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  1. Frank Foster was a good kicker, drop goals, penalties, touch finders, up'n'unders. When he played for Oldham, Phil Larder took the penalties and conversions and FF was the touch kicker and drop goal specialist but I always thought it should have been the other way round. Kel Coslett at Saints was a good goalkicker too.. Back in the day when they propelled it with a straight run and toe-poked it to the posts.
  2. Big Jim stamping on that Kiwi's head was one of the most awful things I ever saw on a rugby field. In fact, it was the most awful, no doubt about it. Edit in, the Youtube evidence
  3. Yes! The steam around scrums was a sight to behold! Televised BBC Floodlit Trophy games in the 70s were special, the country was watching. The crowd shouted more at those games and there was more singing going on. Friday nights at The Willows were a bit special too....City and United glitterati milling around and international singers performing at the nightclub, Salford were the glamour club back then and you felt you were privileged to be there.
  4. Do tell! I saw HB several times when he played for Fulham, he was as quiet as a church mouse in the players lounge after games, almost shy back then.
  5. Yes, the BBC dubbed jeering and whistling sound effects as the kicks were taken, I thought it was a good authentic touch. Rugby League fans always have harangued the opposition kicker and always will, it's part of the game. Long may it continue!
  6. Someone frightened like he was to tackle shouldn't be on the field, at least for his own protection if nothing else. Watch the last 20 minutes again if you can, I've never seen any player so terrified and scared as he was in that spell to get stuck in and do his job.
  7. Who is the Hudds #24 masquerading as a rugby league player? No sure why he is still on the field as he's not even attempting to make any tackles, it's an embarrassment watching him avoid anything and everything in a blue shirt.
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