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  1. I cant remember if anything was actually said at the time either. Maybe to do with Tony getting up apparently uninjured and nobody remonstrating with Ganson or Mathers.
  2. Pen try for holding a shirt but nothing for the knee from Mathers into Tony's head when he scored???
  3. Yeh i agree. You obviously have not read some of his previous posts.
  4. Easy...Danny Houghton on Currie in the CCF.
  5. Schofields try in the corner v Australia 1984 tour. I'm pretty sure it won try of the decade in the 80's. Not bad for an 18yr old. Like him or loathe him he was a rare talent. I'm glad i was around to watch him, Ellery and Offiah.
  6. I was watching Matty Johns show and i'm sure they said a 3 month break would be a disaster for some clubs in Australia.
  7. FFs how long we had toilet attendants?
  8. That's cos it's a quid a go nowadays.. grandad..
  9. How long has Colin Farrel been a backing singer for these?
  10. Fitzgibbon or Ward. No to the rest.
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