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  1. Are there any actual Londoners in the Broncos team, or mainly Northerners?
  2. The last time I was in the Chaddy End was around 1976, that was the home end were all the wrong 'uns used to gather. Did something change over the years? I remember the Broadway Stand was demolished to make way for the Ford Stand and that the Rochdale Road end was an open terrace for away supporters...I think I might have missed out on some refurbishment over the years.
  3. Top man, a local hero if ever there was one.
  4. Fair enough, but RU substitute entire front rows and then soon after swap out another four or five forwards, that's a million miles from what RL are doing.
  5. Bang on. One of the legal arguments is that by allowing 8 substitutes in top tier matches, the RFU/ World Rugby intentionally engineered oversized players to fulfil cameo roles in parts of matches before being replaced by another muscle bound freak to then rinse and repeat, neither of whom could last a full 80 minutes as they weren't programmed to play an entire match with their abnormal physique. As a consequence, players got battered because the chinless wonders and monocled wing commanders thought this was a spiffing idea, guys getting knocking into the middle of next week when all they wanted to do want have a game of ra-ra at the old Cabbage Patch.
  6. Oldham were in dire straits around 1972, but there was enough support around town to do something about it. A "Ginger Group" was formed of interested parties and they took over the ruling of the club and the club stabilised and had some success. Doubtful it could happen these days as Hamilton has run it into the ground and is still determined to drive it even further into the abyss. The only hope is when he eventually jacks it in, there might be something to resurrect but that's looking more unlikely with every passing day.
  7. Would get rid of the Hamilton regime once and for all though. He's single-handedly brought the club to its knees. The Oldham fans would just change allegiance to the new club and Hamilton would disappear into the sunset.
  8. Would be good if he bought the RL club too and nourished them both. There can't be many (or any?) other people who would take the rugby club from Hamilton's clutches, so this might be a pivotal moment in regard to the future of ORLFC. Hamilton surely would hand it over without a seconds thought...wouldn't he?
  9. Keith Jarrett, RU points machine and star British Lion going north and signing for Barrow.
  10. Probably a good thing. Saves recruiting a brand new team and getting hammered most weeks then going back down again, unloading those temporary hired hands, sacking another coach and then trying to recruit a new team for the following season. Who wants to watch their local club get whacked every couple of weeks? A mediocre season ( or seasons) in League 1 is (are) better than a nightmare few months in the Championship.
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