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  1. Very nearly happened a couple of years ago....Catalans mastered Leigh for 80 minutes in the MPG to keep their club going. The consensus seemed to be that if they had lost that one game then it would be curtains.
  2. For those who missed it, the famous Another Bloody Sunday is back on Youtube in segments after the full version was taken down. Here's the first section :
  3. Keighley and West Wales 6-6 after 25 minutes.......
  4. Yes,thats it. I've just looked it up : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laws_of_rugby_league There's some interesting changes happened over time! A loose ball could be kicked over the bar for a field goal and a dummy half tackled in possession would be penalised!
  5. Yes, but maybe the option was either a shot a goal or a punt.....no tap penalty permitted? I don't know. Was it unlimited tackles back then? The restart after a score didn't require the defending team to stand back from the halfway line too, which seems strange too.
  6. Yes...was part of the game back then. I noticed another major change in the rules in a different clip of the same match.....a penalty given to the attacking team close to the try line. Options are a kick for goal,or an "up-and-under". The attackers go for the latter option. Around 15 minutes in on this clip : Amongst other changes I noticed was a restart after a score was by a drop out on the half way line and when a kick-off didn't travel ten yards then it was a scrum and not a penalty.
  7. This just popped up on a YouTube visit, generated because of my viewing history....the 1962 Challenge Cup final. I found it fascinating, so sharing it here. Plenty of rule changes of course over the years, high tackles a-plenty, unfathomable goings on in the scrums and loads of interference at the play-the-ball but it's great to watch.
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