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  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery ernieone.
  2. Just a bad day at the office. - We all have those ? Learn from it...and move on.
  3. To go away and win against ANY Widnes team is a fantastic achievement. Well done to Craig and all the lads.
  4. In my opinion Batley played better rugby before the sending off... What cost Barrow today was you very poor indiscipline, and will need to be addressed, as you have got a very good team. I was very impressed by the new Barrow community set up. See you all later in the season.
  5. What a brilliant performance. Well done to all concerned. In my opinion we played better Rugby when it was 13 v 13. 1. Tom Gilmore 2. Leaky 3. Blake
  6. In an "ideal" world Roger.
  7. Those two points we did not get last season cost us a trip to POR in the semi final.
  8. Some great deals from Manchester to Carcassonne on Ryan Air. Fly out Friday morning return Monday. Carcassonne is a fantastic place and just a short train journey of 45 minutes from Toulouse.
  9. 1.Tom Gilmore 2.Elliott Hall 3.Luke Hooley Every player in a Batley shirt did us all proud yesterday.
  10. Going for it this time plug...
  11. Tim wanted to leave us. He told me personally that "He wanted to play with his mates at Featherstone" He is a great lad, and always gave his all for us.
  12. Let us hope that Elliott Hall is playing on Sunday at Halifax, and in the play offs. He makes such a massive "Difference", and that is what we have needed recently. Look at our results without him in the team... He can score a try from nothing - a "Predator", Who was the last player we had at the Bulldogs who could do that? In my opinion Elliott needs to be accommodated somewhere in the team next season, and has been a tremendous asset for us this season, as his try scoring record shows. As they say ..You do not know what you had...until its gone,
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