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  1. Anyone know of books on the French Game.
  2. I also noticed how Johnson jumped in to answer questions for Rimmer and thought the same, that is his response could be awkward. My concern is News Corp now have their tentacles all around the Australian game as they intended back when all the Super League rubbish started. Will they be the third party or something aligned with them but in another name? Could the stripping back of the English game be for a rebuild in future years as they did in Australia. I love the tradition of our game but it seems to be getting lost in the pursuit of TV money. How can the British game turn it's back on half it's clubs? Kevin Brown may say we have the best product but it is not reflected in attendances, same goes for in Australia.
  3. Agreed, Richardson for a guy who was in England for a few years seems to have no idea. The ignorance of Australian RL officials is amazing, they believe because things work in Brisbane or Sydney they will work in England but seem to forget RL has no Premier League to compete with in Sydney or Brisbane or is a sport that is marginalised.
  4. If you listen to Johnson and Rimmer on the BBC Podcast it seems they are following Shane Richardson's plan for British RL. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/dissecting-shane-richardsons-plan-for-british-rugby-league/ It all seems to match up.
  5. I hate seeing the way the PTB has gone these days. Maybe the league should force coaches to instruct players at training to do it correctly. How did we get to this?
  6. A strong Samoa up against England in the opening game of the WC with 40,000 plus at St.James' Park, how good will that be as a contest and a pulsating atmosphere. Going to be a great opener to set the tournament up.
  7. Vlandys isnt doing this for the game..the motivation is for TV...hence why they only are admitting one club.
  8. Christian Welch is one of the very few players with an intelligent opinion on the game in Australia. He has also commented on how the media portray the game in a negative light and the agendas being driven. One man, if not the only man worth listening to on NRL.
  9. The problem with the game in australia is the administration do what is best for tv first then the game...
  10. That may be happening with our new partners led by lachlan murdoch
  11. Correct....but it is the plan of the IRL to get it in there.
  12. Also developing minor nations to get them into the olympics via nines and tap into government funding.
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