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  1. Was thinking exactly the same. KR fans have been incredibly supportive of the club over the previous seasons. Would be great to host them in the next round.
  2. Just getting my tea ready
  3. The fact that a TRL journalist doesn't know when to use 'your' and 'you're' is giving me a head injury....
  4. Sorry Deano. Thought forums were for discussion. We'll just go back to DR and stadium bashing then.
  5. Agree that it is too early to be drawing any kind of conclusions particularly when, as you rightly point out, we have played two of the favourites for promotion. But sport is about momentum and the trend of performance, when combined with a disappointing set of pre-season results, we do need to put a together a better showing soon. For a defence that was miserly in the extreme last season we have shipped 10 tries in two league games - 17 in five if you include the pre-season. In return we have crossed the opposition whitewash just 6 times in those five matches. This drop in creativity has, in my opinion, never really been corrected since the unfortunate loss of Ben Cockayne. We lack that bit of unpredictable 'maverick' that Ben had in spades and that other teams at this level seem to possess. Of course, all easier said than corrected - the 'joys' of commenting from this side of the keyboard - and I hope that I am made to eat every single word that I have typed!
  6. Don't understand why we played friendlies against Championship teams, particularly Bradford who have got out of this with a right result. I would rather go watch us play a team that we aren't going to see during the regular season, and i can't see that Fordy or the opposition learns much as they keep their cards close to their chest.
  7. Really sad to see Graeme go. I had hoped he would be able to stay on and mentor the younger middles. Sensational footwork and soft hands when near the line, and an absolute leader every second he is on the pitch. Been a pleasure to watch him play in a Knights shirt.
  8. I dumped Sky Sports as i just couldn't justify the expense and I got bored with watching the same teams and fixtures over and over. However, I always said I'd sign up again in a heartbeat if they extended the coverage to the lower leagues. Hope that Amazon, if they are serious, will look beyond SL.
  9. Fantastic signing. Some more of this will do very nicely indeed!
  10. I'm happy with that. Just glad it's not Fev! Although I see they have an easy 2 points being pitched against the Bulls
  11. Bob Beswick leaving Wolfpack to join Newcastle. Looks like they are serious with their SL Champions by 2030 mission statement.
  12. Yeah, I said on this on this forum last week we won't see him again. Not been in training for a long time now apparently
  13. Would make a cracking signing and will bolster our strength on the fringes. Particularly as I suspect we won't see Ash back next season.
  14. JonT


    Great news. Every little help we can get and all that.
  15. He was still going on about the Knights earlier this week in the T&A. I'm beginning to fear for his mental wellbeing
  16. Loved watching Ash at fullback. Those arcing runs searching for a gap before suddenly straightening up combined with his ability to chime into the line at just the right moment brought us great dividends a couple of years ago. I don't think we make the best of his abilities playing him out on the fringes, and it doesn't look like he enjoys the game as much as he did because of it. Marsh in the three-quarters and Ash back to his best position anyone?
  17. Good idea George. I tried, and failed, to get the money together for me and the missus to buy tickets when they were on promotion. To some of us it is a big expense.
  18. That'd be those 3 tries that weren't actually tries then
  19. WARNING - Not safe for work or the presence of young'uns.
  20. That was the very first game of rugby I attended as a young lad. Seem to remember York being well in the game until the last 10 minutes when you blew us away down the wings. Nowadays, with Fordy in charge, we'd have had ya!
  21. Your completely unbiased view of course
  22. Well that's a ######. Certainly can't afford to go and now we can't even watch. Hope Radio York find a way to provide coverage.
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