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  1. In recent times the Bulldogs have adopted the Penny Arcade song written and sung by Batley born, and supporter Sammy King.
  2. RIP Trevor..A very nice man. A great stand off, signed from Leeds. Was Terry Gorman at Scrum half with him? He played in my very early days watching at MP. Condolences to all his family.
  3. Not rich!..and I have got ties! maybe senile? However I am really looking forward to a weekend in the sun watching the lads beat Toulouse,
  4. commiserations to Featherstone... In my opinion the way halifax, and in particular ben black was playing in the last 20 minutes making yards at every play the ball, and playing with such confidence. whatever decision was made in the golden point would not have made any difference. well done featherstone for a remarkable season.
  5. Well thanks to you lot our season will end on sunday -_- i suppose i will have to make a trip to P.O.R to see some rugby. All you needed was ONE point...
  6. well lets hope that Leigh win easy by at least 12 points on Thursday.. doubt it though.
  7. just my opinion. Catalans and Toulouse should be left to play in France....with their fellow french clubs. They add nothing to our game. They bring no supporters over to the uk so why should the rfl tollerate, and support it ? English Rugby League deserves more back from our french frends, i believe it is just one way traffic.
  8. Could i congratulate Featherstone players officials and supporters, for your achievement. it was your day yesterday well done. on a side note the you tube video proves that the saxton try was clearly onside when he scored in the second half.the game is all about opinions as we all know, but to say that it was the lack of penalties we got made a difference is very harsh in my opinion. Up until the final whistle the result could have gone either way. I really believed the game breaker was when ian Preece failed to trap the ball just before half time, and you scored from it.I would add that Ian Preece has had a great season, and is a 110% player. Well done again unlikely now thanks to you lot , but it would be great to see you all again in the play offs.
  9. Bob you may be suprised. I have said before we NEED 3 points and Featherstone may NEED 1 point. see you sunday
  10. look we need 3 points, featherstone need 1........done deal i hope.
  11. surely the league winners trophy has gone to post office road ?
  12. does it matter? well obviously the players listen to him...NOT when he told them to go for 2 points to get the bonus point.....they did what they wanted. maybe the water was warm.
  13. my condolancies go to Carls family, A class player in his day and the Lance Tood Trophy winner at my very first Wembley in 1967 when I was wearing a Featherstone Rovers cap and rosette.
  14. well done featherstone another clinical performance. I just hope that we can do the same next thursday night on tv.
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