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  1. it was even on his wikipedia page that on oct 1st he is expected to sign with the wakefield trinity wildcats
  2. of jamie malooney from the new zealand warriors. is he any good??
  3. why are crabtree and daryl griffen on that list. if there in the top 10 forwards in the world theres something wrong with rugby league.
  4. yeah malooney the new zealand warriors half back is a massive rummour to come to wakefield nothing can be announced till the beggining of october though so well see. i think it would be a great signing
  5. i think any club would take him hes still a top quality player and if he comes to wakefield like is seriously rumoured its exciting. wakefield are expected to name 5 new signings by next week one been jessie joe parker and another could be jamie maloney.
  6. to wakefield. this will be a massive blow to the quins who with dorn gone have no stand out leaders in the dressing room
  7. for the last two years ive been praying we would have got rid of him. its cheered me up knowing that our last year in super league i dont have to watch him play.
  8. by getting rid of sean gleeson and about time. salford are crazy for wanting him
  9. if bailey wants to go round swinging the elbows and he caught radford what does expect to happen he caught him clean with 2 elbows both should have been yellow carded both of them and bailey got away with it again its a joke to super league. baileys been getting away with it for years just glad radford caught him then bailey chickened out like the wimp he is
  10. wow just seen the tries from wakefield bradford 3 obvious forward passes in bradford tries and its not even like there only a little bit forward. whats the point in having line judges what do they get paid for. the ref is also in a very good position to call them
  11. im a wakefield fan but i full on agreed i went thats loyal support for you 12 game losing streak and the ones who were there today were loud but your chairman is so boring it took him half hour just to get out what he was saying
  12. would of been nice to say bradford deserved it but tbh nobody deserved anything in that game so poor all round the highlight of the game was leaving. wakefield just gave bradford it on a silver plate and im glad they took it.
  13. lol this is a funny thread this doesnt mean the end of wakefield both teams may somehow end up in superleague if harloquins go bust which is actually 50-50. wakefield finished 5th last year but there new criteria this time round so mate this threads a joke and you obviously no nothing about rugby but to be honest wakefield dont deserve a licence after today if you want to watch a team who just cant be bothered watch wakefield
  14. but you say point difference maybe two much to catch difference between wakie and cas atm is 62 i can see saints winning by 40 points easily cas confidence is on the dip so that would put there difference to lets say 22 but they will be quins by 16 i think which would put it to 38. i think wakefield will beat bradford and salford in total in both games by more than 40 (20 each game) and i think wakey are some how by a some mircle going to make it but least it makes it exciting aye. although it would be good to see the welsh side make it to the playoffs just for the game i dont see them beating a very solid hull kr side.
  15. and what about wakefield everyone forgets they have bradford ( 12 game losing streak) and salford who in my opinion are the worst team in super league this season soo yeah they also finish on 22 from what i can see soo id love to know how you could miss them out
  16. with how bradfords been playing and wakefield unlucky not to be closer to warrignton last week then i think wakefield 34 bradford 20
  17. whos making it boys i actually think it could finish 22 a piece for all 3 teams exciting finish
  18. was bored so i though why noy have a dig at widnes ha
  19. well done to hallifax to be fair i hope as a wakie fan if we lose our place in super league that hallifax take it instead of widnes cos if theres anything worse than a set loud mouth scouse its a set of fake wannabe scouser thinking there good like widnes do. last time i remeber you lot in super league you were sat at the bottom of the league fadding away to the national leagues were widnes always deserve to be . so fair play to halifax hope you get a spot in super league never thought id say that.
  20. i actually think that wakefield will make the playoffs if you look at the remaining fixtures wakefield warrington (h) L bradford (a) W salford (a) W castleford Quins (h) W saints (a) L crusaders saints (h) L hull kr (h) L this would put all teams on 22 but i do believe if wakefield do not get smashed by warrignton there points difference will be better
  21. minus every game but leeds and castleford and wakefield have the 6th highest attendence in super league
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