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  1. Oudenryn may of won that race but i don't believe he was faster than Offiah. I would like to see some more vids of Oudenryn making defenders look foolish. Offiah did do him for speed twice in the game iirc. There is is plenty of Offiah scything through and around some of the best defenders and defences of that time. Offiah would of been a fair few years older too.
  2. Shaun Johnson and Paul Sculthorpe. I know this cos because whenever they are on TV the Mrs stops doing what she is doing and sits and looks at the TV. Never ever watches the rugby usually.
  3. If im the ref. I dont care what anybody says or thinks about me. GB\Eng are going to win.
  4. Remember leaving the stadium devastated. Mates just happy to get back to the digs and get on the ######. However, i wanted to go home.
  5. Why is Domino's so expensive? never had one mind..too expensive.
  6. Seems odd after months of no games.To start with only two games on a Sunday this weekend.
  7. That doesn't seem to be in the job description for some of the others.
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