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  1. Probably a good thing. Saves recruiting a brand new team and getting hammered most weeks then going back down again, unloading those temporary hired hands, sacking another coach and then trying to recruit a new team for the following season. Who wants to watch their local club get whacked every couple of weeks? A mediocre season ( or seasons) in League 1 is (are) better than a nightmare few months in the Championship.
  2. You are not wrong. The club is a shambles and an embarrassment. It must be teetering on the brink of existence.
  3. Superb athleticism from Yaha. These spectacular touchdowns are becoming normal.
  4. Dennis Bets vocal cords seem to have improved. Has he stopped gargling with gravel in the morning?
  5. Better choice of position for the broadcast cameras tonight, it's usually in the huge stand opposite for both codes.
  6. I remember him at Fulham too, they had a big pack in those first two seasons with Ian van Bellen the crowd favourite but all were proper old school grafters. RIP.
  7. Thanks. I had both right knee cartilages removed around 1980, so I've had forty years of free of knee pain, but not anymore. Now on the injections. The GP won't put me on a replacement list until all other options are exhausted so I have a longish wait ahead. An alternative would be to go private, but I think the cost is around £15,000. If it meant walking or not walking though, I think I would get the money somehow as the thought of being immobile is terrifying, and I would do whatever I could to prevent that from happening.
  8. I had mine two months ago, immediately after posting on here, and it has worked amazingly well. Took a few days to notice any improvement, but then it worked it's magic and I haven't looked back. When it ceases to give any benefit, I'll book another. The GP will only put someone on the waiting list for knee replacement surgery when the steroid injections no longer work, so that might be a while yet. I can't reserve a place in the queue. There's a limit too for how many injections a patient should have in a 12 month period...I think it is three? As you say, steroid injections treat the symptoms and aren't a long term solution, but they have given me incredible relief from the pain and discomfort caused by the bones rubbing together, and I've got my exercise routine back on track.
  9. A tackle was made when the ball carrier was either floored or all forward progress was stopped, often one-on-one. A fast PTB ensued, or a quickly convened and executed scrum formed and play resumed in seconds. Today, the "held" call is when three defenders have swarmed a ball carrying attacker and have him totally wrapped up, and then a fourth comes flying in at speed and grabs any exposed limb and drives everyone to the ground in a monstrous heap of bodies. That's a "tackle" apparently. The defenders then grind the restrained attacker into the soil before they eventually all pull clear and retreat. The attacker wonders what kind of sport this is when four men push, pull and twist you and you can't propel them away, the referee won't call "held" as there's more beating up to do even though any forward progress has been impossible already, and your club is running out of players half way through a season because they are injured trying to survive these incredible brawls which now masquerade as "tackles". It wasn't always like this.
  10. I only caught the last few minutes, but the commentators mention a "party atmosphere" as did Leon P in the post-game analysis. What was that all about? Did the crowd play pass the parcel or musical chairs, or was there something else going on?
  11. There seems to be lots of small children in the crowd, did Salford do promotion similar to what Warrington did a couple of weeks ago? Well done to them if they did.
  12. It will be at the RLWC when England get penalised into oblivion because few if any of the SL based players correctly execute a legal PTB when every other visiting nation does it correctly.
  13. Enjoyed watching that. Loads of effort, good skills and some spectacular finishing. A bit of line dancing, acrobatics and gymnastics included too, what's not to like?
  14. I was thinking the same. Health and safety concerns or ground redevelopment?
  15. I prefer watching these Championship games to Super League televised fixtures. I can't be the only one. Games are authentic and not full of theatrics with players trying to pull the wool over the referees eyes, and commentary and analysis is far superior to the tired Sky output. A travesty that Sky historically hogged these fixtures every season and did so little with them.
  16. Yes, a team had to be proven to be consistently struggling over a few seasons to be considered for relegation. Finishing bottom for one season didn't bring the axe to fall.
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