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  1. I'd forgotten about that newspaper....wasn't it called Oldham Rugby News? Back in the early/mid 70s I was a (lottery) ticket agent for the club in Chadderton, going door to door selling sealed instant bingo cards which in turn got me free admission at Watersheddings. The guy in charge of commercial operations was a guy called Alan Taylor ( I think) and he was always coming up with new angles to raise money, a good guy it seemed. He would have been responsible for that newspaper in some shape or form. He had a little office in the old pavilion, next to the treatment room. There was a small room (alcove) tucked away under the main stand at the back near the tunnel that used to sell old club programmes at half time during games, and probably for a few minutes after the match too. I used to buy a handful every game, and to this day have no idea what happened to them as I moved to London and left them all behind. My mother probably slung them out after I stopped visiting the north west and that was that. It was a mighty collection and would have been worth a few bob, even back then. Memory Lane is a good place to revisit every now and again.
  2. I remember that too, and your recounting is correct. The hype was huge for that game and after the interceptions debacle they disappeared without trace, like the morning mist. There is a slightly different version in Watersheddings Memories saying the Americans were RU players from California but that wasn't how I remembered it.
  3. I remember Eddie Waring once suggesting that there should be a giant funnel over the centre of the scrum and the referee drop the ball in and then the hookers would get to work in heeling it backwards. Scrums were a mess in the 70s and were both part of the rough and ready character of the game and a blight on it at the same time. Something had to change,and it did. I don't know how or when it happened but do miss the old contested scrums even though they were often chaotic and always unpredictable.
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