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  1. Presumably influenced by the brand Desigual. I have a dozen eccentric shirts by them in my wardrobe, was avante-garde 12 to 15 years ago for those seeking a flamboyant look . Thumbs up to DB for making a statement,
  2. The country is awash with businesses which get involved with sport, doubt many of them ever consider rugby league as it looks like it's on its uppers and sliding into obscurity, it's oblivious to it's tin-pot image and ill-prepared to try and change it. Incredibly, it celebrates it's insularity as though that's a good thing! All clubs outside SL have an aged paying audience which won't be around in the next decade or two and amateur clubs are disappearing like the morning mist. What future for RL unless it radically changes public perception? How much more derelict must Wheldon Road become bef
  3. Yep. Tough love needed. There should be no place for such decrepit stadia in "Super League". Would incentivise those clubs and communities to sort it out or move away from the broadcasters prying eye.
  4. SuperLeague will continue to be ridiculed as an elite league while they allow those ramshackle stadiums to be permitted, if anything makes the sport look "two bob" is those archaic venues that get shown on tv year in year out. If those clubs can't get a decent venue to play out of then they should be booted until they sort it out, or drop down a level where that kind of ground isn't looked down on.
  5. There's got to be some proportionate sanction for shenanigans at the PTB, maybe adding a couple more tackles to the play but certainly not six, too much fatigue involved for the defending team as a consequence for such a small infraction. The PTB still needs sorting in England though, the rest of the world does it correctly but our game administrators think it's ok to turn a blind eye still. Defenders get sanctioned for interference at the PTB but attacking sides are allowed to ignore the laws, it's ridiculous yet so easy to sort out (should the games administrators eventually decide to d
  6. That's my take on it too, Warrington v Harlequins, St. Helens v Saracens, Leeds v Exeter Chiefs, Union takeover of northern clubs in the not too distant future unless the games administrators act swiftly and purposefully to keep League viable in the many ways where it is currently struggling.
  7. Inevitable that Union will continue to implement changes to speed their game up and in that respect the two codes merge closer to each other. If League continues to be unavailable or unknown to most of the UK's population then it will shrivel to irrelevance but by then the few SL clubs still solvent will have signed up to the new hybrid code and be bossed from Twickenham. The myopic chairmen running the game today (SL and RL) will be responsible for Leagues extinction in the next decade or two because they can't see that only broadcasting the same dozen teams from ramshackle or shared stadiums
  8. What happens if he moves on, or pops his clogs? Who would take over then?
  9. London marching on, now 20-12 ahead and looking good!
  10. Ridiculous if the law is only occasionally applied, going to be interesting in the RLWC with the Aussies correctly executing the PTB every time and any team with a preponderance of UK players just rolling it backwards because they have been allowed to do it for years.
  11. Second half getting interesting in most games, London back in it at Widnes (14-12), Swinton on a roll (30-34), Batley in front (16-18) and Dewsbury scoring too.....
  12. According to the BBC website, the next game is already won by QLD as "Game two is in Brisbane on 27 June and the decider in Sydney on 14 July."
  13. Would you be saying exactly the same thing if Griffin had a heart attack?
  14. The guy was having a medical emergency ffs. The problem is how St Helens as a team sought to profit from an accident on the field and take advantage of the spontaneous collapse of an opposition player, to score a try that was ill-deserved and would not have happened under anything resembling normal circumstances. Would be interested to hear if any St Helens players or officials even discussed the morality of playing on regardless and not even questioning whether Hull should have been gifted a free run of play to cancel out the aberration.
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