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  1. I can’t believe some of the comments on here. Do refs make a mistake, yes Is it intentional, definitely no Are they closer to the action than the crowd and have a better view, yes Do they know the rules better than the crowd, yes Some folks on here need to have a go at being a ref themselves. Leave them alone they’re doing a great job.
  2. Barrow Raiders v Coventry Bears KO 3pm. Home win Doncaster v West Wales Raiders KO 3pm. Home win Hunslet v North Wales Crusaders KO 3pm. Away win Newcastle Thunder v Workington Town KO 3pm. Home win Rochdale Hornets v Keighley Cougars KO 3pm Home win some excellent games there.
  3. Let’s see where the players stay when the SL clubs have to pay for accommodation themselves.
  4. After watching the Crusaders young side play at the weekend I’m now quite optimistic for the coming season. Cru to win by 10.
  5. That’s a good article and highlights many possibilities. I wouldn’t want a closed shop for the top flight but no doubts others disagree.
  6. My son introduced me to cold brew coffee a few weeks back. Very coarsely ground then left in water in the fridge for two days to brew. Absolutely amazing and full of flavour. The capsule machine is now redundant.
  7. Didn’t Keith Fielding win a rugby sprint challenge back in the seventies.
  8. I’ve taken up sailing remote control model yachts. Having never sailed or been interested in sailing I thought I’d give it a bash. Ok some days there’s too much wind and some days not enough wind but mostly it’s good. There’s something quite therapeutic in sitting by a lake out in the countryside guiding a yacht across the water. Things can be different though when we are racing!
  9. Bloody hell Phil I don’t know what to say to help. You’ve got plenty of mates on here to back you up and help in whatever way they can
  10. I've just been to our local doctors near Wrexham. To get in for an appointment it's same day for urgent/emergencies and 2-3 weeks for routine cases. I was there well early so sat for over half an hour waiting for my turn. In this period on two occasions medical staff were wondering about calling the names of people who apparently hadn't turned up. I then spotted a notice informing folks that there were 61 missed appointments last week with no cancellation made. That's 12 a day which probably works out at half a doctor. Apparently this is a regular occurrence. What a waste of time and resources.
  11. Anybody watching The Repair Shop on BBC 2? No mention of how much it costs to fix or how much money it is now worth as per American restoration. This purely concentrates on how the repairs are undertaken by skilled craftsmen. As an amateur woodturner/woodworker I find it enthralling.
  12. It was a bit overcast in north wales this morning. This is a shot of LLyn Celyn. It's the reservoir that was created in the sixties to help with the water supply to Liverpool. Unfortunately the people of the village Capel Celyn were thrown out of their homes to allow its construction.
  13. I've always had it fried for breakfast but a bloke I worked with years back used to boil it. He was from near Bury and claimed that boiled was the traditional way of eating it.
  14. Nowt wrong with a bit of black pudding especially the one with the lathe globules of fat. It makes a breakfast and a slice or two of savoury duck doesn't go amiss either.
  15. I really like the last one. Must have a go at this photography lark. Is a point and click one OK to start with or do you need to go down the SLR route.
  16. To build a bridge from scratch takes time. Boreholes have to be done to check the ground conditions. Services will have to be checked and possibly new services installed to re-route them out of the way. The design and check itself will take a couple of months. The tender period is 6 weeks minimum. Piling may need to be installed. The list goes on. A year is a reasonable estimate unfortunately.
  17. I've just finished reading Jimmy Greaves' biography. I didn't realise how bad his drinking was. He states that he knows he was a good player cos he's got a load of medals and he's seen old video footage but he can't remember the biggest part of his playing days. He's got a blank of about ten years.
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