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  1. The Cook Islands has had a very stable domestic competition for years with 7 clubs running down to juniors. Some clubs carry Fijian and PNG imports in their ranks.
  2. Exactly a hundred more times challenging coaching rugby league for a season playing finals and winning a premiership. Compared to winning 2 or 3 hard games of union to win the Union World Cup and then get the Knighthood for such an "amazing challenging" achievement. Pleeeeeassee.
  3. Geoff Mould kicked league out of Matraville High whilst the Ella boys were still in primary school. Matraville would have been a huge league school in the heart of Rabbitohs territory at a time when Souths were top dogs in Sydney rugby league. So you could believe all the kids would want to play league. You can hear Mark Ella talking about it on this podcast episode 140: https://www.talkingwithtk.com/ Mentioned just after the 13th minute.
  4. Great stuff,thank you.........I would think there may have been a tour in 1986 looking at the 4 yearly sequence of tours.
  5. Does anyone know the years BARLA toured in the Pacific and the countries they played?
  6. Remember him on the 1988 Lions tour of Australia, very solid and reliable player. Real worker. RIP
  7. Expected to be 32 degrees in Wollongong on Friday.
  8. Ridiculous, why do the administrators let this happen, wouldn't happen in any other sport.
  9. But where will union get their future coaches, particularly their defensive coaches?????????????????
  10. Ummm....try watching the nines....great tournament...plenty to get interested about there. Stop worrying about crowds. In 1971 only 13,000 watched 3 tests between NZ and Gt Britain did that kill off GB? Or 36,000 who watched the 3 tests v Australia in 73 or 19,000 in NZ who watched 3 fantastic tests in 1990. The game went on and grew. Enjoy the matches.
  11. Why was the game not played at a bigger/neutral venue?
  12. Surely we can't let rugby league just fade away in Russia, afterall they have been playing there for nearly 30 years.
  13. Very sad, under Howie Tamati they had a good team. Didn't they also beat Auckland a few times?
  14. Wellington league does look pretty sick at the moment. I recall when Wellington played and beat Gt Britain in 1990 and put up a good performance against the mighty Australian team in 1989.
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