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  1. Manfred you disappoint me, I have totally agreed with 2 posts on Powell and Warrington I need to have a word with myself.
  2. Well done cas deserved winners hope you win the Cup now, also hope Powell brings some of his to Warrington next season.
  3. Powell has gambled by resting several players, last season Warrington did the same before losing to SRD, so it doesn't always pay off. It will be down to motivation and the coaches are key to that.
  4. Its also about styles of playing some teams nullify certain opposition, Warrington have done cats twice by getting in their faces in defence. So although have played well beating Saints and Wigan in consecutive games they are likely to unstuck against a Huddersfield who coach is good tactical wise or leigh who have shown they have a performance in them.
  5. I thought this was about the last 2 mins at cats wigan game
  6. Thats the problem with sport cats turn up with any overconfidence leigh could turn them over or run them close.
  7. Have you checked how long they have rented/sorted accommodation for 1 or 2 years?. Maybe a 1year with a another just in case.
  8. Why he's still a good coach(so is yours) probably should have made the decision at the of a season rather than beginning.
  9. Lineham back for wire, Cooper misses out and Philbin at prop, daz clark on bench, walker to start. Ratchford, lineham, Mamo, king, charnley, Austin, Widdop, hill, walker, philbin, currie, hughes, daves, subs, d clark, j clark, Akualo, mulhern.
  10. I'll trump your Tyrone Roberts with Roy Asotosi.
  11. Yes we only had 4 options for that position before GI was signed.
  12. If you look deeper its probably similar in percentage of players who fail or jump ship earlier. The weight of numbers will always be in the coming over here. I totally agree with your comments on some posters who probably mirror the media impression in Australia that its easy over here when in fact its a shock to their system when they play here. At Warrington the better results are from some unknown players like Hicks. But we have plenty of failures as well.
  13. They do spend on youth, so its not they have took money from somewhere else in the budget. They also recoup quite a lot from sponsorship deals etc.
  14. He will probably hang on till the end of the season just in case by accident Steve Price gets us to a final and give price one last chance to mess the selection up.
  15. Probably and Warrington seem better balanced without him. He's not a loss because we've never had him(fit).
  16. To be fair thats good news for Warrington, price will not have to mess the team up just to fit him in.
  17. I don't know but is it one particular club in the NRL who's players leave mid contract, and as a percentage we have a lot less going over there as to coming here. But Wigan have been targeted recently for nrl signings and a few have left early.
  18. With the regular signings from Wigan to Nrl clubs ending in early returns maybe nrl clubs would be better served looking elsewhere in the SL and not Wigan.
  19. 6 in modern times, but not enough. So apart from leeds, wigan and saints who has done better.
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