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  1. Well that was really poor from Trinity Maybe they don’t fancy Sts in the semi
  2. Missing Fifita, Johnstone and Miller that makes all the difference in turning pressure into points
  3. oK, I don’t like it but Crowther has just come onto the field and his effort in defence on French was somewhat wanting allowing them to make the initial bust and then he failed to push across leaving room for Tommy to put Harvard through. Not good enough from him
  4. And with no disrespect to Lewis Murphy that’s the difference between having a more experienced strike finisher like Johnstone in the team and not having him. Wakefield would have been taking a conversion attempt but instead they concede to one of Wigans strike players it also has to be acknowledged that with Fifita, Miller & Johnstone playing, Wakefield would almost certainly have found a way over the line during that long spell of pressure
  5. When the game is deadlocked and you require that something special to break it or add that final nail in the coffin of your opponents chances it’s the strike players that make the difference. Wigan have most of their strike players available with just Marshall absent while Wakefield are missing 3 of their most dangerous individuals in Fifita, Miller and Johnstone. The game will be that little bit poorer for their absence but missing the chance of seeing Johnstone square up to Field in a foot race is the real regret.
  6. Let’s not ignore the absolutely quality pass that Young Cory Hall delivered to TJ for the first try. That’s a subtle Centres skill that is unfortunately all too rare in todays Centres.
  7. Tom Johnstone Played 117 matches, Scored 97 try’s Thats a great strike rate when playing for Wakefield
  8. I think we may see Welsby in one centre position, he’s been outstanding at Full Back but Wane will stick with Tompkins. Welsby played at Centre last year and was very good.
  9. If fit, Tom Johnstone should be the first name on Sean Wanes team sheet for England!
  10. Tom Johnstone again skinning half the Salford team in a scintillating break that started with him taking a kick, ankle tapped but Johnstone got the offload away and Lynne scores
  11. Poor mistake from the restart kick off and Salford reply straight away
  12. Tom Johnstone absolutely burns Ken Sio on the outside to break downfield, draw Brierly at Full Back and provide Miller with an easy run in
  13. Huge learning curve for Cornwall, no warm up matches and only enough players at the club to do the basics. Quite a few of the team have no experience with the play the ball and the 10 metre retreat etc, they’ll have to learn on the job and learn quick. It’s going to look very messy at times but if they go back and work on the areas exposed during each game they’ll improve from match to match
  14. They haven’t played any warm ups and have only had enough players to do the basics so far. It’ll be a massive learning curve for the first few games at least
  15. So you think neither Young or Numan have progressed since they were U15s! I doubt you even knew they existed when they were that age Also, do you not think that very good judges of talent and character have watched the likes of these two progress through the Academies? I’m pretty sure that those making a decision on squad selection will know a lot more about them than what they’ve seen on SKY
  16. All of their home games are free on Our League
  17. likely line up Couple of big units in the pack and a bit of know how sprinkled across the back line Liam Whitton Former Siddal player & Yorkshire Academy Rep Henry Symons 6’1” Ex England Universities team Dec Trerise 6’2” Cornish Rebels and County RU rep Josh Tora Royal Navy Rugby League rep Henry Aaronson Saddleworth Rangers & Ex England RL Uni player Matty Turton 6’2” Ex Leigh Miners Rangers RL player Joe Purcell Halton Hornets player Paul Bolger 6’5” 17st Luke Collins English born, Ex Balmain and North Sydney junior Anthony Mulally 6’6” 17st Ex Giants, Rhinos & Trinity Prop, Irish International Josh Hartshorne 6’4’ 16.5 st Ex Thornhill Trojans player Aaron Thomson Scottish born German RU rep Jake Lloyd Former Leigh Miners player Played for BARLA British Lions Chris Chard Army Rugby & RL player Sam Gilder Ex England & South West Uni Hooker Kyle Johns Ex Sweden Union 7s player Jack Wray Former Oulton Raiders and Army Rugby League Rep Sam Snell 6’2” Ex Union forward Jeremy Collings
  18. 5 years ago Young was playing for Dewsbury Moor u15s
  19. He’s doing better than both at the moment
  20. I’ve said before, I favour an attacking team that will test the best of defences. If Farnworth is in one centre then who do we have to contest a place in the other. Percival Welsby Newman Wardle Lyne King Gildart Hardaker Connor Griffin Sarginson
  21. I thought he was a Warrington player, certainly reffed the game like it!
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