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  1. Who is talking to Hicks?? "That's your first penalty of this half"
  2. Mmm missed a 4ward pass from Wigan and then a sin bin for similar tackle on Griffin. Are there 2 sets of rules today?
  3. Typical Houghton now im watching him closely he stops doing his 3rd man flopping.
  4. All these rule changes of the last decade have changed the game so much. Im struggling to be interested in a game i no longer recognise. I know I'm a dinosaur.
  5. Remember the days when Tomkins ptb would have been a good ptb. Instead we now have rollaball.
  6. You are right but he rolled the dice and got away with it. And in the process kept us in the game. We were all over the joint at that PTB.
  7. I wouldn't have Connor at FB in my England side but i would select him at centre. Im sure Makinson would be pleased if i did so. Connor didn't cost England anything when he played previously. He was an asset. Our problem in this country is we vilify the mavericks. The guy gave a head shot tonight and got ten. many players give that sort of pen away throughout matches and they do not get the ###### he does. Not happy with bazzy the pilock calling him a snake..it feeds into the idea that everything he does is underhanded, dirty and sneaky. He was smart on the line and saved u
  8. I couldn't care less if Connor gets in the England team. But he's been in it before and performed very well. But if we want to win anything ever. We need players who can produce something from nothing. Connor can. Or we can stick to.. no error rugby and come close.
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