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  1. brian smith actually praised this guys effort in fixing the chooks defence this year so this could well be a good signing for LC. not that their defence was any good in the last 40 mins on sunday but wayne bennetts sides will do that to many teams
  2. if its to determine a final id go 10 minutes mandatory extra time, then golden point after. for ordinary league games golden point is fine but id change it so that the team that lost in GP is still awarded 1 point at the end of the game whilst the winner gets the bonus point
  3. thats a joke wendall got 2 or 3 years for taking coke when he played for the wallabies taking pot is nothing much, heck if you have 10 drinks youll be more of a menace than smoking some pot
  4. st helens new ground, wigan with a strong team, these clubs are only going to get stronger. it will add to these derbies with wigan a much stronger team now when i watched it wigan beating saints was a major upset the hull derby is brilliant but its one big club, one small club
  5. cant be bothered finding the other thread but thurston is out with injury. mitchell pearce or todd carney will be the aussie half back, or cronk
  6. its a shame LC signed that no name head coach. daniel anderson could work wonders there
  7. perhaps there is another nrl which isnt the one based in australia and nz you keep referring too the clubs and david gallop are all in favour of a monetary based cap.
  8. cant believe i forgot the KC, and the club at least get crowds that are good for the stadium capacity headingly is nothing special
  9. they certainly have the best grounds. hudds have a good ground but no chance of filling it any time soon be interesting to see what crowds saints get in the new stadium, and if wigan can grow their crowds with the good form over the next few years
  10. how did soccer become so popular? somewhere along the line there was some marketing involved im well aware of soccer crowds and ratings lee. indeed i look at the soccer tables each week hoping that teams like wigan, leeds or hudds get relegated! my point above was people in batley and dewesbry probably have a soccer side they support and that doesnt seem to be a problem its only if a rival RL club markets to them where its an issue. if people from these areas are Leeds Utd fans i dont think it would be a problem for them
  11. the introduction of franchising means clubs with more money and fans will get into SL whilst those with no money wont. so i dont see how its anti free market. batley and dewsbury have had a century to get it right, lets not blame no promotion for 3 years for the clubs f***k ups. realistically batley and dewsbury cant support a SL club fax potentially can but not with lots of development.
  12. oh well if those clubs dont have the resources to attract fans and the bulls do, so be it. market forces will play this out much rather than go and watch RL than soccer.
  13. yeah its a shame the nrl is being used in this way to denigrate english RL. most of the aussie nrl fans i know, who tend to be massive RL fans, want RL in england do do as well as it can. this includes seeing the roos lose to nz, england or whoever
  14. free market forces, bradford should try and get fans from anywhere else if batley or dewsbury are too lazy to market themselves in their towns and the bulls can get more fans, go for it man utd apparently get many fans from london so whats wrong with what bradford are doing. you dont see brentford fans complaining about man utds london fans
  15. it seems fans of clubs hurt by SL are blaming lindsay for everything Rupert Murdoch offered 80 million ish pounds for a game that was bankrupt. not just small clubs like keighley but big clubs too had shot finances what was lindsay supposed to do, say no, we wont accept the 80 million unless you allow keighley into SL. on balance what he did was do lots of very good things for RL. frankly without the whole SL thing your game really would be dead.
  16. yep a players poll in an aussie rugby league mag did confirm that
  17. the richest 4 clubs would have all the best players so their playing standards would be better for every other team they would be far worse.
  18. gould is an easts man. easts have a rich owner and a rich leagues club and no juniors and he just wants to be able to spend what he can on players cronulla finished in the top 4 only a few seasons back saints havent actually won a comp since 1979 either! weve lost loads of good players to super league, union everywhere and now even AFL. we still keep growing
  19. that whole different cultures things is BS. the RFL moved away from P&R to franchising - last time i checked franchising wasnt a cultural thing in england without a salary cap you saw the 2 richest english RL clubs spending what they wanted to on players leeds had to sell headingly and wigan lost central park to became co tennants at the jjb. clubs need to be saved from thelmselves
  20. australias depth isnt what it used to be. at origin for example nsw were useless. its basically the queensland backline keeping the roos dominant now and many of those players wont be playing semi final footy theyll be picking players like the morris boys, gasnier etc who might well be good club players but not on par with inglis etc. bird is nothing special at test level. prince is good but thurston will be fighting injury to retain his spot. the balmain centres are average really ashyford wont get a roo jersey. chris lawrence is not special the roo centres will be gasnier and lyon. slater at fullback. probably morris and another on the wing thurston and lockyer in the halves
  21. http://www.nrl.com/news/news/newsarticle/t...ap/default.aspx National Rugby League club Chief Executives today expressed on-going support for the NRL Salary Cap insisting it was an accurate reflection of what clubs can afford to pay.
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