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  1. What I was getting at was if Roy Francis had achieved the things he did in union he would be a well known and celebrated name probably in the mainstream but as he did it in league that's where he was celebrated....not to the higher broader level he probably would have been in union.
  2. I read recently in a RL News programme from about 1970 that he allowed the North Sydney players to choose who they wanted as captain. This sort of player leadership groups are a thing of the modern era you hear about today. He was definitely a man way ahead of his time.
  3. Also if you are interested in some league history from NZ checkout the Turangi Dambusters RLFC page on Facebook. Plenty of info from 1970's and 80's also of the Midland rep team. https://www.facebook.com/Turangi-Dambusters-Rugby-League-Club-168284926573134/
  4. Series on Youtube interveiwing ex Wellington league players, includes Tana Umaga, Esene Faimalo, Warren Collicoat, Emosi Koloti to name a few. See Mana Talanoa on Facebook also
  5. For those who were interested in Tana Umaga's league career, there is this series on Youtube that interviews past great Wellington rugby league players. For Widnes fans there is also an episode with Emosi Koloti.
  6. Just like in football with the WC and European Championship played halfway between. Problem is Australia have most of the money and only see the game as NRL, Origin and maybe the pacific. Only do things for a profit.
  7. I'm sure a TV contract could solve that problem. sponsors etc. Also the most obvious things is crowds would need to be back.
  8. Why not one off games v Tonga and Samoa rather then a 3 game series. These would be events.
  9. Is there anywhere I could find a list of past Taranaki Lile Shield winners?
  10. The strength of competition is declining which is understandable as a huge amount of players go to Australia looking for contracts and opportunities.
  11. Kirwan's grandfather Jack toured with the 1926-27 Kiwis to the UK.
  12. Umaga trialled with the Knights but went home because he was homesick. Here he is as a young Leaguie.
  13. I watched this video of Roy Francis on Youtube. I knew of Roy Francis years ago and what a giant in the game he was. For me this video is more a reflection of how league and union are treated differently.
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