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  1. Yep, the international weekend should be a free weekend for all pro and maybe even amateur clubs. This should be the pinnacle of our sport watching the national team play. It certainly will be the pinnacle for the players selected to represent their country. Club driven no doubt - cram the games in and scrape every last penny out of the paying punter. Player welfare? Give over cash is king...
  2. Not sure which way Hodgson will go with replacing the injured centres. Going to guess at Faraimo to centre with Vulikijapani making his debut on the wing. Wynne on the bench if this partnership doesnt work, he can slot into fullback and Connor to centre. Jack Brown to replace Bowden on the bench. Still a pretty strong 17.
  3. Is everyone OK with how Scott received his injury? Seemed a pretty unnecessary and late tackle\throw well after he had passed the ball. Hope its not as serious as it looks and scans are favourable.
  4. Not sure Scott will get an extended run at centre. Think Faraimo will play tonight and Fonua to the centre.
  5. I guess I was amazed as only a couple of years earlier Chico was a very good barnstorming prop during the Des Hasler era alongside Tim Street! To go back to the wing shows the guys versatility and commitment to the cause. I often wonder if Colin Best regrets leaving Hull when he did. A challenge cup win and Grand Final appearance were literally around the corner! Quality winger. Also remember a young Marcus Bai getting a run out at Hull and scoring 60 yarder against Widnes in the early 90s.
  6. Made his debut on the wing against Salford at the Boulevard, the highlights were shown on scrumdown. Seem to remember him scoring a try as well playing opposite Tex Evans? Proper club legend who put everything into playing for the shirt!
  7. Chico Jackson. Amazing that he was ever picked on the wing but has at least one 90 yarder to his name!
  8. Really unfortunate for Hull. No laws were broken and I have no issue with Fages playing to the whistle but something just feels wrong. Credit to Amor and Makinson for appealing to the ref to stop play the second it was obvious that Griffin had a very serious injury - and it was obvious that Griffin was seriously in trouble. Something about when opposition players show concern and gesture for help to injured opponents - a touch of class. I suspect the ref had a niggling doubt about the call as he had absolutely no reason to go to the video ref to clarify the try as it was a very clear
  9. Expecting a sluggish Hull FC on Friday and plenty of heavy legs, we may even see some fresh legs but Hodgson has refrained so far and we have no more fit forwards with the exception of Jack Brown! Would also expect a response from Saints after defeat in Catalan but with a semi on the week after not expecting anything too flashy.
  10. I thought the ref had a very good game in difficult conditions - certainly made fewer errors than the players! Hull had the game won by half time and didn't need to win it a second time if they played the conditions correctly however the amount of cheap penalties and 6 again calls will be a worry for Hodgson. I can see similarities to when Brian Smith became our Head Coach in 88. The attitude to defend was instant and players were playing to their full potential. I think Hodgson has brought a similar mentality and is lucky to have a more talented squad then Smith did back in the day.
  11. From personal experience the South Stand had no hot water in the toilets or paper towels to dry your hands with - pretty basic stuff. The amount of bird muck would suggest that a clean of the stadium hasn't happened for a long time either! KCOM location is perfect and the stadium, if maintained, also very good but the difficulties living alongside the Allams is clearly a big problem and getting bigger. I would hope the council can step in regards the running of the SMC or even better the Allams sell up completely. Not convinced either will happen in the short to medium term.
  12. Personally feel that there is more need for the Australian's to play an ashes series in this country then ever before if we are going to prioritise the growth of the international game. A place in the international calendar every 4 years is reasonable alongside the World Cup and the 4 Nations competition alternating between northern and southern hemispheres. I wouldn't underestimate what England V Australia means to the rugby league supporters in both hemispheres either. Granted it is the over 40s with the happier memories but just as the All Blacks in Union and Brazil in soccer, they are
  13. If you always do what you always did... I would happily throw a talented youngster (Welsby) with x factor into the side personally. Trueman and Hastings the half backs on current form.
  14. Really like the way this Hull side defend their line, shows a real pride in what they are doing. Still early days under Hodgeon so the attack is going to be a work in progress but plenty of positive signs. Connor needs to realise he is seen as the pantomime villain and although opposition players get away with patting him on the head after trapping him in goal, if he does the same the ref is more likely to penalise him. Don't give them the opportunity Jake! That said I think he is improving in the full back role, certainly defensively, and we need to remember he only got the role full tim
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