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  1. Let's get back on track - Bedfordshire Bronco saw Scott Murrell Stroking his pet flying squirrel, He got a fist full of fur Said "I didn't do it Sir" And it turned out his squirrel was feral
  2. As my old mate, an ex copper says "When I joined we had a police force and a postal service. When I retired, we had a police service and a parcel force."
  3. You're a remainer aren't you ? Eating foreign stuff is a dead give away ?
  4. Really enjoyed it. I downloaded the series and watched one episode a day. It's not often I take a sharp intake of breath at the end of the series, but the last 20 seconds of the last episode made me do just that. Roll on season 2.
  5. This morning on BBC news. The presenter, Naga Munchety, coming to the end of the news bit said " And now over to the weather forecast. Will it be cold enough to build a snowman ….. er snowoman …. I mean snow person" Cut to the weather presenter who said "I think I'd stop digging that hole now." Have we really come to the point where we have to be gender neutral, even about snowmen.
  6. Like you I didn't think much of it for the first few episodes and was going to stop watching, but I stuck with it, and believe me it slowly creeps up on you. Wouldn't miss it now.
  7. Search rugby sound effects - " Rugby union match in progress, crowd reaction with lots of quiet periods. "
  8. Recommend the four part series 'Inside the Commons' from BBC2. Just finished this week but available on I-player. Filmed over the course of a year with unparalleled access to the House of Commons. Interesting and an eye opener as it follows mp's, civil servants and 'ordinary' people who work there. What struck me was how little power individual mp's have unless part of the cabinet/shadow cabinet and how unfit for purpose the house of parliament building is.
  9. After all the hype over this series, I must say I was a bit underwhelmed. Will give it another couple of episodes, but if it doesn't improve ..........
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