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  1. Indeed it was, never ever mentioned by the Aussie press, funny that. The tackles were: No 1 - Dowling No 2 - Jack No 3 - Meninga No 4 - Sterling No 5 - Shearer No 6 - Shearer again No 7 - Lewis scores!!! Can see it on video from 51:31min
  2. The try plus lead up starts at 35th minute.
  3. I think the introduction of the 10 metre rule had alot to do with the change in the "style" of game. Quick play the balls became the be all, rather then skill out of the tackle or passing rushes.
  4. I watched the game recently and it was great, not just the rough stuff, but the atmosphere, tension and skill. It was brilliant.
  5. How Gt Britain were robbed. The match turning "try" in this test by Shearer was infact preceded by a blatant incorrect play the ball by Australia which should have been ruled on and the try never allowed. You can see here at 42min 48sec, Lindner blatantly drops the ball and Australia score two tackles later that turns the momentum of the test. Also one of the best passing tries to open a tight defence I have seen by Schofield in the 2nd half, brilliant.
  6. Infact there is one key member of their squad from Melbourne, plays for Sunbury Tigers, learnt the game at a Melbourne Catholic College. https://neoskosmos.com/en/119600/aussie-heritage-players-team-up-with-greek-rugby-locals-for-world-cup-qualifying-campaign/
  7. Pinner was brilliant.....just as an example watch the 3rd test in 1986 v Australia where he constantly opens the Australian defence with sublime passing. Brilliant player.
  8. Contact Steve Mascord or Dave Woods of the BBC as he was at the games and may know if there were programmes.
  9. Another great French player gone.....RIP
  10. In the 80's Australia played: 80 - 2 81 - 2 82 - 8 83 - 2 84 - 3 85 - 3 86 - 9 87 - 1 88 - 5 plus game v Rest of the World 89 - 3 In the 80's they played 37 plus the Rest game compared to 2010-19 in which they played 43 43 was also the amount they played from 1990-99 and 2000-09. I think Australia play enough as there is not the quality of competition.
  11. It's for the good of the game, everybody wins. The NRL has all the money.
  12. I though the 1987 CC Final was a great game, doesn't get the kudos it deserves. Also the 1990 1st and 2nd Tests Gt Britain v Australia 1985 NZ v Australia and Great Britain series were all great games, plenty of action. 1986 3rd Test Gt Britain v Australia for GB's great tries and the brilliant passing game of Harry Pinner.
  13. Further on Cook Islands rugby league, top Cook Island team Tupapa Panthers played 2nd Division Auckland club side, Te Atatu on the weekend winning 34-22. https://www.facebook.com/TupapaPanthers/photos/pcb.2321616767948039/2321616437948072/?type=3&theater
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