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  1. Vlandys isnt doing this for the game..the motivation is for TV...hence why they only are admitting one club.
  2. Christian Welch is one of the very few players with an intelligent opinion on the game in Australia. He has also commented on how the media portray the game in a negative light and the agendas being driven. One man, if not the only man worth listening to on NRL.
  3. The problem with the game in australia is the administration do what is best for tv first then the game...
  4. That may be happening with our new partners led by lachlan murdoch
  5. Correct....but it is the plan of the IRL to get it in there.
  6. Also developing minor nations to get them into the olympics via nines and tap into government funding.
  7. Great podcast here with IRL boss Troy Grant, talks about RLWC2021 and future of international RL Explains alot to give us hope https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/chasing-kangaroos-for-international-rugby-league-fans/id1441882710
  8. Hubie was Mal Meninga's centre partner in the 1984 Brisbane Grand Final, scored Souths only try. He also wrote for Rugby League Week for many years in the early 80's as their French correspondent.
  9. Agreed...Vlandys is a lackie for news corp interests ie.streaming and gambling...just watch what happens in the next few years. Possibly the NRL will benefit from this partnership and change of direction by lachlan murdoch....a cut of profits.
  10. I dont think they woyld destroy it more like play it when it suites them ie. After the GF. I wonder if as part of signing the participation agreement they could hold the IRL to ransom and not sign unless they hand over power or agree to their future demands regarding scheduling.
  11. The NRL is now like a corporation. On radio this week they wheeled out Josh Hodgson who toed the company line no further questions asked and everyone moved on. https://omny.fm/shows/triple-m-rocks-footy-nrl/interview-josh-hodgson-discusses-world-cup-drama-r?in_playlist=triple-m-rocks-footy-nrl!podcast
  12. The other thing we have to consider now is the NRL is in partnership with their broadcasters and their interests become the NRL's interests. Origin is shown on Nine and the Pacific Tests over the last few years have been shown on Fox.
  13. No need to worry Australia will continue to play international games however this will be on their terms. What Australia is worried about is Origin with the amount of Pacific Island players now in the NRL thus minimising the pool of players for origin. They now have relaxed rules to allow some of these players to play. In 2011 30% of NRL players were of a PI background this is now 45%. The NRL must have got wind of the IRL plans for the future for international windows, tournaments etc.which would bring in money for them and also challenge and weaken Origin. If you read some of the Tweets that Phil Gould posted you can see this is what he was referring to also Richardson's plan for international RL, which isn't a plan really but more about protecting Australia's cash cow Origin. It would be great if a player like Taumalolo would unite these players and say they will only play under the IRL, thus scuttling the ARLC's plans to capitalise on the Pacific. The way the ARLC has acted would not endear these players to them as they highly value the quality of humility. Something Jon Dutton has shown in bucket loads. We can only hope.
  14. That's how News Corp work and they are now partners of the NRL and have a cosy relationship with V'landys. He did a deal with their pay TV arm quick smart for seven years no details released. No coincidence he comes from a gambling background and this is the way Murdoch is turning his business ie. sports betting.
  15. And the possibility of no "six again" rule next year. Great for the smaller nations.
  16. Here is the press conference https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9hbmNob3IuZm0vcy8xMDNmZmM0L3BvZGNhc3QvcnNz/episode/ODk1MDU2OGItMTQ2My00ZDhmLTgxOWUtOGU1ZGM1ZTUzYTVi?hl=en-AU&ved=2ahUKEwjBx6yW5JnyAhUOzTgGHb4dAwoQjrkEegQICRAF&ep=6
  17. Look at it another way, if Covid had not hit would the Aussies and Kiwis be playing the WC this year?
  18. Correct and think about in 10, 15 or 20 years the number of PI or Kiwi players playing will very much be in the majority, so if the IRL have power over when internationals can be played they could easily put these on when origin is on and we have seen how popular and great to watch these games are. This is about having the control over players and when they can play internationals so as not to damage their product or partners product.
  19. Get use to that NRL, once Gould's plan for world domination takes hold in the backblocks of NZ and Australia.
  20. The history of RL in Australia will tell you the management of the game should not be held in any great esteem eg. the SL War. The game is lucky it has no big competitors in NSW and QLD. The game here is littered with self interest and always has been.
  21. Interesting the Sky ultimatum to the RFL/Super League restructure. Is this part of the big plan
  22. I think a 4 year cycle could look like this: Yr1 - Australia x 3, PNG, Fiji, France Yr2 - 4 to 8 Nation Tournament, Wales Yr3 - NZ x 3, Samoa, Tonga, France Yr4 - World Cup, France and Wales One of Tests are great as an event rather then series like union do. Also England Knights could play curtain raisers against Scotland, Ireland, Jamaica or Serbia
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