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  1. Hopefully NW Crusaders can build onwards and upwards from this.
  2. It's funny, people who have actually been to these games are well aware of the makeup of the crowd, it's that obvious. Those that don't moan about chips on shoulders, while ignoring its actually them that has the chip on their shoulder.
  3. No offence but you are absolutely clueless and I find it hard to believe anything you claim. I went to both the Australia and New Zealand games at the Olympic Stadium and the 70% figure absolutely corresponds. If you went you'd know that. It is obvious you didn't or you wouldn't be posting as you are. London has traditionally the highest attendances. Not playing in London has nothing to do with crowds. Anyone with a brain cell can see that.
  4. Accusing people of a chip on your shoulder is rich after your posts and you were belittling people, thats obvious. Quite foolishly in fact when it's clear you haven't actually gone to any of the said games in London. Again you have a clear post that shows you were wrong, and that 70% of fans were from the South 11 years ago, but yet instead try and belittle by rambling about accents people may have heard. It was also you that belittled people's experiences of attending games in London as absurd.
  5. Exactly, it's soul destroying. The 2013 semi final as you say was epic in every way and was one of those rare times that Rugby League genuinely gained a national prominence. Then there was 2017 and the rise of Tonga, that has been largely wasted. As was Tonga beating Australia. As has been the rise of the PI nations generally. Then obviously the cancelled Ashes tour and the whole RLWC2021 postponement. Even the Denver test had a great deal of promise in enabling England and NZ to forge ahead and take control of their own destiny. I had real hope that all these things were going to lead to a real break and sustained growth. However they were all wasted through one thing or another. Obviously for some this was a result of plain bad luck but they were mostly the result of plain incompetence and even worse, sabotage.
  6. Indeed, one of a number of moments we just never capitalised on in the decade or so since then.
  7. It really doesn't sound like you've been to one with your condescending digs about what people heard. You wouldnt say it if you had. Anyway you can either believe Ray French from 34 years ago or look at something much more recent from 2013 which states that 70% of sales were from London and the South. This figure also seems closer to what I saw and heard at the subsequent Australia and NZ matches at the Olympic Stadium. Maybe not so absurd after all and maybe people arent imagining Southern accents: The RFL can be pleased with the ticket sales and how the game has been received across the country – 70% of fans who attended the semi-finals at Wembley live in London and the south. However, the hard work arguably begins now as the RFL attempts to capitalise on the World Cup legacy and bring more people the game. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/blog/2013/nov/30/rugby-league-world-cup-success
  8. Since when has the South been London? Its also awfully weird to go back to the first test played in London in the modern era and ignore all of the others since. If you think that all of the ones that I went to in the 2010s had only 25% from London you are are dreaming. Have you actually been to a test in London? Obviously not because if you had you would realise what nonsense you are spouting.
  9. The run of easy, winnable games that was going to change things has now taken a very different turn hasn't it?
  10. Wonder if any posters from this forum are shown here donning their finest leopard print:
  11. Yep, I have to say I havent heard many Northerners at them at all. What always surprises me is just how many Union fans and players attend, and I mean full on 5-20 sized groups from Southern RU clubs. The RFL did seem to do a decent job at selling to these clubs. There does seem to be a lot of latent RL interest in the South and TV viewers, we just don't really sell what they are after or engage with them much.
  12. My experience as one of those travelling fans is that I was very much part of a small minority. At every international I have attended in London I have always been pleasantly surprised by just how many Southerners attend. Without doubt they are the overwhelming majority of the crowd.
  13. You talk about demand, I really can't see the demand for us playing France 3 times in a year or such a setup wetting it's head. It would be basically the RFL backing everything and that's not going to happen. Cutting that back and playing each other just once is a bit meh. Not particularly sure if Samoa have any appetite for playing France either. Maybe they have, and maybe they will anyway, but again unless someone foots the bill I can't see it. That said I'm not particularly against such a concept, just don't think the demand or finance for it is there.
  14. It is my preference based on the cards dealt. I don't think it was 2 or zero at all, if you do thats fine, no point labouring it. I am certainly not hung up on 3 test series so you are mistaken if you think that is the case. I have always said there is a place for tournaments and test series and see the benefits of both. We definitely was not getting Australia or NZ here, that is beyond doubt and so discussions about that as a substitute seem pointless. In an ideal world international RL would be very different. If you are actually advocating a Tri or 4 Nations with France and Wales then that is a different story. I can't say I'd be bothered about that and I could certainly see it losing money.
  15. I want 3 tests because it is another game of international Rugby League. We are constantly eroding the amount of games we play and settling for less, this is just another example. I don't find 1 mid season international and 2 end of season internationals particularly satisfactory and think as a sport we should be doing much, much better. I find arguments around 4 Nations etc pretty pointless because the option this year is Samoa or no one. Therefore it really is as simple for me as 3 top international games being more preferable than 2 with the hand that we've been dealt. Sure we can say we'd prefer a 4 Nations of old but that's not what the options are for this year.
  16. We play every blue moon, with no marketing and often at stadiums that aren't fitting to sell the image of international Rugby League. I refuse to believe that we can't do these things better. I mean the Tonga example pretty much shows that we can do things pretty terribly in every aspect, and off the back of an equally terrible World Cup, and still average 13k for 3 tests. That's not to be sniffed at in itself all things considered as I actually don't think that series could have been done any worse. If we can sell a third game even to at least the same level as the other two that does not mean that demand isn't there. I would expect more selling that third game elsewhere, which is traditionally the case in London. I would also expect that just 2 games along the M62 should result in higher attendances for those 2 games than when we have 3 which cannibalises the same fans. A third match should then look to sell to a completely different audience. I strongly suspect we have got what we have got because the RFL haven't the cahones to hire a stadium elsewhere and sell it. They can't afford the risk and need to bank as much money as possible. They have also listened to fan criticism of the last couple of years and finally twigged that there is only so much you can fleece the same fans and that a third game along the M62 is folly. I imagine they've done the sums and worked out that it is likely that they can make as much, if not more once you minus expenses, from 2 games selling well to largely different fans as doing what they did last year with 3 games along the M62. All with no risk.
  17. I think we do, just not all along the M62 with an audience that has top flight Rugby League for 8 months of the year. Internationals should be seen as an opportunity but all too often they feel like they are treated as a chore in Rugby League.
  18. Well surely that's why you have a 3rd test in London, Coventry or Newcastle and sell to a different audience.
  19. While they weren't SL tries I always loved the 2 tries he scored for England against the Aussies at Wembley in 2011, great finishes.
  20. Thought this deserved a thread. Ryan Hall becomes the all time Super League top try scorer. He has been a great winger at both club and international level and a great servant to the game. I certainly think for a few years, when he first started playing for England, that he was the best winger in the world:
  21. Obviously you only read what you wish to read then because there have been plenty of people advocating far more than you suggest here
  22. Not the best Wigan performance but completely understandable after last week. Its just good to get any win the week after a Challenge Cup Final win and celebrations.
  23. Glad to hear Leeds won't be retiring the number 7:
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