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  1. In "A People's Game: The Official History of Rugby League 1895- 1995", author Geoffrey Moorhouse describes how Sunderland, when Manager of Wigan in the late 1930's, treated black winger, Roy Francis: " Roy Francis of Wigan, Barrow, Dewsbury, Warrington and Hull, spectacular winger and afterwards an inspired coach, had to leave his first club because its new manager had no time for blacks, and was omitted from Risman's touring party because it was expedient to do without him while Australia operated a colour bar, as it did in 1946 and for many years after." It is widely believed that Sunderland’s background from a ‘White Australia Policy’ was behind the decision to ship him out Wigan.
  2. Props in the front row at scrums. Second rows where they should be and loose forward locking the scrum !! What happened??
  3. Was at this one. Always wanted to see the full game over again. Record set.
  4. Should be even better this time round with a bit more prep at centre. Broncos/Norths Devils been running him on the wing for the last 4 years. Got thrown in at the deep end against the Knights.
  5. Yeah, but what does he KNOW about Rugby League? ?
  6. Yeh but what does he know about Rugby League ?
  7. I agree with your second sentence. With all due respect, I’ll go with Trent Robinson’s and Shaun Wane’s opinion of him rather than yours.
  8. Herbie Farnworth in demand and Wane has got his eye on him. https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/teams/broncos/nrl-2020-brisbane-broncos-transfer-news-herbie-farnworth-trent-robinson-sydney-roosters/news-story/768da1d8dc8730f9bd2531975a886f41
  9. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_national_rugby_league_team
  10. Has been named in the Wales RL train on squad for Euro Championship and World Cup, so I would have thought that conversations have been had. Of Maori/Welsh descent.
  11. Herbie promoted to a starting spot in the centres, as expected with Staggs suspension. https://www.broncos.com.au/news/2020/06/01/match-preview-broncos-v-roosters/
  12. Great hit by Herbie https://www.facebook.com/132480940099139/posts/4507786999235156/
  13. Where do these journos get their info from?? Or do they just make stuff up? Family emigrated to Australia!! His family are still living in Barrowford. Herbie has done this off his own back since the age of 14. Back and forth until he got his break. Good luck to the lad, he deserves everything he’s worked hard for.
  14. Broncos and Rugby League to hold on to Farnworth...??? https://www.seriousaboutrl.com/english-winger-sought-after-by-5-nrl-clubs-29824/
  15. Is that the same Norths Devils who finished in 5th place in the final standings 2019 ??
  16. I’ve dug out a bit of info from Feb last year. Sent to me from someone close to the club......”Herbie has clock 9.8m per second week before last.The fastest time this season at the club. then last week he up the stakes by clocking 10m per second the third fastest recorded in the NRL from this and last season. He will get stronger and faster....”.
  17. So where does that leave all the players that are not Lancs or Yorkshire? You might not have noticed but, Rugby League is not confined to’The Pennines’ these days. What about Cumbrian lads, London products etc ??
  18. The reason I picked up on the Evalds reference that you made, was because I remember speaking to Brian Foley (Wigan) about him. He told me that he was an extremely talented player, but there were too many fullbacks in the Wigan system ahead of him. Therefore, moves were made to find him an alternative club. Hence the move to Salford. I accept that he developed further at Salford, but, he was a Wigan project. So you are very wrong in saying his professional development had nothing to do with Wigan.
  19. Signed on a Wigan scholarship in 2006 https://www.brighouseecho.co.uk/sport/wigan-swoop-to-sign-schoolboy-players-1-797183
  20. Salford had nothing to do with Evalds development as a young player. He was a product of the Wigan Academy system.
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