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  1. Welcome to our world. As a North Wales Crusaders fan I've travelled to all 3 Cumbiran Clubs, London Skolars, Newcastle and Llanelli in one season!! Thankfully shorter trips this year
  2. All home wins except Hunslet. Hoping Midlands will get the win, but not expecting it. No League 1 game at North Wales Crusaders this week but plenty of other games to go and watch North Wales Crusaders Wheelchair v Warrington Wolves Wheelchair Saturday 12:00 at Glyndwr University Sports Hall, Wrexham North Wales Crusaders Wheelchair host the Peacock Cup on Sunday from 10:30 at Glyndwr University Sports Hall, Wrexham North Wales Buccaneers Masters v Wigan St Judes Masters, Sarurday 14:00 at Rydal School Colwyn Bay
  3. Its never going to happen but an end of season top 4 League 1 vs top 4 Elite 1 would be interesting. The RFL aren't supportive of League One; if they were they wouldn't have cut the central budget by 60% or more and withdrew travel support the same season they introduced Cornwall!
  4. All home wins except for Swinton and Doncaster Game of the week will be Cornwall v WWR with a win for the Choughs If Crusaders carry on their form from last weekend it could see us beating Oldham but we've usually had close games with Oldhams so I'll go for Crusaders by 6 points only. Can Hornets do us a favour? I think Keighley will continue their good form too.
  5. In our previous ground in Queensway Wrexham it wasn't possible to operate under the Welsh Government covid restrictions. The facilities at Eirias Park are excellent, and theres really not much else in North Wales that could accommodate us at a reasonable rent AND allow us to make some money on bar sales and hospitality. While RU play through from September to May there will be a few clashes but we can cope with that. If the RGC regional team switch to summer I think the current arrangements would be over. I hope I'm wrong but thats my gut feeling.
  6. I disagree. It could have huge implications for North Wales Crusaders as RGC (the local regional Rugby Union team) and the WRU are senior tennant at Eirias Park and I doubt they'd think twice about turnfing us out should RU become a summer sport.
  7. RGC would get priority as the WRU have ploughed money into developing Eirias Park.... remember back to earlier this year when we played Hunslet in the Challenge Cup; we were turfed out because of the Wales v France U20s 6 Nations game and had to play in Caldy. The WRU and RGC would certainly have no qualms about taking Eirias Park of us in the summer should they decide to change to a summer season.
  8. It seems our end of season form continues from last year..... and the new players being introduced are buying into coach Anthony Murrays game plan. We've not looked at our best in all games but have still managed to hold out and win....but when everything clicks, its a thing of beauty.
  9. Just got back in from Doncaster on what was a superb display from North Wales Crusaders. When there were any errors they got back as a team and defended like Trojans. Some great attacking play too. I too was expecting a close result and was delighted to come away with 46 point, no injuries and be top of the league with 7 wins from 7 games. Looking forward to our friends from Oldham coming to visit Eirias Park next weekend.
  10. Wonderful to hear that the Wheelchair competition goes from strength to strength. Wales WhRL have been involved in discussions with Nederlands and Brazil Wheelchair teams - in fact North Wales Crusaders WhRL supplied Brazil with their playing shirts to get them started. It would be great to have LDRL and PDRL competitions in the World Cup too.
  11. I read somewhere that 5 of the 7 debutante youngsters that played last week had been recruited from Thatto Heath Crusaders.
  12. Ill go for a Midlands win too. They almost pipped us last week. Provided they play like they did against us I can see them beating Hunslet. Hornets win Doncaster v Oldham could be as close as a drop goal Cougars win North Wales Crusaders should go on to make it 6 wins in 6 games - need a big score to match Oldham to keep our points difference high - but WWR always seem to put in more effort for the Welsh Derby, but I can see past a Cru win.
  13. You'll beat quite a few teams this year. Some big powerful guys running up the middle and your centre (No 4) has a good offload too. Best of luck (except when we play you at your place, of course!)
  14. Yep......I'll take the win and two points all day. Hurricanes played well but Crusaders made far to many errors. Our set completion rate was woeful and we kept letting Hurricanes off-load. Hurricanes were well worth their lead at half time and thankfully we showed a bit more composure in the second half. Perhaps last weeks game against Swinton took a lot out of both teams.
  15. Unfortunately not the first time WWR have cried off due to lack of medical cover....this will result in a compliance fine from the RFL as well as a 48 - 0 win for Doncaster. Lets hope that at the end of the season promotion isn't decided on points difference as Doncaster may claim that they could have scored more, if the game had been played.
  16. Can Crusaders make it 5 from 5? The confidence is high, the fans are behind the team, we're at home, our coach will definitely NOT underestimate Midlands; we've come unstuck against them in their previous guise as Coventry Bears - but I think this years North Wales Crusaders are too strong for the Hurricanes. Crusaders win. Elsewhere: Hornets Doncaster Swinton Lions (although it could be very, VERY close) and Oldham
  17. After 35 he could have continued playing Masters Rugby League and probably got as much, if not more enjoyment from it.
  18. I started playing Masters Rugby League a couple of seasons ago, had a break because of the covid situation and started again last season. I'm now in Gold shorts (over 60) and don't received big hits but do get to participate in a fabulous social game. Long may it continue.
  19. I was at Swinton for the Top of the League clash. What an exciting game. Swinton threw the kitchen sink at us for 25 minutes and we had to defend multiple sets. Swinton had plenty of possession and territory but could not get past a resolute Crusaders defence. Two cracking Crusaders tries and a delicate drop goal was the very fine margin between the two sides. A really good advert for League 1. Swinton were excellent...but I'm so glad we won
  20. The issue is with the ownership of the website domain...the website has been designed by a company and we dont have ownership rights...thats about to change. A new website has been designed and is about to be launched and Crusaders will have ownership of the site and the content. The Supporters Trust are paying for the site to be set up. The Midlands Hurricanes game is on Sunday 24th April with a 2:30 kick off.
  21. I think you are spot on there. Our defence has to be resolute and I think we can will....it will be a nail-biter though! North Wales Crusaders...by 2 Other games Hornets Cougars Dons Hurricanes
  22. I was thinking "I hope that doesn't come back and bite him in the backside!"
  23. Was approx £75k last season - down to approx £20k this season - and no team travel expenses either.
  24. I think Crusaders took their foot of the gas and very quickly regretted it. Midlands have learned from that.
  25. I really hope it all comes together....although I'm a total Crusaders fan I've always enjoyed my visits to Skolars, particularly the Friday Night Lights. Very best of luck with rebuilding.
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