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  1. For those not in the know, St Helens have been supporting lots of grassroots development in Cornwall in recent years - schools have been playing and the Rebels have been looking at setting up satellite youth clubs. That said it’s in its infancy and some way from supporting a professional club
  2. Most northern clubs will fly from MAN or LBA to NQY, far more efficient. Their biggest challenge will be getting the quality of player to play for them and locate themselves down there. They’ll have to get the chequebook out. There is plenty of good grassroots development going on in Cornwall in schools etc but it’s a long way off providing a player pathway to a professional club
  3. They won’t be rugby league fans then
  4. My understanding was that the Eagles kept ancillary revenue from gamedays under the agreement
  5. Interesting suggested change. The stadium does need investment because it looks tired, even the corporate areas. Hopefully it’s not a bad deal for the Giants
  6. Can any of our French friends advise if the Dragons would get financial incentives for doing this - ie. from the Marseille mayor?
  7. Really good signing that, think he’ll go well in SL. I’m surprised he never played more in NRL
  8. Exactly...........he's a typical Hull FC signing
  9. The only way I could see this working is if the NRL went along the 2 division route, with all Sydney based clubs in one and the rest in another. It would make sense then, but not in any other model
  10. That’s hard Labour for you. Do the crime, serve the time!
  11. I can’t see it. Hemel are happy being an amateur side, it suited them. Very much doubt they’ll look to go pro again. Be interesting to see where they base themselves though
  12. Agreed but I wish people would stop quoting £40m vs £25m because the deals aren’t like for like and there’s plenty of additional value in the £25m deal. Maybe less than the £40m but just quoting those 2 figures is misleading
  13. As a wise person once told me, beware the wrath of a scorned woman
  14. Whilst I think the Rabbitohs made a mistake not giving Reynolds a longer contract than a year, I would be wary about throwing money at Walker. He'll be 33 by the time the 2023 season starts and no guarantees he'll still be in the same sort of form. I would be looking at offering him a 1 year deal with a further year extension linked to performance
  15. Correct. You only need to look at the lack of community clubs to see there isn't a high level of interest in the city
  16. Done deal..........rumoured that Catalans made a late bid for him too, which seemed a bit strange
  17. Disagree. Toulouse has stronger foundations than you suggested here
  18. Is that because his culinary expertise extends further than putting a few shrimps on the barbie?
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