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  1. wish I was just a couple of percentage points as successful as Mike Ashley... let alone as successful as him
  2. Moved from Liverpool to live in Eccelshall near to Stone for a few years and must admit it was a surprise when I first moved to be referred/greeted in a warming/friendly.... Duck... Having said that I miss the buying fresh Oat Cakes on a Friday over in Hanley/potteries towns - every one had their favourite little back garage they brought from. So maybe... The Oat Cakes... might be an alternative name to consider.
  3. Have to agree, it surprising how many charitably and philanthropic organisations their are that could be approached for grass routes development grants, especially if targeting more deprived or less affluent area's. I worked for our companies Corporate Social Reasonability and purposely I employed people that understood how best to maximise those opportunities as in partnerships. Also other companies CSR groups and governmental organisations if abroad, we gained millions in additional funding or people resource and volunteers other than our own.
  4. you may well be right and I did say their may be better things for RL to invest in... Then again one assumes however we invested PE monies the goal is to grow the sport to sustain whatever we invest in - as in more full time clubs. Of course if they don't build upon said investment it is wasted once the money dries up. What you say applies to any area of investment... key of course is to strengthen the sport in key area's besides just say marketing.... although marketing plus more strong clubs and a more entertaining and intensity games being a target. Otherwise we may end up with just have the same strong clubs spending more monies.
  5. One of the quotes says: "Tough losing to a penalty goal in the last seconds of the match, which in our opinion was a very soft penalty at that stage of the game." So they agree it was a penalty (all-be-it they say soft penalty) but as if the stage of the game should determine the decision. Like the ref has to decide not only if its a penalty but whether the stage of the game determines whether he gives it.... oh its a close game near the end so best not give that penalty... even though its a penalty...
  6. tis one of the issue, the monies to sustain or enable. I guess if PE does come in then part of the investment from the extra monies could be to achieve whatever approach for x2 of 10 to succeed. Of course their may be other investments that provide better options for RL, but if the monies to invest then two leagues of 10 is not a bad option as it may help to further stimulate more clubs able to sustain SL 1 presence.
  7. I guess whatever league structure we can find holes in it... I guess I don't want a 14 club SL if a good proportion are poor quality. This leading to top clubs able to field weaker teams as the goal is purely to make the play-off's which if you have uneven playing strengths means that happens. Hated the 8 club play-offs which meant poor teams made play-offs and even in bottom portion of league. If we had 10 strong teams and each game was of a vastly higher quality of most games nowadays then that would do me. Of course have to factor how the 10 clubs could compensate for less gate money. Maybe an investment of monies as in the so called Private Equity enables people to square the obvious holes with whatever league structure.
  8. It's a difficult one if you have a younger wife who yearns to have children. As grand parents we find it very tiring when our 18month old grand daughter stays with us for part of the day. If she stays overnight we have to call in one of our other daughters to help us.
  9. Yep can see your point. Not sure it attracts more neutral fans than a well promoted individual semi but maybe it does. I still see more value in a FTA TV game on two days than a single event day. Plus to be honest I find it hard to maintain interest watching two games let alone three in a single sitting, so to speak. Then maybe I'm not the average fan but maybe I am.
  10. Personally not a fan of double headers but I understand why given the lack of interest in CC semi nowadays. I'd rather it be separate games on different days and get TV coverage across more days. OK it may mean smaller stadiums to reflect interest and of course goal to increase interest to eventually if ever have bigger stadiums. Plus monies is kept in the game rather than renting a soccer stadium but then I have no idea of costs and income to know which makes more money within the sport.
  11. yep, think we are saying the same thing but different words. as i say depends upon definition of event....
  12. Don't agree for all games, yes the bigger one's like internationals and finals etc For the average club games yes you want better facilities for sure but not always looking for an event... of course depends upon definition of event.
  13. yep but just to be contrary or at least ask a question... Is that why fans at those grounds like Anfield all stand to watch in some sections where the seats have been squeezed in... despite having seats... I'm assuming their uncomfortable
  14. why isn't the women's final part of the men's CC final and I'm assuming the 1895 comp .... triple header.
  15. was that a standalone event... when they first started what were the early crowds and di they always do standalone or attach to men's games
  16. For those whom to-date have shown no interest in attending or watching games I just don't see how recent news will make any difference. They probably are not aware of any of the news. For those with an interest in RL and have lapsed attending games at the stadium I would imagine a small uptick - depending upon individual club news. Those RL lapsed fans will watch FTA and that will help with a feel good factor about RL together with the world cup increasing its awareness. If only to lessen the normal doom and gloom. Overall their will be an increase in spectators at SL games as both Toulouse and Catalan may will cause an increase in overall average attendance. Plus Toulouse will initially be a interest factor or novelty factor for clubs fans. Too add - I get a sense that the championship may well be very competitive for half the league and that may well increase attendance a small amount.
  17. Thought was talking about the overall presentational aspects. Of course some may want other personalities but its still the same overall presentational aspects. I personally don't find the BBC's presentation boring, particularly as most of it is the game itself. I personally like John Kear teamed with Davies but again that's subjective but at least we don't have the jabbering twins of Sky rattling on. The studio guests are normally good, and most are just retired players. whom help understand aspects of the game. The studio non RL presenters to-date have been very good as is the current one. I'll look forward to a different approach from channel 4 but hopefully not gimmickry rubbish. It will really be tinkering around the edges as its the game itself that has to sell itself...
  18. For me... copy the BBC RL... simples. The right commentators on the game, the right RL people in the studio with a relaxed presenter asking the questions of someone whom is still learning the nuances game... The focus on the game... One way to put off new viewers is to obsess over stats and intricacies. As I say the BBC get it right... obvious some on here may like particular experts or not but overall they are spot on for me.
  19. I think what causes further confusion is: the part about the ground being available immediately before and after what ever event and subsequent work is being done but they, as in Leeds, have been scheduled to play away on those dates. I think they were hoping that the fixture list would have been kinder in having home games and hence the gap would not be so long. Whatever the reasons its for me a right pain in the ........as I like a regular routine of attending.
  20. Good to see you promoting Huddersfield and I have no doubt I am missing the aspects you mention. Unfortunately The only time I go thorough is when the M62 is blocked and I have time to divert through Huddersfield. Following the signs to get towards Manchester when I normally crawling along and not seeing the best of the city. Of course the other time is going to a game and again probably not seeing the best side of the City. I used to go to a Tailor in Huddersfield many years ago to have my suits made... Sounds like I'll need to make a better effort to see more of Huddersfield in order to change my perceptions.
  21. maybe but I would have thought the whole pressure from government and politicians to have public bodies or public supported like a public service broadcaster to move out to regions and not be so London centric is a bigger factor. Hopefully seeing more not just from a sport perspective but across the piece. Moving to the regions and seeing what's important to those local area's/regions. Of course it could be individuals... but me thinks its the wider agenda impacting public service broadcasting, Whitehall departments and public supported institutions. Mind you it doesn't stop any of us claiming "it was me"
  22. Personally I'd like to see that "faster, much more open and skilful game". I guess the difficulty is how we get to that. Reasonable quickly or immediately at the junior community game and what rule changes are needed at the senior/elite level.
  23. very droll... Must admit your comment had me expanding the picture to make out the sponsors...
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