moving the deck chairs round on the titanic. A new structure may be positive but there are so many bigger issues to fix.
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