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  1. Agree about 200 on par with London and Sheffield.
  2. More of a realistic attitude, having just explained players are injured etc. There is a huge gulf between the top 2 and the rest and the size of the squads are a part of it.
  3. Agree with you Ringo why pretend your concerned and then think it’s funny an injury will be targeted, baffling.
  4. I agree HP no need to give updates on injuries, if Sammut was in a bad way I’m sure we would have heard about it via a statement from the club. You know who’s fit when the squads released prior to the game.
  5. tec

    Fev away

    Fev are the Blueprint of how to do it and it should be applauded not criticised. No fast track promotion for them and it shows the game can thrive in traditional areas something which riles a few folk in the RL community. I hope they do get into SL and make a success of it to many clubs treading water down the bottom anyway.
  6. Great result for Barrow with 5 players out we still got the win. Even if Neutralfan7 is not happy
  7. Brilliant effort by the team !
  8. Fingers crossed it’s a win but going to hard, we looked busted up last week, any news on when Hulme will be back ?
  9. I just watched that and cringed, I think he realized half way through saying it he sounded like a clown .
  10. tec


    You wouldn’t be where you are if you had a couple of decent props IMO. Doran is a quality player but without the forwards competing it’s always going to be hard. Few loans in and you never know.
  11. Not much to say except you do realise its 2022 ?
  12. Not suggesting anything I was asking a question.
  13. Agree with the last sentence but has that statement not made it worse ? If that was released by Barrow I’d be embarrassed.
  14. That sounds pathetic from Batley. The right thing to do is say we are investigating the claims etc. Do they have any ex Yorkshire Cricket club members on the board ?
  15. There will footage of him being elbowed in the back of the head so the Batley player can expect a ban. He didn’t help himself with his antics after getting the red though.
  16. Wasn’t great especially the majority of the 1st half but showed good spirit when down to 11 men and carried it on throughout the 2nd half. Few points there that are frankly nonsense and not worthy of further comment.
  17. Think he’s in to play 9.
  18. Hope your wife has a speedy recovery, hopefully you can get to CP next season, think we have done enough to avoid relegation.
  19. Barrow are not DR with anyone. Very commendable that Batley have the moral high ground. As a fan of Barrow and not knowing the history of your club I can only applaud the fact that it seems you’ve never had players on loan or ever been DR with any club.
  20. I agree with you regarding DR just disagree that Barrow have done anything wrong. Hoping for a good game tomorrow I think this game is the one that will indicate if Barrow are in a false position or not.
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