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  1. Really? I'm currently watching Breakfast News on the BBC via a VPN. I currently pay £50pa for each of two different VPNs (I'm trying to evaluate them) both of which allow me to watch BBC and ITV, though live ITV buffers annoyingly on both due to a limited internet bandwidth.
  2. My parents never seemed to be music fans, so I didn't listen to music at home until I was a teenager. Years later, however, I discovered that my mum loved Nat King Cole's music. On the quiet, she had good taste did my mum. Back on topic, we had to listen to classical music at secondary school. One day, the sadist of a teacher made us listen to something by Karl Phillip Emmanuel Bach. It was bloody awful! So much so that I have remembered that name so that I can avoid it.
  3. Sadly, no. There are no trains on this island.
  4. You're probably right. I don't know about Faliraki nowadays as I live in Crete and Faliraki is in Rhodes, but 20 years ago it was effectively a ghetto for young British drunkards. Here on Crete, the equivalent is Malia and, though I think it has calmed down somewhat, I would be very unhappy if my 20 year old daughter chose Malia as a holiday destination. (I don't have a 20 year old daughter, btw) Incidentally, I think Club 18-30 has ceased trading. Thank God!
  5. It tends not to happen in Greece. (I'm sure it does happen, just not as often) It could be because Greece is a bit further away and doesn't attract the yobs.
  6. No. It's all the others who are out of touch. As my dad said, following our cubs' church parade some 60 years ago, "Don't worry, son. It was all the others who were out of step; not you."
  7. John. Mate, let it go. I have fabulous memories of this season. Even the GF, where we were so close that a single different decision could have had Saints in flat-out panic mode and who knows what would have happened? If you keep looking for conspiracies, you will find them and it will sour your memories of 2019, the best season I have known as a Salford fan. Cherish the good and let the bad go. Enjoy the winter and "Look out, Super League! The Salford Reds are rising!"
  8. Your research was obviously better than mine. Well done. I shall bear that in mind should I get to OT again.
  9. Way off-topic now. A pleasant exchange, nonetheless. Just call me Methusalah.?
  10. I should have guessed from your avatar. My mistake. I once went to watch Burnley play United at Old Trafford. I vaguely remember being passed over the wall to sit on a bench with a number of other 'nippers'. Wouldn't happen now.
  11. I really feel your pain, Ting. The view from the Kippax stand was better, as was the quality of the football. ?
  12. After the game, I had to walk to Firswood to get the tram to MIA. It was only supposed to take 21 minutes, but it seemed a lot more. The OT stop was closer but was rammed with people heading in to Manchester. My only minor complaint about OT was the height of the steps. A typical domestic riser is about 20cm. the steps at OT seemed about double that and I did see a number of people struggle.
  13. And even then, only if the RFL laid on free transport. ?
  14. Back at my laptop, so I can type more easily. I enjoyed the weekend, though I was absolutely knackered by the end. I don't think I've walked as much for years! The result was disappointing, but not the effort. A couple of decisions went the wrong way, but Saints were clearly the better team and deserved the win, so "Well done, Saints!" I met up with Padge and Bob8, along with assorted friends, before the game. Good company, thanks guys! I also got to enjoy some real British ale for the first time in a long time. Sadly, I had to watch my intake as I couldn't guarantee access to a usable toilet afterwards. Well, not at Old Trafford anyway! Overall, an interesting experience and one I'd like to think I will get another shot at one day soon. I'll try to arrange my itinerary to include at least one night in a hotel, next time. Two consecutive all-nighters are too much for this ancient carcass! Good luck to everyone next year, but especially to Salford!
  15. How's your BP? I have only seen a few tries on news bulletins and about half of them are just one bunch of fat boys trying to bulldoze their way through another bunch of fat boys. Exciting? I almost fell asleep.
  16. Do you live in Australia? If so, get to a hospital fast! If not, you'll probably live. ?
  17. There is something intensely satisfying about using a fly swat to kill the buggers. Unfortunately, you need the fly to settle somewhere first. The ones here just keep flying and I end up playing a crazy form of tennis, trying to hit them 'on the fly'. After ten minutes, I give up and wage chemical warfare on them. Then I hit them with the fly swat!
  18. Confession. I missed my walk last Thursday. I woke up late and it was already too hot to go for my walk. By the time it cools down in the evening, it's time for a shower before going out for the evening. The good news is I've been for the walk every day since and the weather is cooling quite fast so there won't be any more excuses. ?
  19. I've pretty much stayed away from this thread as I start sweating just by reading about your efforts. However, I had to get a medical check for my teaching licence about 2 months ago. The IKA (NHS equivalent) doctor went on at some length about 'zachari' (sugar) and mentioned 'diabiti' (diabetes) more than once. My private GP, when I showed him the same results, shrugged his shoulders and said that it wasn't that bad, that we all have sugar and that I needed (must) walk for 20 minutes every day. I haven't until yesterday. The temperatures have dropped from 'furnace' to merely 'oven' and I've woken at 7:30, so I thought, "Why not?" I've quite enjoyed it and hope to continue. At least until my 'zachari' comes down to normal. ?
  20. Thanks. I kind of knew that. About 5 years ago, I was struck by the thought that fax machines had come and gone in about 20 to 30 years. Technology moves apace.
  21. Does she know how to use the office fax machine?
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