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  1. If he does play, can we shift the game against SBW to Jerusalem and promote it as a Relgous State of Origin... winner gets the Golan Heights.
  2. My wife says stupid sh.t all the time, doesn't mean I should ban her from sex... I say let him play...
  3. my WC prediction pool, Australia, Samoa Jamaica and Greece (the group of death)
  4. West wales should ave just stuck with the iron men logo and slapped a viking helmet on his head.
  5. That West Wales Raiders logo is horrible... it reminds me of a stag night rugby club in Tallin.
  6. sponsor them all, and you can be the Rupert Murdoch of Jamaica
  7. And I heard that Meg's is going to pick the balls out of the barrel with a bra-less wet tee shirt.... ...apparently she needs to start making some money....
  8. Does that mean Harry will be the number one ticket holder for TWP?
  9. https://www.news.com.au/sport/sports-life/rugby-league-world-cup-2021-loses-star-power-after-prince-harry-meghan-markle-pull-out/news-story/d603bd32cba29e805938e7305dde23cb
  10. We can't have 2 Halifax's it would too confusing.
  11. United are a championship club in premier league clothing... once they get booted out salford just slide in.
  12. the way things are going MAN U, will be going to down in a couple of years and then its Salford all the way.....
  13. I'm more of Specjal Beer man... but seriously maybe that's the way forward super league clubs tapping into minorities via local companies.. perfect example is DACIA
  14. Maybe we should try and get polish companies to sponsor clubs... for example beer companies... or your local peirogi takeaway shop
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