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  1. Just come across a great album, "Northern Skies" by I Am Kloot. Highly recommended!
  2. Key phrase there is "authority area of Cheshire". All that these areas represent are areas of local government or administration. They are not counties in the traditional sense. Check this website out: Friends of Real Lancashire
  3. The salary cap is a waste of time, more than that it's actually damaging to the game. It should be scrapped. 1. It is too costly to monitor. 2. It restricts investment. 3. It doesn't actually do what it supposed to do. 4. It causes players to leave the game. 5. It's probably unlawful. The salary cap has undoubtedly had a negative impact on rugby league.
  4. I'm a Wigan supporter and as disappointed as the rest but I think Alibert got it just about right at the end. He gave the penalty in the most advantageous position he possibly could and whilst of course it was a really difficult kick Pat Richards had a genuine chance to put it over. That he missed was down to himself, no complaint mind it was really hard but it was in our hands. Additionally Wigan could have kicked for touch gaining as much territory as possible and then set up for the drop goal. As for Danny McGuire he should have been sin binned notwithstanding his injury but it was completely academic so why bother?
  5. It would be great if someone had the time and inclination to get it going again, I'd pay good money to join a club like that.
  6. I'd quite like to be a member of the 1895 Club! Anybody fancy gettting it up and running again?
  7. His marketing arm is up and running, the availability of this shirt was tweeted earlier today!
  8. If you're a fan of Widnes it's a fantastic offer, even if they don't get in the ticket price for 2012 is frozen so you're not losing anything, if they do get in what a spectacular season ticket price!
  9. I agree but I noticed that whenever I went for a beer there were plenty people in the back just drinking. Made me wonder if there were quite a few people who were in the stadium but who never bothered taking their seats cos they were just there with friends, partners etc and had no interest in the game. I know that sounds terribly rugby union but it was noticeable where I was.
  10. I had a pretty good view of the trouble and to be honest it was a bit of handbags at dawn really. Not what we want at rugby league but it was something and nothing and was probably related to too much beer! Can't blame either side's fans and to be fair all fans, both sides, shamed the troublemakers with the booing. Well done Warrington, it was a good win for them but I have to say it was a very disappointing game and I think that was largely to do with Leeds losing Peacock and Burgess and then failing to implement an expansive game. Rugby league now needs a great Grand Final.
  11. You shouldn't be concerned about speaking the truth, you are absolutely spot on but, worse, it's not just in the kicking department that they are far superior to us. We're going to have to play very well indeed to compete.
  12. Adelwire, I don't know if you remember but we met when we did the GNR for XIII Heroes a few years ago? Anyway just wanted to say have a great day! We'll be down there too this year and supporiting Warrington!
  13. When I'm in need of a laugh there's nothing better than SSN, especially that guy who used to be on Blue Peter being all sincere about what is basically trivial information, his delivery style is cringeworthy, mind you he's just the highlight but they're all terrible. Cracks me up every time I put it on, Sky News is no better.
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