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  1. It’s an option and details of child will be needed before child’s ticket is issued. Most U16 season tickets are subsidised in RL nowadays I only paid £30 each for my 2 kids last season, think other clubs were cheaper some clubs were giving them away without the need of purchasing an adult ticket. This season I’ve paid £250 for my season ticket got kids free. Know loads who are purchasing season tickets who haven’t had them for years or at all, good times ahead. Up the Trin
  2. Can be a frustrating player had plenty of potential, good lad though, seemed well liked wherever he played. Up the Trin
  3. Looking forward to next season can’t wait. Up the Trin
  4. We’re struggling to put a quality squad together at short notice so I’m happy with the duel reg with Wigan. It’s not embarrassing in my opinion. Up the Trin
  5. Good interview on Radio Leeds this evening, all sounds good. Up the Trin
  6. We will still be self sufficient, full time, elite academy and running a reserve team. Because we’re late signing players duel reg with the strongest deepest squad in SL will help. Up the Trin
  7. The away shirt hasn’t been officially released, you’re looking at leaked images of the Scholarship/academy shirts so sponsors are different. Up the Trin
  8. I believe work started on Belle Vue more than 12 months ago. Up the Trin
  9. You’re probably not far wrong regards the squad, I expect funds will be channeled on off field IMG criteria making sure all boxes are ticked that we possibly can tick. Investing in things LED advertising boards etc gaining as many img points as possible. Regarding Miller he’s got 2 years left on a very lucrative contract he’s not going anywhere. You should have done what we did, gone down and get rid of unwanted high earners. Up the Trin
  10. What squad? We haven’t officially announced a squad yet. Up the Trin
  11. I was only joking, having a laugh at someone on here. I do anticipate a good enough IMG score though. Up the Trin
  12. Promotion is already confirmed IMG IMG IMG Up the Trin
  13. It’s not entitlement it’s IMG scoring. Up the Trin
  14. When the rules state that play off winners are champions then you are the best team in the league if you win the play off final. I’d prefer the league format of winning the league makes you champions because play off Rugby makes winning the league irrelevant.
  15. League table can lie, especially when winning it doesn’t make you champions. It’s all about the timing and management when play offs decide who’s champions.
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