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  1. It was nice to see a few Swinton shirts in the recent Wales v Ireland and Wales v Scotland Wheelchair Internationals in Glyndwr University Sports Centre, Wrexham. Thansk for making the effor fellas. Originally it was hoped the games in Medway could have included the Celtic nations, but unfortunately it couldn't be accommodated. Best wishes to both England and France in the two games.
  2. It would never work. On the face of it I can see why you'd suggest it but for us RL Gogs from the North it would be the end of supporting a Welsh team....its 160 miles to Cardiff and no direct roads North to South...it would be far easier for us to travel to North West England to watch rugby league. As Bearman has pointed out our move to Colwyn Bay has made a huge difference to our attendance (the average is up by 250 to 590 this season) and we have some interesting links to businesses and sponsors we didn't have in Wrexham. We're already signing players for the 2022 League 1 season so we fully intend to compete.
  3. Wow, are you OK hun? It was meant to be a light hearted comment.....but I can't wait to go to the first all-French SL game now!
  4. I started as a fan, volunteered at our formative Wheelchair RL team, became a Trustee for the Wheelchair RL Charity, started a Supporters Trust for North Wales Crusaders and I'm now on the Board of Directors - all this happened because I, and a lot of like minded people wanted Rugby League to continue in North Wales when the Crusaders RL Super League franchise crashed. We gone from winning League 1 in 2013 and getting promoted to being 'restructured' out of the Championship because the RFL wanted less teams in SL and consequently less teams in the Championship...the budget that North Wales Crusaders set to remain in the Championship was consequently an anchor round our necks for 3 years. I can't remember one year in the last ten when we knew exactly what the League 1 competition would be - how many teams, would there be a League 1 Cup (and if so any prize money) how many home games, would we play home and away....every year has been a huge change and frankly I'm amazed that League 1 Clubs have manage to survive so far...but now we're threatened with a massive cut to our budgets, following a year where we've virtually been working full time to cope with Covid protocols....I'm astonished that the RFL could do this to Clubs that have worked so hard and managed to produce one of the most competitive seasons I can remember. If North Wales Crusaders did fold (and folks, thats NOT on our plans for 2022) I would become a casual fan, I already follow Catalans Dragons in SL .....but still carry on playing Masters RL, which I really enjoy after taking it back up at the age of 62!!
  5. Toulouse Olympique for me - purely so I can go to the first all-French Super League game between Catalans and TO XIII
  6. I'll be there....Catalans are my Super League team and have been since Crusaders RL folded. I wasn't sure we'd get rugby league in North Wales at the time so a few of us decided to bolster the UK support for Catalans (Catalans Dragons Supporters Group (Welsh Branch)), but we've been across to Perpignan a couple of time to watch them and to that wonderful Challenge Cup win. Allez les Dracs
  7. Well I called a close game between Keighley and Doncaster - and you couldn't get much closer!! I think this will be another tight game - maybe even a golden point game. I'll go with Workington, purely because they'll have their home support behind them.
  8. Who'd have bet on that at the beginning of the season! Massive congratulations to coach Anthony Murray and his coaching team Alan and Si, plus all the incredible players who have pulled on a Crusaders shirt this season. Mighty proud of my team
  9. I haven't read the whole thread so apologies if I've repeated anyones choice. One of my personal favourites is 'Dub Side of the Moon' by Easy Star All-Stars. The whole of Floyds "Dark Side of the Moon" done in dub reggae - it really is superb. And not a p ss take but a homage. Last week I heard this and fell in love with it:
  10. Just finished "Game of Thrones" George RR Martin - yes, I've watched the HBO TV series and started the books - so now I'm onto "A Clash of Kings" I'm also reading "Born to Run" by Bruce Springteen - hes an excellent writer and the book is probably the best rock autobiog I've read.
  11. Its nice to see that Cru get a mention in the OP but I don't think we'll be quite ready for the middle 8 by 2015! In fact we just need to be in the Championship at the end of this season in a position not to get dumped down again when 2 get demoted fro the current SL 2, go out of the Championship and maybe Toulouse comes in as well! I hope that 2 x 12, 3 x 8 goes ahead. I like the format and think it could sell well to broadcasters.
  12. 3 out of 4 Award in the Championship 1 Wales Crusaders; a reflection of the success and passion at the club. Very well don to Clive Griffiths leading the team to the Nothern Rail Bowl and League double. Congratulations to Jono Smith on Player of the year pushed all the way by Andy Moulsdale, another nominee in the same category. Tom Johnson was also nominated in Young Player of the Year. The accolade of Club of the Year is one for everyone at the club to enjoy from the CEO, the Directors, the coaching staff, the support staff on and off field, the groundskeepers, the volunteers and ballboys who help out on matchdays and the supporters who came through the turnstiles in their hundreds. So very proud to get this recognition.
  13. That smacks of censorship... Can't a club ask questions as to how one player gets a 3 match ban yet another doesn't even get penalised without having to fork out a grand for the privilege?
  14. Not that I'm aware of, but it could be worthwhile looking at his genealogy!
  15. Well done Dylan.. Last season when Crusaders played at London our fans were first amused by the "sponsored by Dylan Skee Fitness..." announcements, but by the end of that game we were thoroughly fed up of him!! He did become a Cru favourite though and ended up with us chanting "Dylan is a Welshman" . Congratulations on a fantastic season.
  16. Good to see more teams moving into the Championship 1. Welcome aboard; I hope your fans have as much fun as we have had this season.
  17. The way it was explained was SL1 play each other home and away, as do SL2 (including a Magic Weekend). This means each club plays 23 time. After this comes the 3 x 8 split. The top 8 take their existing points with them and play to become the Champion. Similarly the bottom 8 take their existing points and play to see who is relegated to the third teir (CH1). The middle 8 (SL1 9, 10,11 and 12 and SL2 1, 2, 3 and 4) play 7 games without their seasons points. The play 7games to decide who goes into SL1 and SL2 for the next season. The SL2 teams will have 4 from 7 home fixtures.
  18. All projections that were discussed were based on current Sky funding, however projections showed an increase in attendance and by implication TV viewers. It was reasoned that closed, competitive and more meaningful games would improve the game as a package to sell to broadcasters.
  19. One of the last questions - from a lady from the Huddersgield Giants I think was regarding this matter. One gentleman in attendance commented that if the proposed structure had been explained as fully as it was last night there may have been less vocal objection. The lady from the Giants asked if once the decision on the structure was confirmed would the RFL release a public document on the matter. The answer was yes.
  20. By the way about 45 to 50 people actually made the meeting. The RFL reason their arguments succinctly and were robustly challenged on occasion. Whilst we didn't get firm answers on all aspects of the Policy Review, I believe the answers given were honest and well reasoned. There are still many areas for further development and finer detail at least we know the emphasis is on the 12x2 changing to 8x3 after two rounds.
  21. I was at the meeting with 3 other reps from our Supporters Club. The rep from Hemel Stags asked whether the third teir (Championship One) would be a national league. The answer was a definite yes. He was concerned that a regional split would not give Hemel competitive games against the Northern Region Clubs. It was confirmed that the competition would be national. There may be some games that would not be home and away depending on how many teams they actually ended up with in the league and how many games were to be played in that league. If for example there were 14 teams but less than 26 games were to be played then there may be less games against your furthest opponent E.g. a London team may only play a Cumbrian team once a season.
  22. Well us North Wales Crusaders fans enjoyed ourselves anyway. 300 is not a bad turn out for a CH1 side from Wales. I think the competition has legs - it gives something for CH and CH1 clubs to play for - and only becomes irrelevant when you get knocked out! Keep on taking the miserable pills.
  23. I am happy you enjoyed your trips to Wrexham as we pride ourselves as being welcoming and friendly supporters. As for comments on moaning......from a Hornets fan!!.....pot....kettle......black.
  24. The McConnell try was a bit controversial but watching it back there was one frame where the tip of the ball was on the whitewash. Ian Smith dis ask for other camera angles but they were not really any use to him in making his decision. The one frame showed McConnell in control of the ball and it just touching the line. The Skolars Player was clearly held up by Reardon and at no time was there any evidence that the ball was grounded. I too am glad that Crusades won by a clear margin and it wasn't decided on a controversial call. Skolars will be a tough team to beat at their place and we will need to be at our best to beat them.
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