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  1. Push ups week 6 day 2 ( a day late as couldn’t fit them in yesterday) 22,22,30,30,24,24,18,18 and 84
  2. A shame as for me Cardiff was probably the best place to hold it.
  3. Wasn’t that long ago I was driving an old transit van with the sliding drivers door open in summer.
  4. I was going to say Spending the day swimming in Billinge quarry and even jumping off the high point into it. Then I remembered there was a board in the park with chains in each corner so it wobbled about when you got on it. I think it injured every kid who went near it.
  5. Whichever way we do it I think we all know we’ve got a few weeks left yet.
  6. When I inevitably miss out this week I think that’s how I’ll do it by dropping back to week 5 rather than doing 6 again.
  7. 1959 Ken Large scoring not sure of Oldham player Knowsley road Im guessing Saints around this time would wear a white kit with a red band but this could be an away kit as Oldhams kit will be red and white hoops. Before my time so perhaps some forum members could help out. Saints (scoring ) v Oldham 2nd May so spring father in law
  8. Push ups week 6 day 1 45,55,35,30 and 62 even after the first set I could tell it was going to be a struggle. Never managed to get the lactic acid out of arms.
  9. Do you have a really plush gym upstairs but have gone to this one to get the eye of the tiger Back.
  10. Exhaustion test 78 I’m inching my way up there.
  11. And you’ve dragged me in. ?
  12. The shame is from where we started 83k tests a day is brilliant and yet it’s been ruined by how they’ve dealt with it. I’m genuinely surprised that after the whole nurses numbers fiasco he’s gone down the same fudging numbers route. Early on in this I was thinking Hancock is the pick of this bunch but I’ll find it difficult to trust anything he says now.
  13. They contribute a team capable of spending the cap and winning something unlike half the teams in SL
  14. Push ups week 5 day 3 20,20,24,24,20,20,22 and 74
  15. You say RU has the catch on the word rugby but you can’t think of any sport that uses the term league football. Id certainly but up for reducing the 10m but not to five I think you be in danger of forcing more dummy half runs and one out drives.
  16. Some big numbers there Bob to follow those with a 69 is some going.
  17. The difference is football have powerful international bodies. So clubs have a big influence over their own FA but their FAs influence over the game as a whole is quite small. For RL the game is the NRL and RFL.
  18. Exactly it’s why we never get anywhere because the clubs run the game. Whether that’s through SL or the RFL makes no difference and all they are interested in is short term gain. It’s why we flip flop from one bad decision to another.
  19. Push ups week 5 day 2 19,19,22,22,18,18,22 and 70
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