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  1. Good appointment, will appeal to the French Canadians and whilst maligned by some on here, is well respected by many within the game. Pleased for Laurent, he’s a good guy
  2. He could have a year out the game and he'd still be an improvement on the dross Canterbury have atm
  3. I'm not sure he can read, let alone read a room
  4. There’s also a nice McLaren and Lamborghini dealership there too now, by the park and ride and opposite the Amazon warehouse. I just couldn’t make my mind up which car I wanted ?
  5. This. I understand the Rhinos are involved in discussions with the council and LUFC on training ground at Matthew Murray. It may see them move from Kirkstall
  6. Hopefully they'll create a stand which can accommodate people who are larger than midgets to sit down in
  7. Johnson was excellent today. His problem is his inconsistency and he’s been relatively poor more often than not in the past year. The weight of expectation means he gets criticised probably unfairly but he’s set such high standards that people expect that level of performance from him regularly. I think it’s taken him a while to gel at Sharks, and find the right combinations (other than Nikora who he hit it off from the start). He also seemed to link up well with Mulitalo but his enigmatic style can be difficult for others to read and often his teammates haven’t been on the same wavelength as him. Hopefully things are beginning to click for him now
  8. Why on earth would Wigan be interested in Russell? He’s very average
  9. Cas have had interest in their ground for housing. In fact I think they reached outline agreement with Ben Bailey homes just before the credit crunch which kyboshed that plan. I think the problem was the money they’d get for the land was going to be used to pay off the clubs debts to Jack Fulton’s family and it wouldn’t leave much for any new ground
  10. Yes but that’s not intent on making a play at the kick. In effect it’s rewarding a poor kick and as I said, if that becomes the norm then kickers will end up just kicking it into the defender to get a repeat set of 6
  11. The defensive line will naturally move forward to engage. That’s not intent to play at a kick
  12. Parramatta are looking very impressive though, although they’ll be sweating on Moses injury. Their spine is excellent, it’s been together a few years now and you can see how well they complement each other. Together with some handy outside backs and a mean front row of Campbell-Gillard who’s playing as well as ever and Paulo who looks transformed. I’ve been really impressed with him, i didn’t think he’d cope with the increased aerobic nature of the game but he’s been fantastic
  13. Best team won and Canberra still have plenty to work on. They look very clunky. Not a lot of go forward either. Papalii is the only stand out prop and he’s not at his best. Too many players appear out of form including Hodgson, whilst CNK and Wighton haven’t had much impact. Scott has been very poor. I wonder how much punishment Horsburgh will get for flicking the bird. It was a shame it ended that way for him, I really like him as a player
  14. Is it intent though? I thought it was a poor call and opens up a can of worms in situations like that. He’s moving up with the defensive line and turns his back so can’t even see where the kick is going. That is not intent when you cannot see. It rewarded a poor kick. If that becomes the rule moving forward, you’ll just have players deliberately kicking the ball into the defensiveless player to get 6 again
  15. I was pleased for him because he also bombed one earlier on in the game, although Niu did pass it too soon. I’ll be interested to see if he stays (and Fifita for that matter)
  16. I don’t particularly rate Croft. I would go with Dearden and Milford. But the whole spine is an issue. They don’t have a quality hooker, although Turpin has looked good at times and the full back position is still a problem. They have no continuity. I like Niu but he’s a very similar style player to Milford. I think Dearden and Turpin will offer them control but they need more leaders. I’ve never got the hype about Glenn and the only other experience they have is Boyd and a guy who’s just come back from a long stint in union
  17. I wonder if they’ll be playing in Euro XIII
  18. Apologies if it’s a case of mistaken identity............we’ve had that many of these threads started about Salford and their stadium, it can be hard to keep track. Salford are in no more a vulnerable position than Wigan or Hull FC, in fact they’re probably in a stronger one
  19. The OP has a history of scaremongering and stirring things up regarding Red Devil’s and their stadium so I wouldn’t worry too much
  20. I have to finally admit that I think Ryan Hall is well past his best now. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt as I really wanted him to succeed in NRL but he just looks a shadow of his former self. I thought he was on the wane in his final season at Leeds and then the ACL and he just doesn’t very mobile now or confident
  21. Have those injuries been confirmed as ACL season ending ones? I wasn’t convinced Radley’s was. Usually if you do tear your Anterior cruciate, you’re in agony and can’t walk or put any weight on it. That wasn’t the case with Radley, it looked like it could’ve just been a sprain of the ACL or a medial ligament damaged. Fingers crossed anyway
  22. It’s behind a paywall, do you have any more details?
  23. Nonsense. I work in Huddersfield and there is parking and I always walk from the town centre to the ground, it’s not far at all. Given only Wigan and Huddersfield bid for it, I’m very happy it was the latter, particularly if the much vaunted town centre development plans materialise, which will make a big difference and an attractive place to visit
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