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  1. Anyhow we had a few young players make their debut and did well, sure HKR will be taking note.
  2. Indeed, 18 points from dubious penalties and HKR making hay whilst we're a man down. The 8 point try (conversion missed) was the icing on the cake.
  3. If you're looking for a villain here try Kendall. He's well and truly giving this game to HKR.
  4. Quite happy with the squad personally, sick of seeing the same old failures from this season.
  5. Perhaps, but that's true of most government bodies, particularly with a litigious society we live in these days
  6. The issue with the above approach is the EA don't give a stuff about any of the mitigation about atmosphere, fan zones or training pitches. It sounds like pretty extensive infrastucture works they're after and a proposal needs putting forward to satisfy their concerns, not feeble excuses as to why they shouldn't have to be done. Surprised that Eastwoods have written such a flimsy report, but hey, they get paid regardless.
  7. Does anyone really think we would have gone to a 14 team comp in 2022 just because Salford, Trintiy and Leigh presented that as a plan? I've read DB's side of it but not others, whether it's as cut and dried as that who's to say. Regardless if you had stayed in SL you may not have had the season you've just had. You'd have been feeding off the scraps in 2022, possibly fighting relegation. Instead, Leigh were able to blow the opposition away in the championship, and as sure as they can be of promotion were able to prepare way before the likes of Trinity could. Anyhow all's well that ends well.
  8. Oh and Cas are damn lucky we've have stunk the pace out this year, any other season and it wouldve been them going down.
  9. In reality we were not relegated last night, we were relegated when a decision was made to appoint a coach with no top flight experience to guide a squad lacking in quality through 2023. The first half of the season was absolutely diabolical, the worst I have ever seen and I've watched some ###### represent the club over the past 25 years. It took a player who had been playing 'Bush Footy' for 6 months or so to come out semi-retirement to kick start our season but naturally that was never going to be enough. We've been flirting with relegation for the majority of our time in SL but more so in the last five seasons, often picking up the scraps when we knew we were playing in SL the following year, so effectively we've got worse and worse year on year. Carter did a good job stabilising the club when he took over but never grew it into anything more and sadly this is the result. Frustrating as there are some clubs who are effectively shells who operate way above their income but have done the business on the field to stay up. An accountant was allows going to run it taking into account the bottom line, he never spent what we didn't have. He comments about next years squad are uninspiring to say the least. Best I can hope for is Ellis takes over, resets the whole penny pinching ethos of the club and brings back some positivity.
  10. When you say frittered away, you mean spend it on playing squads, like all the teams do in SL? This season has shown what happens when you scrimp on that front. If Featherstone hold anything back (should they get promoted) to use on infrastructure then their time in the spot light will be very short lived.
  11. Scrappy second half, Trinity served that up on a plate, Saints didn't have to get out of first gear. Still points difference didn't take as big as a hammering as I expected.
  12. We never learn. From a good to impossible situation in five minutes.
  13. Yeah we're gunna get tanked, damage limitation unfortunately. Cas are damn lucky we are so ######.
  14. https://m.youtube.com/watch?si=kv7MiGn5ziNZKLzj&v=saY3E6gLhV8&feature=youtu.be
  15. We reverted to type last night, regardless of the referee. Lineham dropping the ball on the 40. Griffin's knock on just before half time, the amateur way we defended the resultant scrum, the Lino knock on after the Whitbread break, missed conversations, soft defence. Pretty much that has been our season. We had a bit of a lift with the arrival of Fifita which papered over the cracks, but ultimately we have not been good enough.
  16. How is it too late? We're on the same points, it's a striaght race to the finish. New coaches sometimes get the bounce and still think you have a better collection of play makers than Trinity, even accounting for the absence of McShane.
  17. Hard to say, he was the rumoured to be the attacking coach but then we didn't have the players, he left a while ago and it's only since the arrival of Fifita and Gale where we have looked more threatening. Having said that we've still been ###### against Huddersfield and Hull so who knows.
  18. It's related to a planning gain, much like Trinity's. Axiom get planning for what they want, they give Cas the money, combined with £2m from the council, the funding should be ring fenced regardless of their status.
  19. Shame, I thought he was doing a great job. Odd time for him to be binned after the big recruitment drive over the past week but then I appreciate Powell only went last week so it's more the opportunity to get him in that's the main catalyst rather then the poor form. Who else is there?
  20. Having an outstanding season but the point remains, no more boom and bust and you're laughing.
  21. Personally I think we've left ourselves too much to do, yes it's only 2 point and we've had an upturn in form from absolutely nowhere, but that can desert us just as quickly as it arrived. The main thing is we have hope where there was none.
  22. Oh joy, I've really missed these threads where off field criteria is so heatedly debated. "My catchment area is bigger than yours" "Yeah, well I've got a big screen and 100k twitter followers, so there".
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