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  1. Shame but no surprise and had hoped he would stay in the game for the world cup next year. States that he is going back home to his wife in the south west - ah well!
  2. Shane McMenemy. Never got the plaudits he deserved in Hull's cup winning 05 and Grand Final 06 side. Great kicking game as well.
  3. The difference between Hull's best and worst is still way too big. To go from 8\9 - 10 performances down to 2\3 -10 is our achilles heal this year. Whilst defensively we had a dig our attack looked laboured at best and the lack of energy was plain to see. Connor was given the platform to showcase his claims for the 6 shirt and fluffed his lines showing currently he is more valuable to us in the centre - he will become a class 6 though I have no doubt. Tony Smith will get enough out of Rovers to survive although the fact they only scored 3 tries with the weight of possesion on field position suggests there is a bit of work to do in attack yet although Parcell will certainly improve that. Fascinating battle at the bottom and I reckon the club to go down may not yet be in the bottom 3.
  4. Thinking the same. Each performance we have improved in areas of concern. Those last 8 minutes could be the best pre final team talk we could have had.
  5. Is it just me that when I see a certain official is in charge of a TV thinks, this could spoil a good game? The inconsistency is infuriating when certain officials are in charge. Catalan V Hull was a very niggly game with both side messing around at the ruck for pretty much the whole game but randomly only one penalty for moving off the mark! Could have been penalised every set by the rules. I expect mistakes with forward passes in the heat of a game but even knock ons. Scrums are taking that long to form that if the VR sees one missed by the ref why not over rule? The end result is the correct call. 3 clear shots to the head - one a red card, Watts on Casty, one a yellow, Moa on Washbrook and one just a penalty, Bousquet on Watts. Subsequently Bousquet and Watts standing for the same charge so why can a team of officials with a VR available be so inconsistent? Frustrating.
  6. Two poor second half performances back to back. Lucky to get the point today, Wire will go on and start picking up some wins now. Plenty to work on which is no bad thing this time of the year.
  7. I think Tuimavave has had a strong start to the year and his link up with Fonua and Manu particularly encouraging especially in defence. The first 6 rounds the focus is clearly on strong defence given the weather this time of the year but I can see some signs with certain combinations which should provide good entertainment once the grounds firm up. Very good defence again this year which will always make us difficult to beat and pleased to see both Matonga and Turget getting first team opportunities. Certainly cant condone Turgets reaction to a push in the face but hopefully we will get another chance to see him soon for a longer period as he looked quite lively last night. Jordan Thompson had a very good game last night.
  8. Improve the grounds wifi would be a start! After that the options are unlimited really, live stats should definitely be available. Player stats are available to coaches so could be made available to the wider audience as well. I actually believe that technology could help the officials more than ever if decisions were explained live via an app or similar.
  9. It would be good for the rugby league to have a place to call its home HQ but cant see it happening anytime soon. A redeveloped Odsal with a capacity of 40-50K would be an ideal location wise to hold internationals and semi finals etc.
  10. Family pure and simple. My dads side were Hull FC mad going back at least 3 generations before me. Grandparents lived down Albemarle Street so my dad was brought up on the Boulevard. Started as a 5 year old sitting on the knee of my dad and grandad in the 'best' stand in the late 70's early 80's so was spoilt from a playing perspective with the great Hull sides of that era. Early memories were of the refs whistle blowing and the cage been pulled across before the teams came out, together with the strong smell of liniment in the winter days. Cant remember the first game but I do recall the state of the Boulevard pitch and players coming out for the second half with new shirts or shorts on. Funny what stands out in the memory.
  11. Hull FC legend as simple as that and what a great way to finish his career with a Wembley win and top 3 super league place secured. The best defensive centre I have ever seen in the black and white and I hope he will now be coaching the likes of Jack Logan in how to be the ultimate professional as well as mastering the centre position. Timing wise is probably about right as well for although Kirk has had a great season this year after a dodgy start on loan at Doncaster I do think attacking wise we are lacking and the pace has gone but that shouldn't detract from the great service he has given to Hull.
  12. Don't see why this is seen as a slight against Radford. With the experience in the Hull dressing room it is fairly reasonable to say that the players wanted to get some home truths off their chests after going into battle together. Apparently before the 05 cup win Kearney gave a speech of legend to help inspire the team. This wasn't a slight on coach Kear but an experienced player wanting to motivate. Maybe Radford should have kept it from the media but I would be annoyed if the likes of Ellis, Manu, Pritchard and Houghton didn't make a big deal out of such a pathetic performance.
  13. Rovers have named 6 returnees from injury or suspension - doubt they will all play but good move to excite the fans again and start the dawn of a new era post Chester. Timely boost for Websters first squad and the Giants could get caught out tomorrow if they underestimate impact of this.
  14. Jack Logan at Hull FC and Abdull will gradually become a key player this year. Abdull reminds me of a young Paul Cooke in that he clearly has all the skills to be a top player whilst looking 'unorthodox' in shape. He has some great experience to learn from at Hull at the moment and will be key to Hull progressing. Wild card would be Lancaster for me.
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