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  1. Good performance from England. I'd like to Fiji test us more in 2nd half. Preferred Connor at right centre but Watkins is playing very well. His confidence is obviously back. Ackers and Young very good.
  2. Some kids aren't suited to contact at an early age. Let them develop all the skills with no fear.
  3. I also suggested we change from tackling several years ago to touch rugby on here. Imagine the skill and numbers development that might be achieved. Like the Aussies i would go as high as 13s.
  4. Ok I will say it. I would have had Connor in at centre.
  5. Now if he had said the Aussies...it would have been bang on.
  6. In just under an hour the first test will have happened. Incredible stuff from NASA.
  7. The two teams i dislike the most. But tonight i hope leeds stuff saints.
  8. I find the whole game unappealing nowadays.
  9. Tony Smith should contact the NYPD. I understand they have some interesting holds they could teach us.
  10. What did Sneyd get for the leg twist on McGuire?
  11. Jesus the man asks for vr when he's on the spot for a try..he has clearly seen. yet no for the possible pen try.
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