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  1. Yes, says on the RFL site - "They have already submitted an expression of interest in joining the tier four Southern Conference competition that will be launched in the spring of 2019 – one of 14 expressions that have already been received. At this stage there are no plans for them to be replaced in Betfred League 1 in 2019, meaning the fixture list is being drawn up for an 11-team competition."
  2. Just a bit on the news, apparently 60% of Italians said they would vote to leave the EU if given a referendum.
  3. Whatever you do, don't watch this film ….?
  4. Is there anywhere on the interweb that you can watch the Donny - Town game ?
  5. Anyone know which teams played in the semis and the final And who won?
  6. Like you I didn't think much of it for the first few episodes and was going to stop watching, but I stuck with it, and believe me it slowly creeps up on you. Wouldn't miss it now.
  7. Are the BBC still using the cartoon rugby league players to promote / introduce the Challenge Cup & Internationals? They must be five or six year old as well. Both Sky and Beeb could do with giving their RL 'intros' an update.
  8. Now I might have got the wrong end of the stick, but I bumped into a chap on Saturday at one of the games, and whilst putting the world to rights he asked if I had heard the latest from last weeks Community Conference. (I've never actually heard of the community conference.) He said he has been told by someone that was there (Chinese whispers ?) that in 2019 it is being considered scrapping several leagues, mainly from the midlands and south, and having all the clubs in two 'large pots', one of premier league teams and one of 1st Div/Merit teams. He said that because of complaints from clubs about the lack of games - some teams in some leagues are only playing six games per season, (three home x three away) - and the idea would be for clubs to arrange their own games with each other, (probably from their own current league teams, and also nearby ones), thereby having the flexibility to have as many or as few games as they wish. I can see quite a few flaws in this suggestion. I have 'done a google' but found nothing mentioned anywhere. Has anyone else heard anything along these lines, or was he just winding me up?
  9. 1950's & 60's movie heart throb Tab Hunter.
  10. Pity about MK and Bristol, but good on St Albans and Bath, both teams willing to travel to get a game.
  11. Search rugby sound effects - " Rugby union match in progress, crowd reaction with lots of quiet periods. "
  12. That was the original suggestion, an eight team league, but at last weeks meeting Luton and Kings Lynn elected to go into the 1st Div (not sure with who else though.) Not sure where Hemel B will be playing.
  13. Been told that East Rugby League are running a premiership and div 1 this season. Teams in Prem - St Albans, St Ives, Brentwood, Bedford, North Herts and Milton Keynes. No idea who is in Div 1.
  14. This is just a rumour but I have heard that there will be no CLS leagues this season. I have been told that Hemel 'A' (basically Hemel second team) have applied to play in the London Premier in 2018 with a third team, a Hemel community team, playing in the East Premier. Apparently eight teams have been invited to play in the East Premier league this season. It had been suggested that each team play each other once then the league splits in two with top four/ bottom four playing each other again, to give more 'even' games. A regular season of ten weeks, plus league cup, and play offs would give a club a season of about 14 -16 weeks.
  15. Bit of good news from the City AM site - " Britain has been crowned the best country in the world for business in 2018 for the first time ever, even in the face of uncertainties around Brexit, according to Forbes' annual ranking. The UK took the top spot out of 153 nations and jumped up from fifth place last year, scoring particularly well on technological readiness (fourth) and the size and education of its workforce (third)." http://www.cityam.com/277807/uk-has-just-been-named-best-country-business-2018
  16. Talk about muddying the waters, The Guardian is reporting that the Germans are making contingency plans for the collapse of Europe. A leaked document to Der Spiegel says that the German government are so worried about the way the EU is going that they have outlined several scenarios that could possibly happen before 2040. The 'good' scenarios give a Europe where, in various degrees, there is no turmoil and no wars, where everyone lives in harmony. The 'bad' scenarios talk of the US and China locked in an economic war with the EU, more countries leaving the EU and some east European countries joining Russia in a kind of East EU. It also reported something I never heard about, that since the EU ordered the mass privatisation of Greek assets, Chinese money has poured into Greece, buying the whole container port of Piraeus and in August signing billions of euros worth of investment deals with Greece. One Greek MP even said that Greece's future is now with China, and not the EU. Just found a link to the online version of this article - HERE
  17. Its hard to find out exactly home much the UK pays each year to the EU, and how much we get back in rebates and contributions as both sides seem to 'adjust' the figures to suit their own agendas, but I found this in the House of Commons Library site quoting figures from a UK Statistics Authority report - The UK made a net contribution to the European Union of roughly £156 million a week in 2016/17. The UK's gross contribution to the EU budget in 2016/17, before the application of the rebate, totalled £16.9 billion or around £325 million a week. But, as the UK Statistics Authority pointed out during the referendum campaign, the Treasury pays the UK's contributions to the EU after deducting the value of the rebate. The rebate in 2016/17 was £4.8 billion. Subtracting this from the gross contribution gives a figure of £12.1 billion. A further subtraction of the EU's payments to the UK public sector gives the final figure of £8.1 billion, or about £156 million a week. The precise amount of money the UK sends to the EU is 'difficult' to calculate. European Union payments that are made directly to the private sector, such as universities and research organisations, are not included in the Treasury's figures and therefore not reflected in the estimate of £156 million a week. The UK organisations that receive this money directly from the European Commission, aprox £1billion per year, or just under £2 million per week also includes funding for research and innovation as part of the Horizon 2020 programme, and money for education, training, youth and sport through the Erasmus+ scheme.
  18. Once again, just like pre Brexit, different groups putting their own figures forward to suit their stance. Just been mentioned by one commentator on Euro News that UK exports to EU are less than 40% of the UK's total export market. Then came across this list of the top 15 countries that the UK export to in 2016 (which says its 50%) - `From a continental perspective, 50% of UK exports by value are delivered to European trade partners while 23% are sold to Asian importers. United Kingdom ships another 17% to North America but just 2.6% to Africa ......` United States: US$66.5 billion (14.5% of total UK exports) Germany: $46.4 billion (10.1%) Switzerland: $32.2 billion (7%) China: $27.4 billion (5.9%) France: $27 billion (5.9%) Netherlands: $26.6 billion (5.8%) Ireland: $25.5 billion (5.5%) Belgium: $17.8 billion (3.9%) Spain: $13.1 billion (2.8%) Italy: $12.9 billion (2.8%) United Arab Emirates: $10.3 billion (2.2%) Hong Kong: $9.6 billion (2.1%) South Korea: $7 billion (1.5%) Saudi Arabia: $6.7 billion (1.5%) Sweden: $6.6 billion (1.4%)
  19. Recommend the four part series 'Inside the Commons' from BBC2. Just finished this week but available on I-player. Filmed over the course of a year with unparalleled access to the House of Commons. Interesting and an eye opener as it follows mp's, civil servants and 'ordinary' people who work there. What struck me was how little power individual mp's have unless part of the cabinet/shadow cabinet and how unfit for purpose the house of parliament building is.
  20. After all the hype over this series, I must say I was a bit underwhelmed. Will give it another couple of episodes, but if it doesn't improve ..........
  21. Re what JohnM says above, I saw this view of a policeman that was at Hillsborough, from another site. I cannot link to that site, but hope its ok to cut and paste some of what he said in the article here - I have considered carefully what I want to say here about Hillsborough. The media coverage over the past few days, comments in the House of Commons and the suspension of the South Yorkshire Chief Constable all persuade me to post my thoughts. I was a Constable, Sergeant and Inspector in South Yorkshire Police and served 17yrs before leaving to run a family business. I was there on the pitch at Hillsborough when the tragedy occurred working as a PC in a public order serial which had been called into the ground when the shout went up for assistance. I witnessed the lack of command. The almost complete radio silence from the control room at the ground and the ridiculous decision to line up our serial in front of the Notts fans thinking it was a pitch invasion whilst people at the Leppings Lane end were in obvious trouble. I broke ranks at that moment with other officers and began helping the injured from the pitch because it was obvious that senior commanders were not reacting to the situation as they should have been. There is no doubt in my mind that poor policing decisions and orders led to the deaths that day and it comes as no surprise that those in charge tried to deflect the blame. The culture in the force at that time was demonstrated in person by the majority of the Chief Superintendents and senior Command team. I have never come across a more arrogant, pompous and unlikeable group of individuals. They had absolute power over their Divisions (Districts now) and were completely unaccountable. What they said went and they were completely but mistakenly self assured in their ability. That it took so long to discover the depth of the cover up from the then Chief Constable Peter Wright to the Chief Superintendents and those under their direct command is no surprise to me as no one would have dared to speak out. What does offend me however is the headline in todays edition of “i” which screams ROTTEN TO THE CORE. Well that's not true either. The huge majority of officers on duty that day did just that – their duty. They helped where they could, used initiative when the chain of command failed and should be commended for their work. And the fans – yes like all football crowds some of their number were intoxicated. I know because I saw it and we were confiscating beer from vehicles all morning. A huge haul of trays of lager and beer cans which had been brought to drink before the match. This was nothing unusual. This was the culture at the time and the reason fans were penned in like sheep at all grounds. Their behaviour in the previous decade had necessitated separation because of continued violence. So to say the fans had no responsibility is also wrong. Perhaps on the day the fans did not contribute directly to the 96 deaths but as a group their general behaviour over previous years had led to the point of wire cages on terraces. Yes, let the people responsible face the music. Yes let Chief Superintendent Duckenfield and his immediate team be called to account but please don't call South Yorkshire Police rotten to the core. It wasn't then and I don't believe it is now. Andy Frith, Doncaster.
  22. Wow ..... can't say why, but that is one great photo.
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