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  1. I wonder if these figures will be the ones to tip some fence sitters away from Call Me Dave and the Stay vote? Net migration to the UK hit 323,000 last year, leaving the Government’s pledge to get the figure below 100,000 yet again in tatters. Figures released by the Office of National Statistics today showed that in the 12 months to September 2015, 617,000 migrants came to the UK – up 2,000 on the year before Over the same period, 294,000 people left the UK – a drop of 29,000 on the previous 12 months. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2016/02/25/net-migration-cameron-eu-referendum_n_9314140.html
  2. Thanks for clearing that up HRL, as I said, I couldn't see what would be gained by a team of semi pro's playing in a league against fully amateur teams. Maybe some confusion over Hemel having an A team and an East League side. Maybe the East League side could call themselves The Bucks or the Antlers or something else Stag related.
  3. And now the Dutch want a referendum and the Czechs want to leave the EU ..... according to the Express http://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/646796/Dutch-voters-in-out-EU-referendum-Brexit-contagion-fears-Brussels-Jean-Claude-Juncker
  4. There was a documentary about him last year on the telly. What a career he had.
  5. It's confusing - well to me anyway, but on the radio a short while ago there was a report that said that if Cameron gets his reforms granted and then goes to the country in a referendum, a German socialist MEP (Mr Schultz??) has said that after the referendum, the EU would vote to ratify the changes and his party will use their veto and the reforms will not go through anyway. If this is correct, then what's Cameron playing at, pursuing something that he knows (or suspects) will not get passed through the EU.
  6. I've been 'told' (so not sure if it's true or not) that that the Hemel 'A' team will be made up of the remaining Hemel squad that are not playing in their League 1 first team that weekend. Can't see the benefits that a 'A' team with a hard core of semi pro players would bring to the East League. Wouldn't it make more sense for them to play in the Conf League South like Coventry 'A' and All Golds 'A' are doing?
  7. That northern weather, coming down here, taking our clouds. Don't they know there is a desolate wasteland (called the Midlands) between the north and south to stop this sort of thing.
  8. I know, not an English name amongst them, how very dare they
  9. Whilst channel hopping I came across a discussion on one of the 'other' news channels. Group of financial big wigs talking about if UK does leave the EU, and then Scotland leaves the UK to stay in Europe what would happen. One of the few discussions that everyone agreed, all saying that given the state of North Sea oil and other factors, it would be a disaster for Scotland financially if they left the UK and relied on the EU to make up the shortfall.
  10. Not the BBC but this mornings Sky news sports feature was the six nations and 'women's rugby. Only ever mentioned 'rugby' but all references were about union. There was a young woman - player or ex player - being interviewed and when asked why 'womens rugby' has taken off and getting popular said "it's because it is being covered and mentioned on tv and the press, and money is being spent to promate it - so I guess that's womens rugby league finished then!!!
  11. I can see the Germans getting really cheesed off with Mrs Merkel if this kind of thing continues - http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/637276/Johannisbad-baths-Rainer-Kallweit-Zwickau-Saxony-Germany
  12. I think Mr Fallon is getting a bit mixed up. On the news he announced the formation of these Rapid Reaction Units to be deployed 'all over the globe to combat Isis', and also said they would be used to bolster the British police in times of terror attacks, but as GS says, he already has them. Think you are right.
  13. I know this is about the Paris shootings, but moving a bit closer to home, over the weekend John Reid, ex- home secretary, said that if this government make a forecast 20% cut in front line police officers in their spending review on Wednesday, there would be less front line officers in the whole of England & Wales than the number that France sent into Paris to deal with the latest terror attacks. But not to worry, Michael Fallon has announced the formation of two 'Rapid Reaction' Military units to bolster the Police in a terrorist attack. When pushed on the time scales for the formation of this unit he skirted around the question saying work was already under way. Sky News later reported they have been told that these units won't be fully functional until 2025!!
  14. Just on the news, President Hollande is to ask the French parliament to give the government the power to strip the citizenship from any French person proven to be involved in terrorism against France. Could that be the way to go in this country - if someone goes to, say, Syria and it can be proven an involvement in terrorism, then you lose your passport and citizenship and can't get back in.
  15. On one of the news programmes it said that seven 'very creditable' terror attacks on the UK mainland had been thwarted this year by the police and security services, then went on to say that home secretary Theresa May's 20% cut to the police budget must have some effect on security as police numbers are now 15000 below what they were in September 2009. (According to Wikipedia, the UK has aprox 129,000 mainly unarmed police, whilst France has aprox 220,000 mainly armed officers.)
  16. I was just thinking that myself. On the London website it says they have only lost 2 games in the last three seasons. Unfortunately I am not sure what they can do, there is no higher league in London/South East that they can go into, and I would think they would say that playing in the Conf League South involves too much travelling.
  17. Like you, I've only seen Beds and SW Chargers play, and any team that beats them will have to be a good 'un. I'll go for a Beds - SW London final with SW London running out the winners, although I would like to see Bedford win it to get a new name on the trophy.
  18. On the AOL UK site this morning their 'daily poll' was 'If a referendum were held tomorrow to quit the European Union, which way would you vote? I'd vote to stay in the EU 24% I'd vote to leave 69% I'm undecided 7% Total votes so far: 7677 Thought it would be much closer. (Edit. Sorry about the pink lines, I blame the EU.)
  19. "More than 4,000 people have died within six weeks of being found “fit for work”, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has revealed". http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/08/27/benefits-death-claimants-welfare-ids_n_8047424.html?utm_hp_ref=uk&ncid=webmail1
  20. I have seen both South West London Chargers and Bedford Tigers play a few time this season, both are good teams (I would even say that SW London should be playing at a higher level). I think I would expect to see one of these teams in the final.
  21. Wow ..... can't say why, but that is one great photo.
  22. Wow and wow again. Some really good photos on this thread.
  23. Two totally different photos and yet both very good - I really like them.
  24. If you like watching stupid people hurt themselves, then CLICK HERE
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