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  1. Cartwright for Chan the only change I can them making on the bench. Chan a fine player but belongs to Wigan and was brought in when we were at the bare bones in our pack.
  2. Back in the eighties when Hull FC let Lee Crooks go to Leeds. Coming to the end of a successful decade of success, Lee was the cornerstone of our pack and leader - Mr Hull FC. The fact he didn't want to leave either made it doubly difficult to take!
  3. For every Vete, Simms and Takairangi there is Lachlan Coote, SKD and Parcell or even further back overseas players such as Monaghan and Brett Hodgson all signed by Tony Smith at Rovers and Wire. Smith must be given the time to see this through. His budget for this year clearly shows he has to shop in the bargain basement and take a risk or two which haven't come off as yet. Enough experienced ex players, coaches etc in the game are saying he is the man that Hull FC need to change what is clearly a poor culture but this will not be a short term fix and I for one will bow to their superior knowledge.
  4. If Hull couldn't even raise their game for the final home game last week then I suspect tonight will be very painful! A few senior players with niggles not fancying tonight and a few youngsters to debut. Good luck to them! Saints by a lot.
  5. Last home game for a fair few Hull players may swing it in their favour. If not and the usual end of season apathy then I suppose that justifies why so many are leaving!
  6. For a side fighting to get into the play offs without much room for error I thought Hull were very poor. Probably showed why they shouldnt and wont be a play off side in 2023. Looking for positives the side still shows effort in defence and this time last year the result would more likely be a 30 point defeat! Total faith in TS to turn it around and the high turnover of players was always needed and it will happen but its certainly not a quick fix. I would be tempted to give the likes of Staveley, Balmforth and Martin a few games now in place of the likes of Dwyer and Satae who are moving on next year and not performing consistently to the level needed. Agree about the referee, thought he had a very good game and deserves credit.
  7. Boring but as long as the performance and effort matches the last 2 games for FC then the result should follow. Wakey will fancy it at home. Think one score in it.
  8. The same effort as shown against the Giants and we will happy. Probably not enough to beat Wigan but as long as we are heading in the right direction. Trueman off the bench by all accounts but expect it to take a game or two for him to get into the full swing of things.
  9. Hull's upturn in form wont happen just yet. We need a match fit spine at least for that to happen. Expecting\hoping for a committed performance though and signs that the tanker is turning. Giants by 18.
  10. Think I picked the wrong week to give up alcohol! Effort in defence from FC a bear minimum from this game but suspect Saints will have too much quality and desire to put right a few wrongs from their side of things either way. Saints by 30+
  11. Was hoping the Sheffield V Hull FC game was going to be streamed but not seen anything to suggest that it is! Clubs missing a trick with pre-season games in my opinion. Lots of fans haven't watched live RL for a few months and I suspect the streaming take up would be fairly substantial.
  12. Probably nothing like but here goes... Hoy, McIntosh, Carlos, Sutcliffe, Swift, Trueman, Clifford, Taylor, Houghton, Satae, Sao, Savelio, Lane Bench from - Dwyer, Lovodua, Brown, Fash, Cator, Griffin, Shaul, Evans, Scott, Mitch, McNamara Plenty of youngsters with a few SL games under their belt waiting to step in once the injuries kick in!
  13. The couple of niggles mentioned could well include Ackers but Mickey Mac was always starting hooker either way, it's how Wane wants us to play, very aggressive down the middle. Radley to spell at hooker. I suspect it will be a Williams and Welsby half back pairing, but the kicking game of Sneyd must be tempting against the big Samoan forwards. KPP the 18th man to cover both back and forward HIA injuries? Has the versatility.
  14. If Connor stays I will be really interested to see how Smith changes his game (if he does). Also understand in a salary cap sport where we are near the full cap that Jake leaving would free up a big piece of the pie and for the greater good of the squad this may well be needed. Personally hope Smith gets to coach a side with Connor pivotal to it.
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