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  1. Watching this game from 1982, noticed the referee with a belt on and some pack on it at the back. Does anyone recall what this was?
  2. Agree, I actually think it was better then the 1985 game.
  3. V'landys will probably cut costs to the digital arm and may even sell it to nine, as they were desperate for it. If this proves to be the case, dumb move. This would be ironic, because nine were extremely critical of Greenberg yet they have covet desperately getting hold of the digital arm of the game.
  4. Not to mention Australia winning the 1985 2nd Test v NZ in the last seconds from a clear forward pass. No whinging from the Aussies there. Bob Fulton was the biggest whinger going around and was the reason Australia brought their own refs in 1994.
  5. That's what I thought. Here is a picture of McKinney: https://www.facebook.com/2052903584996623/photos/pcb.2289377378015908/2289375681349411/?type=3&theater Actually I notice that Valentine is in that team photo also. A good comparison.
  6. I checked the 1953 CC FInal programme and the forwards were numbered as today's are.
  7. That's what I thought also, I think the captain is Tom McKinney. Would this seem correct? Anyone know the referees name?
  8. No, as Gt.Britain wore white and Dave Valentine was not a hooker (no.9).
  9. Obviously the French captain is Puig Aubert but who is the other captain and team?
  10. Does anyone know the colours worn by the team that played in the European Championship back in the 50's etc?
  11. It added to the game overall rather then taking anything away, other then for Wigan fans.
  12. And loved the biased Oldham commentator and passion of the fans, fantastic.
  13. I was watching the 1989 Lancashire Cup Final on Youtube between Warrington and Oldham and was surprised to hear Oldham made the Final from the 2nd Division and beat the mighty Wigan 19-18 in the semi final!!! What a great effort and they put up a decent fight in the final too. Ray Tennant was the ref in the final and disallowed a clear Oldham try.
  14. I actually think V'landys is only going to be around for a short time. It is telling he hasn't relinquished his CEO role at racing NSW which is his true passion. No one in the media is putting that under the spotlight.
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