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  1. The 6 again needs to be looked at. It was rushed in without trials. Agree the obsession with speed is way too much. It needs to ebb and flow as it use to. If the 6 again is to stay it needs to be changed to 2 or 3 again. V'landy's is overrated and no journo takes him to task. And while I'm at it do something with the scrum, it currently looks like under 6's, an embarassment, and I'm in the camp that wants to keep them.
  2. Anyone know how many hat tricks Martin Offiah scored? Also who are the top 5 or 10 players by bags of 3 or more tries?
  3. Maybe but if the NRL decide to place a club there they would get a grant of 13million plus decent players. Surely this would attract attention.
  4. Agreed and also the direction the "partnership" was going to take now News Corp is getting into gambling: https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/rupert-murdoch-set-to-increase-wager-on-us-gambling-boom-20210303-p577a1.html
  5. It was obviously changed with particular people in mind. Is Politis quitting the Roosters?
  6. Rubbish. The way the game is funded and managed today is miles from how it was in the 80's.
  7. The games growth was on the back of it's popularity driven by TV which attracted big business. Alot of those people watching the game lived outside Sydney. You can change history in your head as much as you like but the facts are the facts.
  8. Fulton was a disgrace when it came to referees particularly French referees. He was worried they would cost Australia a series. It was his whinging and the influence of his "father" Ken Arthurson that brought about the rule that the visiting team could bring a home referee. This was the death of the neutral referee. Thus the 1994 Kangaroo tour was refereed by Annesley and Harrigan of Australia. All for the advantage of Australia who constantly tell us their third strongest team could beat anyone.
  9. Want to know more about league in NZ there was a great podcast on Chasing Kangaroos with NZ CEO Greg Peters this week. He also spoke of the international game as he is on the board of the International RL: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/ep-102-kiwi-boss/id1441882710?i=1000510312928
  10. Sydney clubs have ALWAYS transcended their boarders that's why it became the league that grew into the national competition. Clubs like Parra, Manly, Souths, Saints, Balmain, Canterbury and the Roosters have always had big followings outside their Sydney base.
  11. The reality is clubs can turn things around with good management, just as South Sydney have and Western Suburbs have from clubs that were down on their knees.
  12. Nice story: https://www.cookislandsnews.com/internal/features/weekend/rarotongas-forgotten-rugby-league-pioneer/
  13. Peter V'landys is a News Ltd man. If you look at the way the Murdoch press have treated RL leaders in Australia since Gallop was punted out, it is clear to see that. Dave Smith, Todd Greenberg and John Grant were steering the game in a direction that threatened Murdoch's interests thus they were driven out mercilessly by constant media pressure. V'landys comes to power a quick deal (thanks to Covid) to extend the TV deal and save Murdoch's Foxtel is signed until 2027, suddenly we have media fawning all over him calling him Saint Pete. It's standard Murdoch tactics, instead of sp
  14. Has this been decided? If so, who is the president? Good or Bad for the game?
  15. I remember that spell with Balmain very well, Hanley joined the Tigers for the last 3 games of the regular season and then drove them to the Grand Final. The Tigers were 6th on the ladder when he arrived. He set the game alight. He was superb, so much so that I can't recall another player ever having a similar impact on a team. It is still talked about and remembered 32 years after it happened!! Here's some more fantastic footage of the great man. Starts at 7min 56sec
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