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  1. And I would agree with you Harold. If I were to make a comparison to the business world, in the NRL he was like an employee in a large corporation, where he did very well in his position but had great support networks who looked after all the other functions of the business. Coming to the Leeds team, he has joined a small company where everyone has to muck in and he has to lead on multiple fronts and in multiple different functions of the business. People from large corporations who are used to such environment often struggle moving to smaller organisations where they have to wear many hats and get their hands dirty without all the wider operational support they enjoyed previously. * I am not saying Leeds are a small company or Penrith/St George a large corporation. But the make up of their respective playing sides at present are the analogy
  2. It would likely have to be even earlier if those who wished the final to be played in May again
  3. I think the facts are that 4 Cumbrian teams got invited, 1 is participating. HTH
  4. Nothing like bringing facts into it. So Cumbria hasn’t been forgotten.....
  5. Quite a turnaround for Michael, really pleased for him. It looked like his career was heading for the oblivion like Uate but he’s dug in and deserves the new deal. He was excellent for Tonga recently too
  6. I’m still trying to find the link that Toronto are trying to setup an academy in the north west to recruit from the same pool as other SL clubs............one of us might get there one day
  7. I’m a bit confused...........I haven’t seen anything successfully shoot the clock in 35 seconds, so how do they expect it will be done with 5 seconds less?
  8. I don’t for one minute think Valentine was worse off during this year. He was heavily involved with Nike as his sponsor so I’m pretty sure they compensated him sufficiently
  9. Similarly, as much as I’d be keen to get Leeming, I’d be gutted to lose Trout who i thinks got immense potential.
  10. Very true but I still think it’s a bit of a risk both for the length of contract and the value of it. It shows how desperate North Queensland are
  11. I wonder how much he’s getting paid.........will he be as good as he was before his 12 month holiday?
  12. I’m inclined to agree with this, even as a Leeds fan. Walker’s development has plateaued a bit, in part due to a season disrupted with injury. This season is a big one for him, although he still has plenty of time to develop his other attributes. What he does have is a good turn of pace, bravery, and footwork but he is somewhat limited - his passing game leaves a lot to be desired, particularly under pressure and he doesn’t have a kicking game. So I agree Welsby has a better all round game at the moment. There are a number of full backs in the league which lack the all round game now expected of top full backs, including England hopefuls Shaul, Evalds and McIntosh.
  13. Who saw that coming? Almost everyone, as soon as he left
  14. If you read it, you’ll see it’s being played in the Thunderdrome
  15. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/two-cameroon-internationals-get-chance-in-australia/ Two young Cameroon players have been given the chance to join Australian side Cooma Stallions on a two-year training programme. The club, situated on the south coast of New South Wales and formed in 1971, were group 16 premiers in 2017, will also offer help and support to the African country.
  16. https://www.rugbyleagueplanet.com/canada/canada-s-inaugural-east-vs-west-thunderdome-rugby-league-game-all-set Canadian rugby league’s equivalent to an All-Star game, or perhaps even a State of Origin of sorts, is all set to make its debut on the sport’s calendar in 2020. Canada Rugby League Association’s (CRLA) very first East versus West match will be played in Toronto in January.
  17. They are both better than what you have in the prop and hooking department
  18. Futtocks please amend the title - this isn’t a test and it’s England Community lions u16 and not England u16
  19. Fantastic news............it seems that article has disappeared but will hopefully be back
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