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  1. If I was from those traditional historic proud Lancashire towns I would object to being called greater Manchester. I come from Bramley always part of Leeds ,but just up the road is Pudsey where I live now just on the old border actually and the old Pudsey natives still object to being classed as Leeds with an LS postcode. " Pudsa where t sparrers fly backards ter keep t soot outta ther eyes "
  2. I like Leythers I've always got on with them since ahem 1971 . This pandemic has wrote off two seasons I'm already looking forward to season 2022. Leeds to win this game by 13
  3. It's not just " SUPER 8 " That upsets him its also 7 9 and 11
  4. Yes the successful periods Leeds have had is when the large majority in the team have been mainly home grown. I'm thinking of the Roy Francis era and beyond and of course the first part of this century . Time will tell about the present rebuild
  5. He is probably the main reason Leeds won all them GFs some against the odds . It was said at the time a group of 3 players were involved the coaching and motivation. I must take a look at some of those finals on e again and see those sad faces crying in the rain. Thanks for everything thing Kev
  6. I remember a try saving tackle which probably won the game in a GF
  7. Not so long ago there was a proposal for a giant Kevin Sinfield Mural . I think on the side of The Skyrack . Seems to have gone quiet ,maybe lack of funds
  8. Not long and like Robinson talking like he's never been away.
  9. I dont want to use the term " lame Duck " but hes staying on for rest of season and who will be negotiating the contracts and identifying possible signings for next year ? Unless the club are promoting from within. Agar? That is if they can afford a DOR in the present Climate? . I am more concerned that the other code will milk this as a coup when once again they have poached a High profile RL man to show them how to play.
  10. Leeds original Anthem was Keep Right on to the End of the road
  11. I remember what Brian McDermott said when Kevin Sinfield retired from playing RL and went over to play for the RU club at Headingley Yorkshire Carnegie? Whatever ? He said " he wants to play union before he finishes, he is a fan of that game " A fan of the game ? I can see him as a RU pundit on their big occasions just like Jonathan Davies is on our TV games
  12. The Yanks kept a few old English words and called it " revolutionary English" please dont set me up for a " Fall" with your superior intellect . Joke
  13. GH said at the end Kevin and Richard are both committed to work hard to reward the fans to the end of the season. The full statement ould be interpreted to " we are finding it difficult "
  14. I hope we get to know more today ,the silence coming out of Headingley is deafening. For this to come out at this stage of the season is stunning
  15. Yes we will get a clearer picture of what is going on soon . Maybe GH will do the job till end of season. Although a new man will want to implement his own signings. That's if the club can afford a new DOR in the present climate
  16. It's not a good time to go at this stage of the season with all the OOC players to sort out and potential recruitment for next season too
  17. The club will be hit financially by the pandemic they have the stadium to pay for and were investing heavily on the corporate side which has hardly been used .
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