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  1. You should frame that quote, MM! Looks like they found another 15minutes from somewhere.
  2. As usual. From you - clear as daylight. From the RFL - clear as mud. Only kidding, that's exactly what I wanted to know. If I fly into the UK on 19th (Sunday), I won't see any games that weekend. If I fly out on 26th, I would catch the semi-final on 25th (Saturday). Not worth it for one game. ######! Thanks, OF. See you one day. I'm sure Mick will drag me over to Hull sometime.
  3. I might just be popping over to the UK in late September. I need some RL to make it worth my while, though. I have checked both the RFL site, which is rather coy about play-off and GF dates, and the BBC site, which switches to union fixtures in September (I kid you not! Check out SL fixtures from September - Exeter v Gloucester FFS!). My possible dates are 19 - 26 September and I fear that I will not see any RL at that time. Thanks in advance.
  4. I think we have pretty much exhausted the rational arguments on here and we are left with entrenched positions where few are willing to accept that there are two sides to every coin. Personally, I think P&R was not working because the promoted teams could not recruit players of the quality needed in the time they had available. I know that HKR managed it, but the others were just taking it in turns to be promoted/relegated. Licensing offered a different way of organising things, with a chance to build stability. It also alienated some clubs. I think that aspect has been badly handled and the cake is being divided unfairly, but I have no control over that. Most importantly, licensing has not been given a chance to work yet. We have not even completed one cycle of it. It may turn out to be a flop, but to advocate scrapping it now is nonsense. Instead, we should look more closely at ways to alleviate the problems faced by the non-SL clubs. And, before anybody says "more money", please remember that few clubs have shown any inclination not to squander money in the past.
  5. And there's one or two I wish would. (But not you!)
  6. Which Mac? McDermott or McRae? Or maybe Ronald MacDonald?
  7. VW! Just when I thought we were getting on so well! Both teams are desperate for a win and both must fancy their chances. I'll go with a Salford win, due to home advantage, but I think it will be close.
  8. Thomas has pulled on a shirt and taken the field. That alone gets my respect. Beyond that, he has changed codes and put his reputation on the line. That, too, deserves respect.
  9. "You Know You're Only Dreaming" by Hawkwind. What else tonight?
  10. Personally, I quite like the "RLFC" bit. It does exactly what it says on the tin. "Rugby" on the other hand can clearly mean just what anyone wants it to mean, no more, no less. A bit wishy-washy, frankly. However, I don't think we should hand the term to the RFU on a plate. We should stake a claim to the word "rugby", but stick with "RLFC" officially.
  11. You mean your wife took that of you with her mobile phone phone? Hmmm! Nice ass!
  12. Today is Chiknopemti (that's the pronunciation - Τσικνοπέμπτη is the spelling). It is roughly equivalent to Pancake Day. It's a fun day for children, who dress up in costumes (a bit like Halloween) and go to parties and concerts and stuff. So, if any of you fancy pancakes for tea, you have the excuse. (No excuse is needed, of course)
  13. "Mimi" is a diminutive form of Dimitris, a bloke's name. At college, there was a lad from Athens called Dimitris. Everyone called him"Dimpy", which he wasn't fond of. He told me that his friends and family called him "Mimi". Fancy telling me that! The poor lad.
  14. What is this "snow" that you lot keep banging on about? :lol: :lol: Puts tin hat on and dives for cover.
  15. Trojan, it's definitely NOT ####### down in my part of the Med. Actually, the weather is a bit weird. Some cloud, some sunshine. Warm in the sun, unless the wind is blowing. Quite cold at night, 7 degrees C. No snow at all. Mind you, no sledging either.
  16. Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Faith Healer A fairly ordinary band? No way! They were, what's the word? SENSATIONAL! Joe Cocker - Amazing voice. Many have tried, none have equalled. Early Genesis were brilliant. I saw them at Salford Uni on bonfire night '69 (maybe '70). They didn't even top the bill (Curved Air did) but they were ace! The whole Nursery Cryme album is excellent. My personal favourite is Fountain of Salmacis. In fact, I'm off to listen to it right now. Ta-ra. edited for typos
  17. Early Fleetwood Mac on YouTube. I haven't heard Green Manalishi for ages. Judas Priest tried, but ...
  18. I hope you were especially kind to the poor bloody ref in your assessment report. I think I'd have grabbed the first opportunity to send both of the captains off together.
  19. Is that better than the Atkins diet? Where did you buy it?
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