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  1. Thanks for that. That's fantastic and should give a lot of security.
  2. Not particularly sure the relevance to what London did last season. Dragging up historical debt over a period of 20+ years, most of which was accrued in the first few years when they did spend larger in SL in SL, seems irrelevant. I don't think anyone can accuse London of spending big money for years, at least a decade, and they've even been promoted twice into SL in that time and spent next to nothing.
  3. That's fantastic news if it will alleviate any financial issues. On a side note are Fevs assets protected in any way? Too many RL clubs are now where they are because of unscrupulous individuals over the years.
  4. It was a no brainer to have this as a 3 match series.
  5. As I said previously anything around that figure will put us amongst the fullest looking Wembley Cup Finals (taking account the Club Wembley additions pre 2017) so it would look pretty good.
  6. You know what the reasons are for all of this and and why that can't be done. You are simply too busy trying to blame the IRL for everything when the reality is they've no power and no money. Sure they are pretty useless but they aren't allowed to be anything else either.
  7. Didn't think anyone was ever sent off before the game got soft.
  8. I agree. I think there are plenty of more fitting ways to remember Rob.
  9. Message from Russell Crowe:
  10. Ah yes the infamous unbalanced model that only applied to the Championship and which should only apply if your team was one of the lucky two. That was true Rugby League fairness in operation, as well as double standards depending on whether your team is part of a cosy club or not (and obviously a different model should then apply in SL if your team gets promoted to it).
  11. I'm not sure if anyone is saying that money shouldn't filter down the pyramid, as it has always done. As far as I know Rugby League in percentage terms has always been comparable to other sports for this, and better than some.
  12. People are not blaming Fev for chasing the SL dream. They are blaming Fev for spending way too much in doing so, and money they obviously couldn't afford. London chased the SL dream too but didn't follow a boom or bust approach.
  13. It depends. If its bankrolled to improve the club and make them sustainable in the long run, by improving infrastructure and increasing revenue streams, then once that's achieved a club can then be pretty much self sufficient. The likes of Warington and Saints are probably good examples of this. Hopefully Wakefield will progress like that.
  14. You really don't. These two things aren't mutually exclusive either.
  15. Everyone knows they get rid of P&R. I couldn't care less about splitting hairs about whether to call a team joining SL being promoted or not.
  16. I'm not sure why you are talking about P&R, it's about the proposals. These things aren't mutually exclusive and these proposals may actually make it easier for some clubs to get promoted. It's even possible to agree with the proposals as the best way forward and still prefer P&R. At the end of the day it was a throwaway comment to someone guessing a figure. I didnt think anyone would take it seriously. Without a survey one guess is no more valid than another and that was the real point.
  17. Challenge Cup Final to kick off at 3:07:
  18. So what has changed and is now different than what clubs thought?
  19. Yep, it may have been 90% instead.
  20. Again though, and I refer to my previous post, unless you are admitting clubs that have decent infrastructure and own their own facilities (or have decent long term leases that are as good as) this just isn't going to happen.
  21. It's great for the game. The more clubs that can build like this the better it is for the game and SL as a competition. Clubs that build like this (and I appreciate there is often some good fortune along the way) equals more money in the game, more fans, bigger crowds and better players. That in turn hopefully translates to increased interest and bigger TV deals.
  22. Sounds great and very exciting, even as a non Wakefield fan. I love to see clubs progress and grow like this.
  23. This is where many clubs struggle in not owning their own grounds and not having things like bars to raise revenue and income. Compound that by paying rent etc and its a real struggle.
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