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  1. I remember that spell with Balmain very well, Hanley joined the Tigers for the last 3 games of the regular season and then drove them to the Grand Final. The Tigers were 6th on the ladder when he arrived. He set the game alight. He was superb, so much so that I can't recall another player ever having a similar impact on a team. It is still talked about and remembered 32 years after it happened!! Here's some more fantastic footage of the great man. Starts at 7min 56sec
  2. If he was a conman, why did St.Helens and Leeds vote for them. The are two of the most professional clubs in the league.
  3. From memory four subs were used for internationals in 1990.
  4. I think quarters should be tried for the Challenge Cup. Would help to keep smaller clubs in the contest as the bigger clubs wouldn't get a roll on with momentum and fitness. Help make more of a contest.
  5. It all comes down to who will support news Ltd interests....if they do they will get a free ride from the media e.g. V'landys if not they will be crucified until they resign e.g..Smith Refer to the biggest dud who was never criticised by the media in gallop ex news Ltd lawyer held the reins for 10 years.
  6. They get the deal they want....when the league was going independent have a look at the reaction and how the game was driven down through their media. Start with their reaction when Smith cut them out of the last tv deal.... Major decisions such as expansion are only made if they allow us.
  7. Please....you're comparing apples and oranges....tv needs sport to survive....league and afl in Australia are the one's people want. Union is a dead duck....Alf has 100s of thousands of passionate supporters....no comparison
  8. So if sport was so vulnerable why did the AFL do only a deal until 2022? They aren't idiots and know the lay of the land...but they can't be manipulated like league
  9. You have a fair point re Murdoch...he did slag league off for years thus bringing huge pressure on the games leaders that ultimately led to their downfall. So it would appear league will always be owned by news Ltd and never free to do as it wants. Originally when the sl war started news Ltd went to the arl saying we will own the game but we want you to administrator it.....well it took 25 years and that seems where we are at today.
  10. Admittedly covid stuffed things up and allowed news to push for a seven year deal. A 3 year deal would have sufficed and then reassess the landscape. The AFL extended until 2022...and they are held up as the best sports managers....now why didn't they do a seven year deal.
  11. Yes....I would like the game to be it's own master and free to deal with whoever is in it's best interests not be manipulated to come under the thumb of news corp. I believe we would have had the same outcome even if covid didn't hit....that is leaders who were steering the ship away from news replaced by pete v and abdo.
  12. Agreed, it's short sighted not to support NZ, put money in and they will help grow the game and reap the benefits. People need to realise RL is not a big game in other countries as it is in Australia, so Australia needs to help for the best interests of the game. A strong NZ is great for Australia.
  13. Surprise, surprise..........if you recall before all this Covid19 hit earlier in the year, good old Pete V and Abdo went to the USA to visit Lachlan Murdoch whilst the CEO was at the World Club Challenge, just the two of them. Next thing they are back in Australia and Greenberg's leadership is suddenly under question. The agenda was underway ie. to remove News Corps obstacles to what they want, Greenberg, having already removed Grant and Smith. Low and behold Covid hits and News get everything they want, the TV rights for not 3 or 5 years but 7!!! Greenberg gone, News media singing from the mountain how Pete V is the saviour of the game and now Abdo is the CEO. An accountant from Sth Africa. Where are all the hard hitting journos now? You know the one's who drove the Welsh banker out of RL because he didn't know the lay of the land.
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