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  1. London sign PNG international Wellington Albert.
  2. The NCL wouldn’t want or have them.
  3. Wow that’s truly pathetic,maybe semi professional RL isn’t for them or they could come up to Cumbria and take lessons on how to run a club from the likes of Wath Brow & other NCL clubs who travel away every other week.
  4. But he did take an average team to the top of the league & within a whisker of a Grand Final win the year before. He did however lose the plot in the second half of last season but what little quality Wigan had he lost a lot of it,I’m not sure many coaches would have had success with Leneghan’s & Radlinski’s inept recruitment/retention policy.
  5. Leave the 4G for training on,it’s awful for real games.
  6. A northern game for northerners eh,got to love RL fans.
  7. Maryport,a holiday destination,who knew.
  8. Before my time but always thought the 62 Great Britain tour side was the strongest we’ve ever put out.
  9. Sheffield sign Kris Welham from Fev. Ona 1 yr deal.
  10. Hanley’s first spell at Balmain sums up the quality of the man,a team who looked to be fading from playoff contention despite containing Kangaroos greats Pierce,Roach,Elias,Sironen & Jack was transformed by his arrival as he took the Tigers on a winning run of sudden death rugby all the way to a Grand Final that was only stopped by a cowardly cheap shot by Terry Lamb.
  11. The 92 World Cup Final team was handy & if Andy Gregory had played in place of Fox I think we’d have won it. Lydon,Hunte,Connolly,Schofield,Offiah,Edwards,Fox,,Ward,Dermott,Platt,Betts,Clarke,Hanley Deveraux,Tait,Skerrett,Eyres
  12. Or the powers that be kill off League 1 and leave them a club to carry on their development.
  13. Interesting that he uses an AFL club as an example of why the Dolphins won’t be successful despite that AFL club being successful
  14. It’s certainly worth a try and it wouldn’t be much of a gamble given the poor attendances for a lot of the loop fixtures.
  15. Just because you don’t like the Dolphins doesn’t mean you have to make such rubbish up.
  16. Hearing Whitehaven have signed Kiwi fullback from Swinton Geronimo Doyle,don’t know anything about him but it’s a great name.
  17. Yeap,the bands across the chest with the sponsors logo on the blue would have looked a lot better for me.
  18. Don’t know but Whitehaven’s water polo team kick off this weekend
  19. Danny Kirmond signed on for another year at York.
  20. That’s poor,the white bee looks like it’s been stuck on as an afterthought.
  21. Lovely area,hopefully the flood defences have worked,not sure Glenridding can take another flood.
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